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Articles related to "applications"

Runtastic Runs Better with DC Anywhere, Open Architecture and DevOps

  • Get you running shoes on for day 7 of our 10 Customers in 10 Days Data Center Anywhere series as we look at Runtastic.
  • Let’s just be honest, I ran my first marathon recently and it took me about 28 days (running a mile a day).
  • However, I know something about delivering IT services and Runtastic is a great story.
  • For those that don’t know Runtastic, they are an Austrian company, and a leader in the digital health and fitness market providing mobile applications focused on running and bodyweight training.
  • This is a great company goal, as we all want to work on improving out fitness.
  • The company chose ACI for IT automation, an open architecture and DevOps capabilities.
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