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Articles related to "area"

PG&E Estimates 2029-2033 Until They Fix Grid Fire Danger Problems

  • One week ago, PG&E (California electric utility) cut power to about 2 million people in Northern and Central California, saying the outages were needed due to high winds and dry conditions that could spark wildfires.
  • The power shutoff cost businesses and customers billions of dollars.
  • Long-term widespread power outages cost businesses and people billions of dollars.
  • The PG&E outage affected about 30% of the Bay Area for extended times.
  • In Florida a few days ago, nearly 10,000 customers were left without power, vehicles were turned over and a middle school was severely damaged after a tornado touched down in central Florida on Friday night, as rain and high winds from Tropical Storm Nestor battered the state.
  • PG&E had less wind and the PG&E outage affected 200 times more people than the Florida Tropical storm.

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Demolition of New Orleans cranes delayed once more. Halloween parade is back on

  • Saturday evening's Krewe of Boo event downtown, the city's official Halloween parade, had been canceled because of the expected demotion, but now it's back on.
  • Crews had hoped to bring the cranes down Friday evening but that was delayed because of a tropical storm, officials said.
  • Mayor LaToya Cantrell said she canceled the popular Halloween event but decided to let it happen after the latest briefing from experts.
  • Tropical Storm Nestor was tracking east and has potential to bring 35 mph winds, said Collin Arnold, director of the city's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.
  • Arnold said officials will need the public's cooperation during the demolition because people will want to watch, but he urged against it.
  • Experts plan to strategically place explosives onto the cranes, hoping the debris lands in a certain area, avoiding major gas and power lines, according to McConnell.

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Wealthy weekender's guide: Where to eat, stay, party, and buy in New York's Finger Lakes region

  • Fall enthusiasts are flocking to the Finger Lakes region of central New York — and for good reason.
  • Spread across that area are 11 lakes, an array of wineries, and some beautiful hikes and drives that make for a perfect fall getaway.
  • From hiking through state parks to strolling through wineries, there's something for all types of visitors to do year-round — but with the gorgeous foliage in the fall, it's a great autumn getaway.
  • But, according to Fitzgerald, Seneca Lake is home to some of the best.
  • For all luxury home enthusiasts, Skaneateles Lake is the best place to see the biggest and most beautiful homes in the Finger Lakes region, according to Fitzgerald.
  • Along with its tasty wineries and affordable homes, Seneca Lake is also the go-to spot for visitors looking to kick back and relax.

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THE AI IN INSURANCE REPORT: How forward-thinking insurers are using AI to slash costs and boost customer satisfaction as disruption looms

  • The insurance sector has fallen behind the curve of financial services innovation — and that's left hundreds of billions in potential cost savings on the table.
  • The most valuable area in which insurers can innovate is the use of artificial intelligence (AI): It's estimated that AI can drive cost savings of $390 billion across insurers' front, middle, and back offices by 2030, according to a report by Autonomous NEXT seen by Business Insider Intelligence.
  • The front office is the most lucrative area to target for AI-driven cost savings, with $168 billion up for grabs by 2030.
  • In the AI in Insurance Report, Business Insider Intelligence will examine AI solutions across key areas of the front office — customer service, personalization, and claims management — to illustrate how the technology can significantly enhance the customer experience and cut costs along the value chain.

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Elizabeth Warren raised 5x more money than Biden did from Silicon Valley

  • Elizabeth Warren is crushing Joe Biden when it comes to donations from employees at Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies — despite her pledge to break many of them up.
  • Warren raised five times as much from Big Tech as Joe Biden did in the third quarter of this year, according to Recode’s analysis of recently disclosed fundraising records.
  • Although Warren has sharply criticized these companies, she has enjoyed a boom in tech support in recent months as Silicon Valley measured her up.
  • While Biden has raised money in Silicon Valley from people with ties to the Obama administration and other wealthy individuals who call the Bay Area home, he has encountered challenges connecting with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and brand-name tech donors.
  • (His husband, Chasten, is returning at the end of the month for a unique Hamilton fundraising event.) Buttigieg raised over $100,000 from Big Tech employees in this quarter.

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Supreme Court wrestles with immigration-related case as Sotomayor breaks the new 2-minute rule

  • Washington (CNN) - Justice Sonia Sotomayor was so eager to jump into a case Wednesday concerning the tension between the federal government and states when it comes to immigration enforcement that she broke the Supreme Court's new rule that allows a lawyer to begin arguments for two minutes without interruption.
  • Wednesday's case concerns whether immigrants who stole Social Security numbers in an attempt to gain employment could be prosecuted under state identity theft law.
  • At oral arguments, some of the justices questioned whether Kansas, in prosecuting immigrants under state fraud law, encroached on an area reserved for the federal government.
  • But lawyers for Garcia told the justices that he could not be convicted under state law because it is preempted by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 that establishes a framework for the regulation of unauthorized employment.

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Make More Land

  • Sprawl has a much larger impact on wildlife than infill, and allowing people to live closer in is the most powerful way to address sprawl.
  • The biggest contribution to traffic in the Bay Area is that people aren't allowed to live where the jobs are.
  • This would help with both of these, since this project would allow millions of people to live closer in and would easily fund massive subway expansion.
  • Relatively dense portions of the city have a density of ~40k people per square mile, which would be ~2M people over this 50mi2 area.
  • Yes. Sea-level rise means we shouldn't be building more in low-lying areas.
  • By decreasing the amount of coastline in the Bay this project would make it easier to prevent flooding caused by sea-level rise.
  • The Reber Plan of the 1940s was a similar large project planned farther North, primarily for the East Bay.

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The 25 fastest-growing cities in the US, ranked

  • The area's biggest employers include Publix Super Markets, Baptist Health, and the University of Miami, according to the South Florida Business Journal.
  • Round Rock and Austin are frequently linked, as they were earlier this year in a Business Insider list of the best places for startups.
  • Business Insider previously reported that Cape Coral has a high percentage of vacation homes.
  • The median home value in Frisco is $396,800, making it one of the best cities to buy a home in right now.
  • It is near Las Vegas and in addition to being one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, it is also a popular choice for buying a vacation home.
  • Lehigh Acres is a predominantly residential area near Fort Myers and Cape Coral, which are also on this list.

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Jack Dorsey’s former chief of staff and the woman behind Y Combinator’s legendary Demo Day are joining All Raise, a nonprofit trying to close the funding gap for women

  • The Bay Area non-profit was formed by 38 former venture capital investors, CEOs, founders, and other tech industry heavyweights in 2017 at the height of the Me Too movement to bridge the funding gap between the white males running many tech companies in Silicon Valley and everyone else.
  • Two years in, the organization is making key hires to cement its place at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in venture funding.
  • Kostka joined as the organization's first outside CEO in April after two decades leading technology companies in Silicon Valley.
  • Six months in, Kostka wants to remake the organization in Silicon Valley's image, without all the diversity and inclusion baggage that comes with some of the tech industry's hottest startups.
  • In addition to its New York and Bay Area locations, All Raise is present in the top markets were 70% of venture capital is deployed, Kostka said.

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The Army says it recently achieved its first big milestone with the Strategic Long-Range Cannon that may one day fire rounds over 1,000 miles

  • The US Army says it has achieved its first big milestone with the Strategic Long-Range Cannon, a future weapon that was little more than an abstract concept a year ago.
  • In addition to leveraging lessons on propelling charges and cannon-tube technologies learned from other Army programs, such as the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA), the Army has already been working with various commercial industry partners on projectile design and build.
  • The Strategic Long-Range Cannon remains a Science and Technology investment.
  • Rafferty said that the Army is still looking at how to integrate the Strategic Long-Range Cannon into the force, but he is certain the service won't be buying a lot of these weapons.
  • The Strategic Long-Range Cannon would likely be forward deployed and complement the LRHW by eliminating "lighter-skinned area targets" while the latter destroyed strategic infrastructure and hardened targets, among other things.

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