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Articles related to "biometric"

Is the Real Estate Industry Crossing a Privacy Line With Biometrics?

  • Other tenants in New York have taken their landlords to court for using facial recognition cameras and requiring the use of electronic keys or mobile apps to access mailboxes and elevators.
  • The KEYS Act, also known as the Keep Entry to Your Home Surveillance-Free Act, would prevent landlords from requiring tenants to use electronic locks to enter their home, including lobbies and main entrances to apartment buildings.
  • Although smart lock manufacturers insist that biometric scanners only capture about 5% of a person’s facial features and no photographs are created, many tenants still feel like it’s a privacy violation.
  • While it’s possible for biometric security and privacy to coexist, it will require tenants to trust that they aren’t being tracked and sold out to marketers, and that their biometric data isn’t being used nefariously.

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