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Articles related to "average"

Here's how tough the electoral math is for Donald Trump right now

  • And just how short he is of the 270 electoral votes he needs to win.
  • Give Trump a clean sweep of all of them and he's up to 248 electoral votes -- still 22 short of what he needs to win.
  • Winning any of the three traditionally Democratic Rust Belt states -- Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), Michigan (16) and Pennsylvania (20) -- won't do it.
  • Trump is closer in Pennsylvania; Biden's lead in Real Clear Politics' polling average is 3.8 points.
  • But even if Trump won all 3 of those states -- he's not going to -- that's only 19 electoral votes total, meaning he would still come up short.
  • What the electoral map and math do make clear, however, is just how many things need to not just go right but reverse their current trend lines for Trump to get to 270 or above.

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Dow Under Pressure as Pre-Election Jitters Weigh on U.S. Stock Market

  • The Dow and broader U.S. stock market traded in a narrow range on Tuesday, as investors sifted through a flurry of corporate earnings reports against a backdrop of surging virus cases.
  • Wall Street’s major indexes opened mixed on Tuesday, reflecting a tepid pre-market session for U.S. stock futures.
  • Markets declined sharply at the beginning of the week, with the S&P 500 posting its biggest drop in a month on surging Covid cases and a lack of stimulus progress in Washington.
  • Attention has shifted back to economic data and corporate earnings on Tuesday, as investors continue to monitor the consequences of Covid-19 lockdowns.
  • In economic data, U.S. durable goods orders rose for a fifth consecutive month in September, indicating that manufacturing demand was rebounding.
  • Orders for manufactured goods meant to last three years or more increased 1.9% in September, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday.

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Minnesota reports three Covid-19 outbreaks related to Trump campaign events in September

  • At least 23 cases have been traced to outbreaks occurring at rally events in Bemidji on September 18, a speech held by Vice President Mike Pence on September 24 in Minneapolis, and another rally held by President Donald Trump on September 30 in Duluth, the department said in an email to CNN.
  • In the month preceding the rally, the seven-day average of new cases in Beltrami County, where Bemidji is located, was 2.85 new cases a day, according to Johns Hopkins University.
  • In the month before the event, the seven-day average was just under 180 new cases in Hennepin County and had dropped to an average of 169 new cases on the day of the vice president's visit, according to Johns Hopkins.
  • Another four cases have been traced by the Minnesota Department of Health to a rally the President held on September 30 in Duluth.

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How Delayed Is Your Mail-In Ballot?

  • But that might not be enough time—with delays emerging across the country and in competitive voting states, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data showing average first-class letter delivery times provided by mail-tracking firm GrayHair Software.
  • Of the 29 states that require mail-in ballots to arrive on or before election day, 28 have since late July seen periods of average delivery times exceeding six days, the Journal analysis found.
  • Mail slowdowns hit several of those states in the week ending Oct. 17, the GrayHair data show.
  • The latest figures from the Postal Service, which lag the GrayHair data, show a slight slowdown in the week ending Oct. 10, with about 85.6% of first-class mail delivered on time.
  • More 3.1 billion mail pieces were processed that week, up about 23% from the average volume in September, the Postal Service said.

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