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Articles related to "arcade"

A month on, Apple Arcade is too cheap to quit

  • We all have our own reasons, whether it's seeing Arcade as a potential solution to skeezy free-to-play mechanics, a tool to play titles across various devices or just a way to play some good games without paying a lot.
  • I spent way too much money (like, four figures) collecting characters in Nintendo's free-to-play Fire Emblem Heroes game before coming to the extremely slow realization that I had a problem.
  • This isn't an imminent issue -- Apple will definitely continue pushing hard on this for months and years to come -- but for Arcade and other similar services to have a chance at fixing mobile gaming, lots of people are going to have to subscribe.
  • There are a lot of things I'm enjoying about Apple Arcade so far, but one of the more unexpected delights is how many of these games work wherever I want to play.

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Giphy Arcade lets you make and play gif-based microgames

  • Giphy, of all sites, today revealed it’s getting into gaming.
  • Specifically, it’s releasing Giphy Arcade, a platform for making, hosting, and playing “microgames” constructed out of gifs.
  • If you’re wondering how in the heck Giphy and games go together, don’t worry — it took me by surprise too.
  • When exploring what games could look like for GIPHY, we knew the experience had to be quick, shareable, and accessible for everyone, including people who don’t necessarily have a history with gaming.
  • With GIPHY Arcade, we’ve created an experience that provides not only instant fun for the player, but also a new way to add personalized expression and entertainment to conversations as they’re happening.
  • Giphy Arcade games are designed to be made, played, and shared in a matter of seconds.

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