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Articles related to "arcade"

How Sega hopes to use Japanese arcades as streaming data centers

  • Instead, we give that honor to the company's announcement of a strange and somewhat amorphous concept known as "fog gaming," which seems set to utilize idle arcade machines to distribute a new type of cloud-gaming service in Japan.
  • In any case, the "fog gaming" concept seems to be centered around converting Sega's massive infrastructure of Japanese arcades and arcade machines into a kind of widely distributed streaming-gaming data center.
  • Many Japanese Sega arcade machines are also already hooked up to the Internet via the company's long-running All.Net platform, which allows for online competition and lets players track rankings, profiles, and high scores across machines throughout the country.
  • After that, it seems unlikely to be a major initiative in the West, where online-enabled arcade machines are distributed much too sparsely to really make the concept work.

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