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Articles related to "automated"

Cybersecurity Tools for Data Center Networks are Getting Smarter With Machine Learning

  • Cybersecurity tools used in data centers are getting smarter as vendors roll out more machine learning capabilities.
  • With the new tools, security teams can analyze millions of threats in real time, he said, and rank them based on hundreds of factors to understand their true risk level.
  • Data centers also have an increasing amount of automation available in the cybersecurity tools that they use, also frequently powered by AI and machine learning.
  • According to a survey conducted last fall by the Enterprise Security Group, automation of security analytics and operations is a priority for two thirds of organizations, and 39 percent have already deployed machine learning technologies to help address their cybersecurity needs.
  • Various AI-related technologies, including natural language processing, automated agents, and machine learning, are starting to come together to make security tools easier to use.

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