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Articles related to "better"

The $10m Engineering Problem

  • Core product - the cost to ingest one million events and process them with Kafka.
  • It also gives us some measure of isolation; even if a single nsqd fails, the rest of the pipeline can continue processing data.
  • When a single instance is processing tens of thousands of messages per second, data can quickly add up.
  • We gave each host a 500gb GP2 EBS drive to compensate, adding $50 per month in cost for each compute instance we’d run, regardless of whether we actually needed the disk.
  • The fact that nsqd can run co-located on an instance and is isolated from all other nodes makes it appealing for this super-high availability use case.
  • We’d already used Kafka in a handful of places in our pipeline but to eliminate our costly drives, NSQ spacers, and cross-network traffic, we’d have to migrate a bunch of our services to use Kafka.

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#watercoolerDo you actually use maths as a developer?

  • This has always intrigued me as I see a tonne of posts saying that learning maths helps you become a better programmer.
  • I bloody love a bit of maths, I frequently go through my old notes and look up more and more complex problems to try widen the arsenal.
  • But, to be honest, as a developer day-to-day I very rarely require any form of higher level mathematics to carry out my job.
  • Every now and then I do a little game dev and that requires a reasonable amount: angles etc.
  • I’m curious to hear what you do and when you use maths as a developer, let me know in the comments.

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I opened high-yield savings accounts at two different banks to start earning 20 times more on my money, and I can tell you they live up to the hype

  • However, with most of the new online banks that offer high-yield savings accounts, they are truly free.
  • I've used Ally Bank's High-Yield Savings Account for the longest amount of time, and I've never paid a single fee, regardless of my balance.
  • It took me less than five minutes to open a high-yield savings account with Ally Bank, and about the same amount of time to open the new savings account offered by Betterment.
  • As high-yield savings accounts grow in popularity, dozens of online banks are competing to offer the best rate.
  • For example, certificates of deposit (CDs) and money market accounts may offer better interest rates than savings accounts, although the former requires you to lock your money up for a certain period of time.
  • If you've got a longer time horizon on your money, then it might be worth considering short-term investment strategies over a high-yield savings account.

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One Wall Street firm just slashed Beyond Meat's price target by nearly 25%

  • Bernstein lowered its price target on shares of the plant-based meat alternative company to $130 from $172 in a Friday note and reaffirmed its "neutral" rating on shares.
  • The firm thinks current revenue forecasts are failing to fully factor in retail partnerships with companies like Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, and HelloFresh.
  • Bernstein estimates that full-year 2019 sales will exceed management's guidance of above $240 million and consensus forecasts of $261 million.
  • In order to get its forward multiple — and its enterprise value forecast — back in line, the firm lowered its price target.
  • In addition to seeing solid quarterly sales numbers, "investors will want to hear an update on the competitive landscape, especially after Impossible Foods launched in retail," Howard wrote.
  • If the company does not improve its profitability in the next three to five years, Howard wrote that it would pose a risk to Bernstein's estimates.

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Basics: Big O Notation

  • This week I decided to dive into Big O notation, or algorithmic efficiency.
  • Basically, it's used in Computer Science to illustrate the performance or complexity of an algorithm.
  • This is always done in the worst-case scenario of that algorithm and can be applied to both the time and space required.
  • As a developer its important to be aware of the worst possible outcome of your code when it's put to the test.
  • Being aware of this helps us developers improve our efficiency and create applications with better performance.
  • For instance, if you build an application and only expect a few users to visit your site then there's no problem.
  • It is important to understand the worst-case scenario of any code that you build.
  • As someone who is self-taught in this area I admit, it can be difficult to know what each of the complexities looks like out in the "real world" so I have prepared examples below.

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'Gut itch' may explain pain in IBS

  • The most common IBS symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, and changes in bowel movements.
  • So what causes chronic pain in IBS?
  • This is the question that researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, set out to investigate in the hope that a better understanding of pain will lead to better treatments.
  • As it stands, there is no cure for IBS, and the most common pain relievers are opioids.
  • Brierley and colleagues set out to investigate how the nerves in the gut trigger chronic pain in IBS, and whether it is the "irritated" nerves themselves that cause the irritability in IBS.
  • The authors explain in their paper that itching, like pain, has a protective role.
  • Itching causes scratching, which clears the skin of irritants, just like pain triggers withdrawal or avoidance of harmful stimuli.
  • Directly targeting these receptors, explain the authors, may effectively treat chronic pain and discomfort in IBS.

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The iPhone 11 is missing 6 modern smartphone features, and it feels like a placeholder for something better coming later

  • And finally, finally, a fast-charger included in the box, at least for the iPhone 11 Pro. As for other features I was hoping for, like a universal USB-C port and a super-fast and smooth display, the iPhone 11 didn't quite deliver.
  • It's not a necessity, but since phones from OnePlus, Razer, and Asus are coming out with 90-plus Hz screens, Apple's iPhones (and other phones from big names like Samsung) are starting to look outdated, despite all the fancy designs and tech they have.
  • Depending on who you talk to, the divisive notch is either a feature or a placeholder until Apple can figure out how to hide the iPhone's selfie camera and various Face ID sensors behind the screen.
  • I've used the secure in-display fingerprint sensors that use ultrasonic technology on Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Note 10 smartphones, and the experience isn't as smooth and seamless as it was with old-fashioned fingerprint sensors on bottom phone bezels or backs.

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CareerBuilder used artificial intelligence to figure out veterinary technicians could make good prison guards. It’s just one way the hiring platform is employing the technology to revolutionize HR.

  • At CareerBuilder, the employment platform is harnessing AI to reduce the number of vendors that human resources departments typically work with on recruitment, improve the quality of job postings, and, ultimately, better match candidates to open positions.
  • CareerBuilder, which is known for its signature job platform but provides services ranging from background checks to candidate tracking, is relied on by 70% of the Fortune 500 companies, the company says, giving it immense insight into the top hiring challenges that firms face.
  • Using AI, the company grades a job description on how a candidate would perceive it and provides recommendations on how to improve it, whether that be the need for more specific language, a change to more gender-neutral pronouns, or alerts to wording that may be viewed as socioeconomically biased.

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MIT develops a way for robots to grasp and manipulate objects much faster

  • MIT has developed a new way to speed up the planning involved in a robot grasping an object, making it “significantly” faster – reducing the total time from as much as ten or more minutes, to under a second.
  • The research team’s method involves having the robot push the object against a surface that doesn’t move, which allows it to shortcut a bunch of the decision-making process about how to manipulate it.
  • MIT says this could even be used to improve robotic manipulation of “intricate tools,” and that it can be applied even in the case of simple robotic grippers, rather than just being useful for advanced, highly articulated robotic manipulators.
  • The results mirrored what happened in their virtual models, with the robot being able to plan out control of the gripped block through a maneuver to place it upright on the tablet’s surface in less than a second, whereas it had taken over 500 seconds using traditional methods.

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HTC Vive Cosmos review: Too late, too expensive

  • Now here comes the Vive Cosmos, HTC's first true successor to the Vive and business-focused Vive Pro. Technically, the Cosmos is an upgrade in just about every way, but there's just one problem: It costs $699, which makes it far more expensive than the Oculus Quest ($400) and Rift S ($400).
  • The Cosmos also comes with a year's worth of Viveport Infinity, HTC's subscription service that gives you access to a huge games and experiences.
  • It makes sense for HTC to try and offer a more customized experience for Vive users, but the Lens app still feels a bit half-baked.
  • Once I worked through the software issues, the Vive Cosmos managed to deliver a solid high-end VR experience.
  • So sure, the Vive Cosmos isn't perfect, but on the whole I think it's a solid high-end headset.

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