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Articles related to "automated"

Automation could make the modern workforce more ‘human’ — here’s how

  • According to Smartsheet's Automation survey, 40% of workers spend more than a quarter of the work week on manual, repetitive tasks.
  • What AI and automation can do is help reduce our workload of repetitive, mundane tasks, allowing us to focus on the human portion of work that requires our brains to work more effectively and creatively.
  • For example, if you're an HR manager, you probably spend a large portion of your workday doing things that could be automated, like qualifying job candidates, sending follow-up emails, and answering onboarding questions.
  • Suppose AI-enabled automation takes over these repetitive tasks — does this mean you'll need to say goodbye to your current job?
  • Some immediate benefits of automation in the workplace can include gains in customer satisfaction, higher employee productivity, increased efficiency, and faster time to market.

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