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Articles related to "bathroom"

How safe is it to use public bathrooms right now?

  • Restaurants, parks, and other public spaces are now looking for ways to safely manage lavatories, trying everything from managing traffic flows with “bathroom monitors” to taping off urinals to installing pedals so people can open doors without touching knobs.
  • Health agencies’ guides for reopening encourage restaurants to monitor high-traffic areas like bathrooms and to make sure people don’t congregate too densely in those areas.
  • To ensure social distancing, some restaurants have even turned to using staff as bathroom monitors or to taping up some urinals to prevent people from standing too close when peeing.
  • Amesh Adalja, a scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, emphasizes that while surface transmission is possible, hand-washing is an essential way to stay safe and clean.
  • But for now, you’ll be safer if you maintain social distancing, wear a mask, avoid touching your face, and seriously, wash your hands.

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