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Articles related to "arizona"

Waymo expands driverless car testing to Florida

  • The company says that in the coming weeks, it’ll bring both its modified Chrysler Pacifica minivans and a Jaguar I-Pace to the Sunshine State to drive on a closed track in heavy rain, ahead of testing on public Miami roads later in the month.
  • And more recently, the company pledged to open an 85,000-square-foot technical service center in the city of Mesa, Arizona, near Phoenix’s East Valley, which it expects will “more than double” its capacity to maintain the fleet of cars in Waymo One. Waymo also announced last year that it would add up to 62,000 minivans to its fleet, and said that it had signed a deal with Jaguar Land Rover to equip 20,000 of the automaker’s Jaguar i-Pace electric SUVs with its autonomous system by 2020.

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Here's how the Air Force's 'Dirt Boyz' keep bases working and jets soaring

  • LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Arizona — Continuously working out in the sweltering Arizona heat, pouring concrete and maintaining the flight line, the Airmen assigned to the 56th Civil Engineering Squadron here are nicknamed the "Dirt Boyz" — and for a good reason.
  • For Luke's mission of training the world's greatest fighter pilots and combat-ready airmen, the runways have to be clear for the jets to takeoff and land.
  • "Dirt Boyz" assist in keeping the runways clear of foreign objects.
  • They also continuously monitor for cracks in the runway's concrete, repairing any damage they discover in approximately three hours.

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Elon Musk makes good on promise to create T-shirts backing his idea to nuke Mars

  • Elon Musk has made good on his promise to create T-shirts supporting his idea to drop nuclear bombs on Mars.
  • The billionaire tech executive on Saturday tweeted an image of the T-shirts, which contain the slogan "NUKE MARS," and linked off to the SpaceX shop, where they are already being sold.
  • He wants to fire nuclear weapons at Mars' poles with the aim of terraforming it — that is, making the surface habitable for humans.
  • Musk hopes that this will help with his long-held ambition to colonize Mars.
  • The science of nuking Mars isn't watertight, however.
  • In 2018, two researchers from the universities of Colorado and Northern Arizona explored the possibility of using CO2 to terraform Mars, and concluded it wouldn't be possible with today's technology.

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