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Articles related to "big"

No More Bold Visions of the Future

  • I’m meant to have bold visions of a better world, theses I support, and capital that I allocate in a technologically optimistic way.
  • I spend much time thinking about solutions to existing problems – the incentive mismatch in mass media that is causing accelerating polarization, how to remedy the effects of climate change, and so on.
  • This is clearly felt among policymakers, but I feel it even as a technologist: I understand that virtually all tools can be used – and more often than not, will be used – for both good and evil, and how hard the results are to predict over years in our dynamic world.
  • The nuance, complexity, difficulty, responsibility, and often irreversibility in effecting big changes has slowly removed the stars from my eyes as I look at technology.

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Facebook’s new Oversight Board is a wild new experiment in platform governance

  • In a call with reporters today, the board’s co-chairs said that they are now prepared to hear appeals from the billions of people who use Facebook and Instagram each day.
  • If the board had existed when photos of breastfeeding were a big controversy, you can imagine it taking one case in which a user’s photo had been removed and making the case that Facebook should be more permissive, causing it to relax its policies around the world.
  • And I’m sure the board will provide thoughtful guidance on a wide range of issues and individual cases where Facebook has erred.
  • I’m less confident that the board can make Facebook feel more just to the average person — the one who logs on to find that their business’s page has been removed, or account has been suspended, or post has been put behind a warning screen.

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Microsoft Surface Pro X (2020) review: ARM gets more muscle

  • I can now run most of the apps I need on this new Surface Pro X, and most run a lot better than they did a year ago.
  • Spotify brought the Surface Pro X to its knees last year, but I’ve noticed it’s now a 64-bit ARM app and launches without killing the rest of the system.
  • If you’re using a lot of emulated apps then this will understandably hit battery life more, which is something we saw with Chrome running on the Pro X last year.
  • Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro X is a better glimpse into an ARM laptop future that has been promised for years.
  • With Microsoft offering a base model with the older SQ1 processor for $999.99, it feels like we’re on the verge of ARM-powered Windows laptops becoming a lot more affordable and capable.

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My life countdown – Kevin Kelly's death clock

  • The short version is that what I decided to do in my last 6 months surprised me, and that living with only 180 days in front of me turned out to be harder than I thought.
  • Another friend, a musician, told me about a recurring dream he had in which he could see the exact number of days left in his life.
  • I decided to take the idea of number days seriously, and to revisit my earlier experience of counting down my remaining time on this lovely mortal plane.
  • My hope was that a reckoning of my numbered days would help me account for how I spend each precious 24 hours, and to focus my attention and energy on those few tasks and projects I deem most important to me.
  • Either way you go, you take your expected life span in years and starting from your birthday figure out how many years plus days you have left.

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Customer experience and digital transformation concepts are merging during the pandemic

  • If you are fortunate enough to be helping companies digitize a process or improve how customers interact with companies, you may be seeing increased interest from customers and potential acquirers (and this was true even before this year).
  • A case in point is Twilio acquiring Segment for $3.2 billion recently to help build data-fueled applications to interact with customers.
  • Just about every startup founder I talk to these days, along with bigger, more established companies, talk about how the pandemic has pushed companies to digitally transform much faster than they would have without COVID.
  • “The coronavirus, as terrible as it has been in so many ways to so many people, has created opportunities for companies to build direct-to-consumer (D2C) digital pipelines that can make them stronger companies despite the current hardships,” Leary told TechCrunch.

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The Citroën Ami and the Future of Urban Transportation

  • The Ami started life as the AMI ONE C Concept which was a study on new ways to overcome the challenges of designing a small, affordable city car.
  • Citroën like to point out that this was inspired by the 2CV, the spiritual father of the Ami, turning it into a nostalgic feature instead of a limitation.
  • Creating a lot of interior space is a huge challenge for small city cars.
  • Driving the Ami around Paris, it feels more like a scooter than a car.
  • Designing your city around walking and cycling is not about forcing people to get on a bike, it is about offering alternatives to the car.
  • If the majority of cars in a city were Ami, roads can be narrower, with less street parking, and less noise.

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Infratil in final stages at Quadrant's QScan

  • The Infratil bid is believed to be ahead of other contenders - notably ASX-listed private hospital group Ramsay Health Care - leaving it as the bidder most likely to secure QScan and its 70-odd radiology clinics in Australia.
  • Should Infratil and Quadrant agree a deal, it would be Infratil's first health care sector play and comes soon after its manager Morrison narrowly missed out on buying New Zealand's largest pathology provider.
  • The group raised $NZ350 million in an institutional placement and share purchase plan via UBS New Zealand, which was to provide balance sheet flexibility and fund growth in existing portfolio companies and new investments.
  • Listed infrastructure investment company Infratil is in the box seat to acquire Quadrant Private Equity's radiology business QScan.

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Best Free Courses For Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Data Science

  • Lots of their undergraduate and graduate-level course materials are for the students around the globe to use for free.
  • Here is the link for their free courses page.
  • If you audit the courses, you will be able to learn but won’t get a certificate.
  • If you go to the course from the catalog page, a lot of courses will say an amount per month or audit for free.
  • In Coursera also, you can pay to get a certificate or audit the course to learn only.
  • You can audit the free courses, in the same way, I explained in the edx section above.
  • All the Harvard free courses are available in edx.
  • I am sure, you agree after seeing all the free resources that it is not necessary to pay to learn programming or computer science now.

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Don't call it 'court packing.' Call it how we save democracy

  • Giving women the right to vote was -- until 100 years ago -- also a big, impossible sounding idea.
  • And the game plan, if Joe Biden wins the White House and Democrats take the Senate, is clear: we must expand the Supreme Court to make it more representative of America.
  • Conservatives on the Supreme Court know just like Republicans in Congress know and just like the current White House knows that they depend on minority rule for their power.
  • Republicans have lost the popular vote in six presidential elections since 1992 -- but they've chosen 15 of the last 19 Supreme Court justices (and trying to make that 16 as we speak).
  • And the court works hand-in-hand with Republican politicians to sustain their own power and thwart the will of the American people -- of course that means turning back DC statehood and expanded voting rights.

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American excess is back with the 1,000hp 2022 GMC Hummer EV truck

  • On Tuesday night, and after a long teaser campaign that included a Super Bowl advert, GMC introduced its new Hummer EV to the world.
  • The Hummer EV is the first of a promised onslaught of new electric vehicles from General Motors, but for real, unlike the last time GM promised such a thing.
  • And this one is big: 216.8 inches (5,507mm) long, making it slightly shorter than the Escalade that you all hate.
  • There is a total of three permanent magnet electric motors—one powering the front axle and a pair at the rear, each driving its own wheel.
  • If a thousand horsepower doesn't sound big enough, GMC quotes 11,500lb-ft of torque, but that's at the wheels, not the motor.
  • The company says that the different ratios between the front axle (13.3:1) and the rear (10.5:1) mean that wheel torque is more appropriate.

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