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Articles related to "build"


  • Array functions in Javascript create a new array for each operation, which is terribly wasteful.
  • Using iterators and generator functions and objects, we can limit the operations to the items in the array that interest us, not all of them.
  • More details on the blog post for it:
  • Leave comments there or add Issues here in order to get features or bug fixes or whatever.
  • The original C# class can be found here: .
  • The source files have been moved to Typescript.
  • Run build.bat to create the js and map files.

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A simple Node.js Docker workflow

  • Docker is a great tool that helps developers build, deploy, and run applications more efficiently in a standardized way.
  • To accomplish all the requirements, we will be using Docker with Docker Compose to create an identical container for both development and production and the Nodemon package to restart the application on file changes.
  • You can remove it from the command, but this way, you have to manually run it before starting the container or when the contents of the package.json file changes.
  • We have to copy only the package files as they are necessary for installing the same versions used for development.
  • Package installs sometimes require the standard image, but with Docker multi-stage builds, we can switch to the smaller image after the package install and copy the packages from the previous step.

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How robots will repair or destroy satellites in orbit

  • These days, building and launching your own satellite means creating a sophisticated piece of technology — and then flinging it into space where you’ll never see it again.
  • Known as satellite servicing, the business revolves around creating bots that can meet up with broken satellites in orbit to repair them, refuel them, or place them in orbits where they can last for many more years.
  • If you can no longer operate your satellite, it instantly becomes space junk zooming around Earth at upwards of 17,000 miles per hour.
  • The era of satellite servicing is very much in the beginning stages, but this year, a handful of demonstration missions will take off to prove out the technology.
  • If all goes well, satellites could one day get a tune-up when they reach orbit, helping to make the space environment a cleaner, more sustainable place.

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  • Microsoft Application Inspector is a software source code analysis tool that helps identify and surface well-known features and other interesting characteristics of source code to aid in determining what the software is or what it does.
  • Application Inspector is different from traditional static analysis tools in that it doesn't attempt to identify "good" or "bad" patterns; it simply reports what it finds against a set of over 400 rule patterns for feature detection including features that impact security such as the use of cryptography and more.
  • Application Inspector can help identify feature deltas or changes between component versions which can be critical for detecting injection of backdoors.
  • Basically, we created Application Inspector to help us identify risky third party software components based on their specific features, but the tool is helpful in many non-security contexts as well.

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A Saab Story (2017)

  • And yet as popular as Saabs were with people who liked Saabs, they remained a niche product that appealed to comparatively small numbers of car buyers.
  • Though it offered multiple variants of the same basic models over the years, including two- and four-door versions, hatchbacks, station wagons, convertibles and, beginning in 1978, models with turbocharged engines, the company struggled to grow beyond one or (from 1968–1980) two compact car platforms.
  • In 1994 GM ditched Saab’s best-selling car ever, the beloved Saab 900, in favor of a dull replacement called the Saab 900 NG (“New Generation”) that was built on the same platform as GM’s Opel Vectra.
  • None of the big companies were interested, so in February 2010, GM sold Saab to tiny Spyker Cars, a Dutch maker of high-performance sports cars whose sales averaged fewer than 30 cars a year.

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Videos show the shockingly rapid progress China is making with 2 hospitals it's panic-building to fight the coronavirus

  • To alleviate this pressure, city authorities announced last Friday plans to build a new hospital from scratch in just six days, to be used from February 3.
  • Wuhan on Saturday expanded those plans, and is now urgently building two hospitals in Wuhan, the state-run People's Daily reported.
  • Authorities asked four construction companies to work throughout the Lunar New Year in order to complete the buildings, MailOnline reported, citing state media reports.
  • One is the Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, which is due to open February 3 with an area of 25,000 square meters (269,000 square feet) with 1,000 beds, according to People's Daily.
  • Chinese state media have since at least Tuesday been livestreaming footage of workers racing against the clock to build the two sites.
  • Chinese authorities have plans to build two more hospitals in the nearby Huanggang city and Zhenzhou, a city about 300 miles away, MailOnline reported.

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Top 5 best mobile frameworks for 2020

  • Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications formobile, web, and desktopfrom a single codebase.
  • Ionic Framework is the free, open-source mobile UI toolkit for developing high-quality cross-platform apps for native iOS, Android, and the web - all from a single codebase.
  • Ionic Studio is a powerful, locally-installed, visual development environment that makes it easy to build stunning apps in minutes.
  • Building applications for each platform–iPhone, Android, Windows and more–requires different frameworks and languages.
  • Xamarin is a .NET developer platform made up of tools, programming languages, and libraries for building many different types of applications.
  • Xamarin supplies add-ins to Microsoft Visual Studio that allows developers to build Android, iOS, and Windows apps within the IDE using code completion and IntelliSense.
  • Mobile app development frameworks are basically driving tools to build mobile apps.

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Adding India to your business

  • As a cross-border investment firm investing in U.S. and European companies to help them grow in India, we thought it would be useful to share our conversations with growth-stage entrepreneurs about the Indian market.
  • From both a team build out as well as customer acquisition cost point of view, most companies have been disappointed that they have invested in resources well ahead of understanding the size of their target market and expected revenues.
  • What excites our team is that India is already home to significant user bases for early and growth-stage private companies such as Truecaller (100 million daily users), Quora (second largest market), Duolingo (10 million users), Brainly (20 million users), Wattpad (3 million users) and Vyng (14 million installs), while others such as FlixBus are actively setting up operations.

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#todayilearnedHow I learned from my mistakes - JavaScript Mobile App

  • So I went with JavaScript for back-end and NuxtJS (first) + Cordova for IOS and Android applications!
  • After finishing the design for some basic screens (Splash, login, register), I've built the HTML and CSS for the Splash screen as a component inside the NuxtJS project, then inside the layout/default.vue, I wrote a script that switches a variable from true to false.
  • Meanwhile, I've created a Cordova project and generate the first dist/ folder.
  • After moving the generated files from dist/ inside the www/ folder of the Cordova project, I added Android as the platform and build the first demo.
  • The next day I gave up on NuxtJS after finding some Github issue about that (which I wasn't able to find the day before, because of being tired), which tells you NuxtJS is not compatible with Cordova.
  • I've built a new project using Vue-CLI and Cordova.

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5 React Projects You Need In Your Portfolio 📂

  • For each type of app, I'll cover popular examples that you can use as inspiration, the tools I would recommend to build each app feature, along with a short demo of such an app that I've personally made using React.
  • Think about what type of media or entertainment mosts interests you and see if you can build a simple platform around it, where users can login and save the content that they like.
  • Better yet, you could build a web and mobile messaging app simultaneously with a package like React Native Web. This probably the easiest type of app with which to begin, considering there are so many tutorials of basic productivity apps out there.
  • Every month for 12 months, we'll cover step-by-step how to build a complete real-world app clone with React that looks and works just like the real thing.

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