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Articles related to "athlete"

Google invested in a startup with tech that uses the voices of NFL players to answer questions on Google Home devices

  • Soon, the voices answering your sports questions on Google Assistant may be from the actual athletes themselves.
  • On Wednesday, the sports technology startup StatMuse received a strategic investment from the Google Assistant Investment program to help further its vision of creating a more personalized experience for sports fans.
  • The technology pulls from this library of words and stitches together answers to questions in each athlete's voice.
  • To get around the limitation, StatMuse co-founder and CEO Eli Darrow told Business Insider in a recent interview that it has partnered with popular sports personalities —like Scott Van Pelt and Jerry Rice — to be the voice of most answers.
  • StatMuse was also apart of Disney's Accelerator program back in 2015, which got Darrow and his co-founder Adam Elmore thinking that their platform could include all types of celebrities and animated characters.

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