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Articles related to "business"

Trump's tariff battle with China is spurring record dollar-yuan trading

  • Against that backdrop, the Hong Kong Exchange and the Singapore Exchange — two main centers for dollar-yuan currency futures — have both reported record trading volumes in the dollar-offshore yuan pair this year.
  • Such ups-and-downs in the foreign exchange market have prompted a Singapore-based privately backed Chinese exchange to launch a new dollar-offshore yuan futures contract.
  • A new product offering new opportunities and promoting active trading in the currency pair on a free and open market will also encourage transparency, Zhu said, adding that will mean China is less at risk of being called a "currency manipulator," Zhu said.
  • The exchange said it hopes to encourage trading in its new currency derivatives product through the design of the weekly contract available in a smaller size that will help nimble hedging during times of market volatility, Zhu said.

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The rising tide of messaging platforms — and how brands, businesses, and publishers can capitalize

  • Nearly every major messaging platform has spent the past few years rolling out tools to attract new users and give businesses tools to reach those users.
  • This large and engaged consumer base is a prime market for businesses and publishers to target, particularly as social media networks like Facebook become more difficult to leverage.
  • In order to capitalize on this opportunity, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WeChat have developed a range of tools, from chatbots to payments methods, that businesses and publishers can use to reach and monetize consumers.
  • In this report, Business Insider Intelligence sizes the messaging app market and examines how businesses, brands, and publishers can take advantage of the new features offered by these platforms.
  • It compares and contrasts the largest messaging platforms by user base, and presents the types of opportunities that have emerged from the growing audience that uses messaging services daily.

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Your $200 wagyu beef could get even more expensive. Blame China's swine fever.

  • Japan's wagyu, known for its soft, fatty, marbled meat, are dependent on China for supplies of rice straw, an important part of the gourmet cattle's high-calorie, high-protein diet.
  • Since the outbreak of African swine fever in China, a large portion of the vital feed has been banned from entering Japan, and its agriculture ministry fears that eventually no supplies will be available as the deadly disease spreads.
  • Rice straw imports from China fell 17 per cent to 16,586 tons in September from August, according to data from the agriculture ministry.
  • Japan imported more than 200,000 tons of rice straw from China last year, about 20 per cent of the total needed to feed its premium cattle, which is being sold at Aeon supermarkets for more than $US150 ($207) per kilogram.

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Lack of ‘home-run’ toy least of the concerns as Toys ‘R’ Us Canada plots rebound

  • While Teed-Murch doesn’t see the absence of a home run gift in itself as a long-term problem for the company, it does mean consumers have “the luxury of time” — another potential reason for them not to drive to a big-box toy store.
  • Since Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., purchased the more successful Canadian arm of Toys “R” Us — rescuing it from creditor protection proceedings and sparing it the same demise as its former American parent company — Teed-Murch has spent significant portions of her interviews emphasizing and re-emphasizing that her 82 stores are still open, despite what you hear about Toys “R” Us closing in the U.S. Last month, Toys “R” Us Canada even added a red maple leaf to its logo to hammer home the point.
  • It was the kind of event, under the old American Toys “R” Us parent company, that would have been weighed down by extra layers of approval, everything running through the U.S. head office’s marketing department in New Jersey, Teed-Murch said.

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Wage price index rises 2.3pc, fastest since 2015

  • The economy experienced wage growth of 0.6 per cent in the September quarter, taking the annual rate to 2.3 per cent and the fastest in three years on a jump in public sector incomes.
  • The result was in line with market expectations, accelerating from 2.1 per cent in the June quarter.
  • Weak wages growth is a major challenge for the Reserve Bank of Australia, which wants to see incomes rising faster.
  • Third-quarter inflation, which was released in October, disappointed at 1.9 per cent, pushing it back below the Reserve Bank's target band.
  • The quarter was boosted by the minimum wage rise that took effect July 1, which lifted the base hourly rate by 3.5 per cent.
  • In the June quarter, public sector wages were rising faster than private sector at 2.4 per cent versus 2 per cent year-on-year (excluding the impact of any potential revisions).

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Harry Winston jeweler buys 'Pink Legacy' diamond for record $50 million

  • The "Pink Legacy," a diamond weighing just under 19 carats, fetched a record $50 million, purchased by U.S.-based luxury jeweler Harry Winston, Christie's said on Tuesday.
  • Harry Winston jeweler — owned by Swatch whose CEO is Nayla Hayek, daughter of the late Swatch founder Nicolas Hayek — promptly renamed it "The Winston Pink Legacy," adding it to its collection of rare jewels, the auction house said.
  • The semi-annual Geneva jewelry sale netted $110 million, with 86 percent of lots finding new owners, including 11 that brought more than $1 million, Francois Curiel, chairman of Christie's luxury group told reporters.
  • Most pink diamonds of this color weigh less than one carat, the auction house said.
  • An important Asian collector was the direct under-bidder, Rahul Kadakia, international head of Jewelry at Christie's told reporters.

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Waymo CEO Says Alphabet Unit Plans to Launch Driverless Car Service

  • -- The head of Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo unit said it plans to launch its first commercial self-driving car service in the next two months and expects businesses to be among its biggest customers.
  • Speaking at The Wall Street Journal's WSJ Tech D.Live conference on Tuesday, Waymo's John Krafcik said the new service will charge individual passengers for rides as well as businesses, such as Walmart Inc., who want to pay to shuttle their customers to stores.
  • Waymo has said it plans to launch a self-driving ride service in 2018 and earlier this year announced deals to buy thousands of vehicles in coming years from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Tata Motors Inc.'s Jaguar Land Rover to expand its fleet.
  • Last year, Waymo began testing its self-driving vans with nonemployees in Chandler, Ariz., through its so-called Early Rider program to learn how potential customers might use and interact with the service.

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Chatbots' impact on the payments ecosystem and how merchants can capitalize on them

  • This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service.
  • But there's considerable friction — in chat apps, payments offerings are limited, which means users who might be browsing in a messaging app will still be redirected to another app or the mobile web to complete a purchase.
  • This is creating an opportunity for payments processors and card networks, which are beginning to partner with merchants to capture potential volume from chat apps.
  • But improvements in the ecosystem, combined with rising consumer appetite for these services and increasing trust, will eventually lead to moderate gains in usage that open up a massive volume opportunity for Western firms.
  • Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has put together a detailed report on chatbots' role in the payments ecosystem.

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Fintech could be bigger than ATMs, PayPal, and Bitcoin combined

  • Fintech broke onto the scene as a disruptive force following the 2008 crisis, but the industry's influence on the broader financial services system is changing.
  • The fintech industry no longer stands clearly apart from financial services proper, and is increasingly growing embedded in mainstream finance.
  • Significantly, incumbents are responding more proactively to the rising influence of fintech by making updates to their consumer-facing channels, back-end systems, and overall business operations.
  • Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has written the definitive Fintech Ecosystem report that looks at the shifts in the broader environment that fintechs operate in, including funding patterns and regulatory trends; examines the adaptations that some of fintech's biggest subsegments have had to make to secure a foothold in the financial services system; and discusses how the continued rise of the fintech industry is pressuring incumbents to make fundamental changes to their business models and roles.

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Marley Spoon founder Fabian Siegel warns supermarkets off meal kit market

  • Marley Spoon founder Fabian Siegel has warned Coles and Woolworths off the fast-growing $300 million meal kit market, saying selling meal kits on supermarket shelves or online is 'unviable' for the major chains.
  • Mr Siegel says major retailers in Australia and overseas have finally realised meal kits are not a short term fad but an increasingly popular and efficient way for consumers to buy groceries for meals they cook at home.
  • Several US meal kit companies including Blue Apron, Hello Fresh (which is the market leader in Australia) and Plated have started selling meal kits in supermarkets and through same-day grocery delivery service Instacart.
  • Mr Siegel said Marley Spoon had received approaches from retailers in Australia, the US and Europe in the last 12 months to sell meal kits on supermarket shelves but was not interested.

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