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Articles related to "beach"

Four teens arrested in connection with fire that destroyed a nearly 100-year-old train depot

  • Officials were alerted to the fire Tuesday by a 911 caller who reported seeing heavy smoke coming from the vacant train station and also told police that they saw four young boys running from the building, Delray Beach Fire Rescue said in a statement.
  • One firefighter was injured after the force of the fire knocked him down shortly after he arrived on scene, fire officials said.
  • Delray Beach Police Department detectives obtained footage from a nearby business that showed the boys running from the train depot.
  • The teens were transported to a Juvenile Assessment Center and will be charged with burglary and arson, according to DBFR.
  • The train station is one of six historic sites in Delray Beach.
  • The building was bought by the city in 2005, according to DBFR, with discussions about renovating the site.

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Strangers jumped into a Florida canal to rescue a woman from her sinking car

  • Shawn Turner told CNN he was driving home with his sons when one of them saw the floating car, so they stopped to help.
  • One of his sons shot video of the dramatic rescue, which shows Turner struggling to get the passenger side window down and climb inside the car.
  • Turner was able to unbuckle Pedrone's seat belt and hand her through the window to another man who swam out to help.
  • They were able to keep Pedrone's head above water, but her arm was tangled in the seat belt, so Turner had to clamber back into the car to free her.
  • Once she was free, Turner said they swam her to the side of the canal where the water wasn't as deep.
  • Pedrone said she hasn't been able to find Adam Gunn on social media to thank him.

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The Confidante Miami Beach has many of the same amenities as the luxury hotels down the street in South Beach for far cheaper — here's why I'd gladly return to the Hyatt property

  • The hotel boasts all the amenities you'd want in a beach resort, with two pools, beach chairs, a spa and fitness facility, on-site dining, and well-designed outdoor areas and common spaces, with standard rooms starting at $195.
  • The hotel offers a wide range including the King Ocean Front with Lounge Deck at $290, which would be similar to mine but with a larger terrace and better view.
  • It includes Wi-Fi, two beach and pool chairs with a personalized attendant (I'm not sure I'd agree with the second part, more on that in a minute), unlimited beach and pool towels, access to the 24-hour indoor/outdoor gym with fitness classes, two-hour bike rentals, free morning coffee, happy hour and spa discounts, kids' games, and pool floaties.
  • I noticed frantic servers running back and forth between the hotel and the beach chairs to deliver food, and it took a long time to receive a Diet Coke.

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Ken Griffin is buying a Hamptons compound that could be worth up to $100 million. Here's a look at the hedge-fund exec's real estate, from a $238 million NYC penthouse to homes in Palm Beach and London.

  • Ken Griffin is buying fashion designer Calvin Klein's sprawling property in the Hamptons in an off-market deal, Katherine Clarke and Candace Taylor reported last week for The Wall Street Journal.
  • Then, in October, the New York Post reported that Griffin dropped nearly $4 million on two more units on the building's 20th floor.
  • He's also well-known for his philanthropy — in 2018 he donated $20 million to Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida — but currently, it's his real-estate investments that are making the news.
  • Klein demolished the home that previously sat on his Meadow Lane property and spent at least $75 million building a new modernist compound, The New York Times reported in 2013.
  • The Palm Beach Daily News reported in September 2019 that, according to sources, the billionaire dropped $99.13 million on the house next door to his 17-acre property.

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10 things you didn't know about one of the Marine Corps' most ferocious battles: Iwo Jima

  • Located about 750 miles from mainland Japan, Iwo Jima was a volcanic rock that both sides viewed as an important objective of the American's island-hopping campaign.
  • They did that but realized way too soon that the naval bombardment didn't do much damage, the Japanese actually wanted the Americans to land, and that they had to fight for every square inch of the island.
  • Even before the battle's conclusion, the US military started using the airfields on Iwo Jima for bombing runs on Japan.
  • When the final obstacle to the Japanese mainland fell, Americans looked at other ways to end the war and avoid the bloodbath that Iwo Jima and Okinawa wrought.
  • Regardless of if Iwo Jima was strategically worth it, the Marines still viewed the battle as a badge of honor.

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