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Articles related to "artist"

Moby declared he's 'vegan for life' with a huge neck tattoo, and people are loving it

  • Moby just got a huge tattoo on his neck to celebrate his vegan lifestyle, and people are freaking out.
  • The 54-year-old singer shared the new ink, which was done by tattoo artist Kat Von D, on Instagram on Tuesday.
  • Instagram user @vegan_susie shared that she has the same phrase on her arm.
  • Others were inspired by his commitment to the lifestyle.
  • In an essay for Rolling Stone in 2014, Moby also wrote about having an "epiphany" at 29 years old.
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The Unsinkable Modernist

  • Gropius’s modern architectonic art included all artistic activity as well as all design problems: “What the Bauhaus preached in practice was the common citizenship of all forms of creative work, and their logical interdependence on one another in the modern world”; and the educational program was intended to remove the academic distinction between the so-called fine arts and the so-called applied arts or crafts.
  • Two of Gropius’s early German buildings still regularly appear in architectural history surveys: his and Adolf Meyer’s Fagus shoe factory of 1911–1913 in Alfeld (which drew on humble vernacular industrial forms but raised them to the level of high art) and his Bauhaus of 1925–1926 in Dessau (a work of propagandistic genius with which Gropius did for the Modern Movement roughly what Bernini had done for Counter-Reformation Catholicism).

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When Decca records were part of everyday life

  • In 1929 in America, Dashiell Hammett published his debut hardboiled novel Red Harvest, over in Paris Buñuel and Dalí began showing their film Un Chien Andalou at a small cinema, while in Britain the fledgling Decca Record Company opened for business.
  • Michael Gray provides fascinating details on the origin of Decca’s industry-leading full frequency range recording process, developed during wartime to track U-boats; while Lois Wilson is equally good at telling the story of the US Decca offshoot, which scored many hits with artists such as Louis Jordan and Bill Haley.
  • Yes, Decca’s subsidiary, Deram, released various singles and his Anthony Newley-obsessed debut LP in 1967 — and swiftly dropped him when they didn’t sell — but he also recorded for Pye and Parlophone, finally scoring a hit for Phillips in 1969 before his lengthy run of classics for RCA.

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The Necessary Talent

  • To begin with, there were three sisters: Yves, Edma and Berthe, daughters of a senior civil servant, living in Passy, and signed up as a package by their mother for art lessons with a nearby hack painter, Père Chocarne.
  • And so Morisot paints the ordinary pursuits and pleasures of maternity: cradle-gazing, breastfeeding, hide-and-seek, butterfly-hunting, flower-gathering, dog-cuddling, picnicking, music lessons, sandcastle construction, boating … She paints fans and fabrics, women powdering and primping, and also women at work: sewing, clearing tables, hanging out the washing.
  • – was a popular subject for the Impressionists: Degas portrays the backbreaking female labour of the ironing-room; Manet (Laundry) shows a mother hand-wringing the wash while her child holds the clothes basket; Caillebotte has dramatic lines of billowing sheets and shirts; Morisot has a laundress pegging out the line in a back garden.

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The Best iPad Drawing Apps for Every Kind of Artist (2019)

  • With these apps, your Apple Pencil might actually replace your real pencils.
  • The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 are my favorite art tools, hands down.
  • (Learn all about iPads here.) They're the only tools that have ever come close to replacing my box of drawing pencils and sketchbook.
  • There's just something uniquely intuitive about the pairing of the Pencil and Pro that makes me want to draw, sketch, paint, and take handwritten notes.
  • The app ecosystem that sprung up around the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro is growing fast as more and more professional graphic artists ditch Wacom and Windows for Apple and iPadOS.
  • If you're an aspiring digital artist, or a seasoned pro looking to make the leap, here are the apps you should try.

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This immersive exhibit about the intersection of tech and art is hidden underneath Chelsea Market in New York City — check out some the wild-looking work on display

  • Artechouse, a new exhibition space for projects at the intersection of art and tech, opened to the public in an underground boiler room at Chelsea Market in New York City on Monday.
  • Its inaugural exhibit, "Machine Hallucination," is by Turkish media artist Refik Anadol, who was an artist in residence at Google through its Artists + Machine Intelligence program.
  • "Machine Hallucination" transports viewers into the mind of a machine by placing them in a vast room covered in projections created by Anadol with the help of AI.
  • The New York location is Artechouse's third endeavor.
  • Founders Tati Pastukhova and Sandro Kereselidze opened the first Artechouse in Washington, D.C., in 2017 and the second in Miami in 2018.
  • Check out "Machine Hallucination" at Artechouse below.
  • You can book a visit to see "Machine Hallucination" at the New York Artechouse on its website.

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He Contained Multitudes

  • By this time, Wright was 90 years old, the author of several hundred buildings, and a global celebrity—one who played the role of the uncompromising artist to the hilt.
  • In his new book, Plagued by Fire: The Dreams and Furies of Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Hendrickson pushes back against the idea that Wright’s famous arrogance crowded out all feelings of shame, regret, humility, or sadness.
  • She’s so functional and spare and exquisitely livable,” Hendrickson writes of the Jacobs House in Madison, Wisconsin, the first of Wright’s scaled-down Usonian houses.
  • As I write this, eight of Wright’s buildings have just been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the first works of modern American architecture that the UN agency has deemed “of outstanding universal value.” If you want to be convinced of Frank Lloyd Wright’s essential humanity, there’s a better way: just visit one of those buildings.

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