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Articles related to "bad"

UFC Continues to Unfairly Favor Conor McGregor - and Fighters are Pissed About It

  • As soon as UFC President Dana White officially confirmed McGregor’s next fight against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, he also hinted at a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov if Conor manages to win against Cowboy.
  • Although MMA fans are happy that Cowboy is finally getting his big money fight after paying his dues at the UFC, he is considered past his prime by many.
  • Dana White’s claim that McGregor can have his rematch against Khabib “if he gets through Cowboy Cerrone” showed the MMA world that pro-Conor bias is still alive.
  • White’s comment didn’t sit well with hardcore MMA fans as they know McGregor hasn’t done enough to deserve the Khabib fight.
  • He looks to be in complete denial of his preferential treatment of Mystic Mac. This will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouths of fighters who have been working their way up the lightweight division.

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10 habits of weak and unsuccessful people — that you can easily avoid starting today

  • Do you really think you'll be successful if you simply copy other people's habits?
  • He always said: "I just try to avoid being unsuccessful." That's the number one thing I learned from him.
  • You've probably read articles that discuss the habits of successful people.
  • We have to let go of the "if I do x, I'll be successful or happy" way of thinking.
  • Don't live your life in the future or past, lost in thoughts and worry.
  • If that guy from the example was present, he might have got an awesome job recommendation from Greg McKeown.
  • Let's pause for a second: Saying you want to run a marathon and actually running a marathon are two different things, right?
  • Only delay things when you'll do a better job later.
  • It's not a surprise many people never read a book, never finish school, or never learn from their mistakes.

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