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Articles related to "bowl"

46-year-old kicker Adam Vinatieri appears to tease an imminent retirement after missing 2 extra points on Sunday

  • Adam Vinatieri sounded like a man close to retirement after the Colts beat the Titans 19-17 on Sunday.
  • Stephen Holder, who covers the Colts for The Athletic, caught up with Vinatieri after the game, during which Vinatieri missed two extra points for Indianapolis.
  • In the team's opening game against the Chargers, Vinatieri missed two field goals and one extra point in a game they would go on to lose in overtime.
  • On Sunday, Vinatieri missed two more extra points, leaving the Colts vulnerable to a last-second drive from the Titans.
  • Thankfully for Vinatieri, his misses didn't cost the Colts the game this time, as the Indianapolis defense was able to hold off the Titans on the final drive of the game.

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10 times Bill Belichick outsmarted the entire NFL

  • Football fans will argue endlessly about whether Brady or Belichick are the primary reason for the Patriots dynasty.
  • The Patriots forced the Broncos to go three-and-out, and Brady had over two minutes to come back and score the winning touchdown.
  • Belichick listed Brady on the Patriots' injury report for three years straight.
  • Five years later, Belichick used another Brady backup as trade-bait: Ryan Mallett was sent to the Houston Texans for a late-round draft choice.
  • In 2016, Jimmy Garoppolo started two winning games, and the Patriots later traded him to the San Francisco 49ers for a second round draft pick.
  • The Atlanta Falcons finished the regular season with the NFL's top scoring offense, led by MVP quarterback Matt Ryan.
  • While the Falcons' inexperience led to costly mistakes, key Belichick coaching moves kept the Patriots in the game.

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