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Articles related to "brown"

After a century of logging, Myanmar struggles to preserve its teak groves

  • Since 2014, Myanmar has made it illegal to export wild teak logs like these, photographed in 2005.
  • At the muddy riverbank, from the docks of an old logging outpost called Mawlaik, we see a forest on the move: Hundreds of massive logs piled high onto barges drift south on wide, brown currents.
  • Roughly half the wild teak left on Earth grows in Myanmar.
  • Rampant teak logging in Myanmar, also called Burma, is more than a century old.
  • Work elephants have long been used to haul massive teak logs to riverbanks.
  • Authorities imposed a strict ban on exporting wild-grown teak logs.
  • The human victim, known as a myosade, was ceremonially crushed under a large teak log at the gates to ensure future impregnability.
  • A barge carries teak logs down the Irrawaddy River.
  • Despite the country's wild teak export ban, illegal logging persists.

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Older partner claims Deloitte forced him out

  • He wants the Federal Court to force Deloitte Australia and Mr Deutsch to acknowledge they have committed age discrimination and to say they will no longer have a “mandatory retirement age” for partners.
  • The proposed order could shake up not just Deloitte Australia’s partnership, but also the partnership agreements of rival big four firm KPMG Australia which forces it partners to retire at 58.
  • In a 29-page statement of claim, Mr Brown alleged that Deloitte Australia has a policy that requires partners “to retire in or around May following their 62nd birthday”, a requirement that Mr Brown said breached the Age Discrimination Act. The widespread use of age as a retirement criterion was highlighted in 2018 by the Financial Review.
  • Mr Brown alleged the retirement requirement breached the Age Discrimination Act, claiming that he was treated differently to younger partners and not given any new audit clients bar one since June 2019.

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She packed her bags, quit her job in law enforcement and moved to Mexico after George Floyd's death

  • On June 1, a week after Floyd's death, she quit her job as a detention officer for the Los Angeles County Probation Department.
  • Brown, 42, is one of many African Americans leaving the United States permanently for many reasons, including racism and fear of police brutality.
  • African Americans have been moving from the United States for years -- a phenomenon dubbed "Blaxit" that's getting renewed attention as the nation confronts its history of racism after Floyd's death.
  • She visited Mexico several times before she decided to relocate to the nation the State Department says is home to 1.5 million US citizens.
  • The West African nation has also launched a program called the Year of Return, which provides African American visitors a path to citizenship.

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Chicago police have a suspect in custody in murder of 9-year-old boy

  • The killing came at the end of a deadly month in Chicago and in major cities across the country, which have seen spikes in homicides this summer.
  • In the first seven months of 2020 compared to the same period last year, Chicago had a 51% increase in murders -- from 290 to 440 -- and roughly the same percentage increase in shooting victims, according to the police department's latest statistics.
  • Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said Monday there were 24 shooting incidents and 33 shooting victims over the weekend.
  • Brown called the community reporting and involvement in this incident "the best example" they have seen, but emphasized the Chicago police department needs even more community cooperation in order to continue combating the scourge of violent crime throughout the city.

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Signing Antonio Brown Is the Risk Every Single NFL Team Should Take

  • After an investigation that took so long it almost seemed like the league was hoping he’d follow through on his threat to retire, the NFL handed down its decision last week.
  • Rumor has it that at least two teams are already interested in signing Brown despite the eight-game suspension.
  • Who wants to risk a scenario like the Raiders had to deal with?
  • Will he be a major distraction and a potential locker room cancer for whatever team signs him?
  • As for his potential behavior, his future team has a built-in exit strategy: His suspension won’t prevent him from attending training camp.
  • Travis is a writer based in the United States who has been writing about sports, primarily the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAM, and MLB.
  • If you want a spirited debate about anything having to do with the NFL or any sports team from Texas, he's your man.

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