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Articles related to "attorney"

Purdue Pharma began cutting its opioid sales force last year, attorney says in bankruptcy hearing

  • The pharmaceutical giant and maker of the painkiller Oxycontin filed for bankruptcy as part of its plan to settle the litigation brought by more than 2,000 counties, municipalities and Native American governments who say the company fueled the opioid crisis.
  • Purdue Pharma continues to manufacture OxyContin, Joe Rice, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the multi-district ligitation, said.
  • Although Purdue is working to settle with some of the plaintiffs in the multi-district litigation, trials will still be taking place because there are many other manufacturers and distributors who are defendants.
  • That will include settlements with 24 state attorneys general, five US territories and attorneys in the multi-district litigation, the company previously said in a statement.
  • The key group of plaintiffs that have agreed to support the settlement framework include 24 state attorneys general and analogous officials of all five permanently-inhabited territories or commonwealths, including Puerto Rico.

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Instigator of fatal Kansas swatting receives prison sentence

  • The teenager who arranged for someone else to phone in a prank police call that resulted in a man's death is going to prison.
  • Casey Viner, now 19, will serve 15 months in prison and pay $2,500 restitution, the US District Attorney for Kansas said.
  • After release, Viner will also be barred from online gaming for a period of two years.
  • Barriss in March was sentenced to a 20-year prison term following his guilty plea for 50 felonies relating to his role in dozens of swatting crimes, for which he showed little remorse.
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Opinion | Equifax Doesn’t Want You to Get Your $125. Here’s What You Can Do.

  • A settlement website was created to allow those who had their information exposed by Equifax file a claim to receive either free three-bureau credit monitoring for up to 10 years or up to $125 (if you already had credit monitoring, no documentation necessary).
  • As one of the 147 million who had their personal information exposed (my weekend email was helpfully buried in the purgatory of Gmail’s “Promotions” tab), the settlement high jinks are enraging to me — an example of financial restitution in the form of a news release only.
  • This may seem obvious but the best thing you can do, especially if you have credit monitoring protections active, is make sure you find, open and respond to the Equifax email the settlement team sent out.
  • As Mr. Frank notes, this is ultimately about sending a message on behalf of millions of victims that protecting privacy does matter and that those who expose entrusted personal information owe victims real compensation.

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After Sacklers shift at least $1 billion around, Purdue files for bankruptcy

  • OxyContin-maker Purdue Pharma filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Sunday night amid accusations from state attorneys general that its owners—members of the mega-rich Sackler family—are lowballing opioid victims in a proposed deal to settle around 2,000 lawsuits, mostly from state and local governments.
  • Further ReadingPurdue, Sacklers offer bankruptcy, $10-12 billion for opioid settlement: ReportThe bankruptcy filing is part of the proposed deal, which would lead to a company restructuring and a transfer of assets that Purdue says will be valued between $10 billion and $12 billion over time.
  • On Friday, New York attorney general’s office announced it had tracked wire transfers made by the Sacklers totaling at least $1 billion, suggesting that the family has tried to shield its OxyContin profits from litigation by obscuring their location and moving some offshore.

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Now the states are coming after Google and Facebook, too

  • Investigations into Big Tech are all the rage right now — including among state attorneys general.
  • State attorneys general from both parties are upping the pressure on Facebook and Google with antitrust probes into their practices.
  • On Friday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that she plans to investigate potential anticompetitive practices from Facebook and its dominance of the social media industry.
  • Separately, dozens of state attorneys general are expected to join an antitrust probe into Google, according to reports from multiple media outlets.
  • The New York Times on Friday outlined more than a dozen ways that Facebook and Google, along with Amazon and Apple, “are in government crosshairs.” Beyond the DOJ, FTC, and state AGs, Congress and the Department of Housing and Urban Development are also engaged in probes.

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Holder cautions against potentially prosecuting Trump after he leaves White House

  • Washington (CNN) - Former Attorney General Eric Holder predicted President Donald Trump may be prosecuted after his presidency if he doesn't first face impeachment proceedings while in office -- but warned of the possible risks to the nation.
  • The Obama-era attorney general's comments come as impeachment advocates hailed Thursday's Judiciary Committee's vote to formalize the rules of its investigation, though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has avoided labeling the committee's probe as an impeachment inquiry.
  • Holder referenced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen's guilty plea last year to campaign finance violations tied to hush money payments he made or orchestrated on behalf of Trump.
  • Axelrod also asked Holder whether there would be a cost to prosecuting Trump post-presidency in the absence of impeachment proceedings, citing former President Gerald Ford opting to pardon his predecessor Richard Nixon.
  • The former attorney general also reiterated his support for an impeachment inquiry.

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