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Articles related to "authority"

Two years in, GDPR defined by mixed signals, unbalanced enforcement

  • It also said the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), the EU body charged with overseeing how member states oversee and enforce the GDPR, should develop an EU unit to assist national data protection authorities in tech investigations.
  • Ever since the GDPR came into force, all eyes have been on what early actions Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (IDPC) would take given that it is the EU regulator of choice for the world’s biggest technology firms, including Google, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, and Facebook.
  • $55 million) fine against Google within seven months, while after two years, the IDPC has completed only the first of six steps in the cases against Instagram and WhatsApp. He also questioned the IDPC’s appropriateness as a regulator.
  • While Google has its European headquarters in Ireland, however, both of its GDPR fines have been handed down by other EU data protection authorities: France’s CNIL fined Google €50 million (U.S.

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