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Articles related to "applications"

This startup is building a brain-reading device to take on Elon Musk’s Neuralink

  • Last year, Elon Musk came on stage to talk about his ambitious brain-interface company Neuralink, and sold people dreams of controlling an iPhone using only your brain.
  • Last year, the company showed off its Notion device for the first time.
  • Just like the Musk-backed company, Neurosity wants to enable actions through brain waves.
  • The device also has a custom operating system and SDK for developers to utilize the brain waves and build applications ranging from passwordless authentication to controlling your phone or even a wheelchair.
  • The company has shipped almost 60 test devices to select developers, and some of them have tinkered with developing apps through the interface using the React framework.
  • Right now, most of these companies are in the concept stage, and we can’t say just yet if we’ll all be having X-men like power to control devices with our minds.

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