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Articles related to "applicants"

Legal tech is opening the system to those who need legal representation the most

  • Public defenders, pro bono lawyers, and immigration attorneys provide a great service to citizens, yet the demand for legal support far outweighs the supply of legal aid services.
  • Organizations like, in partnership with legal aid groups and community-based organizations, help tenants prepare legal documentation of substandard housing conditions so tenants can self-advocate and, if necessary, self-represent in housing court.
  • GoodCall, a triage hotline, provides a direct line to legal support for the arrested before their cases advance without representation.
  • Instead of working one-on-one with an immigration lawyer, applicants simply download VisaBot’s Facebook Messenger chat bot, submit necessary information, supporting documents, and their personal story, and the bot makes sure all the details are properly filed.
  • As legal tech gains momentum, investors like Open Society Foundations,, and Omidyar Network are leading the way in supporting these startups, that are unanimously nonprofit.

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An ex-YouTube recruiter claims Google discriminated against white and Asian men — then deleted the evidence

  • Arne Wilberg claimed he was fired in November 2017 when he complained about the practices, which he said systematically discriminated against white and Asian job applicants.
  • Wilberg's suit also cited an email from YouTube staffing manager Allison Alogna, which said: "Hi Team: Please continue with L3 candidates in process and only accept new L3 candidates that are from historically underrepresented groups." The term L3 refers to candidates with zero to five years' experience.
  • The policies continued, but Google leadership allegedly instructed recruiters to delete any candidate tracking from their inboxes, and to delete any references to those trackers.
  • "Google's Staffing Team continued with Google's illegal hiring policies, but stopped tracking and engaged in an effort to delete all the evidence of the preferences given to women and minorities in Google's hiring practices," the suit claimed.

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