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Articles related to "business-insider"

Boris Johnson parodied 'Love Actually' in campaign ad supporting Brexit - Business Insider

  • In the campaign ad, the British prime minister then held up cards claiming that if the impending December vote doesn't result in a working Conservative majority, then Parliament will continue to argue about Brexit until he looks like an old dog.
  • Since his election in late July of this year, the British prime minister has tried to navigate Britain's exit from the European Union.
  • In a series of setbacks for Johnson, Parliament voted to block a no-deal Brexit (or hard exit without a deal with the European Union).
  • The December 12, election will determine whether or not Johnson will get the Conservative majority in Parliament to carry out Brexit, if the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn will win and form a government, or if there will be no clear majority.

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Amazon says its Nitro tech makes its cloud superior to Microsoft Azure - Business Insider

  • But in its formal protest over competitor Microsoft¬†winning the $10 billion winner-take-all JEDI cloud contract, Amazon was forced to do exactly that.
  • In the redacted protest documents that became public on Monday, Amazon makes the following assertion: that Amazon's cloud technology is "objectively superior" to Microsoft's and therefore the only reason the DoD awarded the contract to Microsoft was to please Donald Trump.
  • However, in 2018, as both companies were crafting their bids for the JEDI contract, Microsoft did win a smaller cloud contract from the CIA and other intelligent agencies.
  • As Geekwire reported at the time, while this smaller contract might not rival what Amazon is doing for the CIA, it did mean that Microsoft's cloud met government security standards.
  • Amazon also argues that the DoD made errors in evaluating the technical merits of its clouds and that it changed the original list of requirements in ways that harmed Amazon's chances and increased Microsoft's.

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Flynn's interview kicked off the Afghanistan news investigation - Business Insider

  • Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, found himself in the spotlight for his prior statements about America's war in Afghanistan.
  • The statements prompted an extensive investigation on the history of misleading characterizations of the war from numerous other US officials.
  • A Washington Post report on Monday reinforced the uncertainty of the war's progress by publishing undisclosed government interviews of senior military leaders.
  • Throughout the years, officials and advisers spanning the White House and the Pentagon regularly peddled an optimistic view of Afghanistan's progress, despite holding private reservations, according to the interviews.
  • Flynn, who was the intelligence director for the NATO's coalition in Afghanistan, had a tenuous relationship with the Obama administration at the time.
  • Flynn would continue to make disparaging remarks about the Obama administration.
  • He was later tapped by Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and served as his national security adviser.

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SoftBank sells stake and gives up board seats in embattled startup Wag - Business Insider

  • SoftBank is selling back its nearly 50% stake in Wag to the embattled dog-walking startup, while the startup struggles to turn around its performance.
  • SoftBank's Vision Fund first invested in the dog-walking startup last year in January, pushing up the company's valuation to around $650 million.
  • SoftBank's Vision Fund investments have drawn close scrutiny over the past few months, after a series of high-profile investments flopped and left the company reeling, like WeWork's pre-IPO implosion this fall.
  • SoftBank's Masayoshi Son seemed to express concern about Wag in his latest investor presentation, as he referred to a dog-walking company as one of Vision Fund's more troubled investments.
  • SoftBank's sale of its stake followed a disagreement within the company's board on its path to future profitability, one person familiar with the talks told Business Insider.

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House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings are a circus - Business Insider

  • The House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings, by contrast, have been a circus dominated by theatrics and grandstanding from Republicans hoping to crater public support for Trump's impeachment.
  • On Monday, Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, kicked off a televised hearing to get the underlying evidence for impeachment from the Democratic and Republican counsels on the House Intelligence Committee.
  • Throughout the hearing, while Democrats tried to "focus on the facts," as several lawmakers put it, Republicans lobbed attacks and renewed calls for Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, to testify along with the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment inquiry.
  • Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi instructed Nadler's committee to use the 300-page report issued by the intelligence panel to begin drafting articles of impeachment.

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Away CEO Steph Korey steps down, Lululemon COO named new CEO - Business Insider

  • Away's cofounder Steph Korey is out as CEO of Away, following an explosive report into the company's culture.
  • On Monday, the travel brand announced it hired the Lululemon executive Stuart Haselden as the company's new CEO.
  • Haselden will also join Korey and cofounder Jen Rubio on Away's board of directors.
  • The news follows an investigation that The Verge published last week.
  • The investigation cited 14 former employees who described a "cutthroat culture" at the company, in which Korey demanded workers work almost constantly and pressured them against taking time off.
  • In a press release on Monday, Rubio and Korey framed Haselden's hiring as part of the company's plan for long-term growth.
  • Last week, Korey apologized for her behavior while leading Away after the publication of The Verge's investigation.
  • Haselden will start his role as CEO of Away on January 13.

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Photo shows Jeffrey Epstein went to royal party dressed as a Navy SEAL - Business Insider

  • Photos of Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender and disgraced hedge fund manager who killed himself inside a federal prison, revealed he went as a US Navy SEAL at a costume party hosted by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, at Windsor Castle in 2006.
  • The photo, which was published by The Sun on Saturday, shows the late Epstein attending the 18th birthday party for Princess Beatrice, Prince Andrew's oldest daughter.
  • Epstein is pictured wearing the rank of a Navy commander in a service dress white uniform, which is reserved for formal occasions for officers and senior enlisted.
  • Adorned on the late financier's uniform is the Navy SEAL Trident, the special warfare insignia reserved for members of the elite community.
  • Maxwell denied having orchestrated Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring and has stayed away from the public eye.

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Amazon JEDI lawsuit is 'noise' and Microsoft will still win, analyst says - Business Insider

  • Amazon's lawsuit challenging the Pentagon's decision to award a $10 billion cloud computing contract to competitor Microsoft might cause a delay, a prominent cloud analyst says, but in the end its just "noise" that won't affect the outcome of the contract.
  • AWS CEO Andy Jassy told employees last month,¬†according to a recording obtained by Business Insider, that the company's technology is at least two years ahead of Microsoft's.
  • There's a lot at stake in the outcome of Amazon's lawsuit because Microsoft's victory will affect the dynamics of the cloud battles between the two in the longer term.
  • Microsoft, he said, is uniquely poised to win more of those workloads as more companies seek a hybrid cloud, basically a mix of their own data centers and cloud providers.

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Union Square Ventures' Fred Wilson on why he's investing in media - Business Insider

  • Fred Wilson has a knack for nailing startup trends.
  • The legendary venture capitalist was one of the first to jump on the rise of social media.
  • The cofounder and partner at Union Square Ventures wrote early checks to companies like Tumblr, Twitter, Etsy, and Zynga.
  • He also recently invested $5 million in The Recount, a company started by veteran media entrepreneurs John Heilemann and John Battelle.
  • Wilson said that there are a lot of media companies that are doing text-based summaries of the news but that few are doing it well in mobile video.
  • Wilson also said it's a good time to invest in media because sectors are attractive to him when others are fleeing them.

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Citigroup announces 137 new MDs in trading and dealmaking for 2019 - Business Insider

  • Nearly 140 employees in Citigroup's Institutional Clients Group received a dose of good news on Friday: They're part of the 2019 class of managing-director promotions.
  • The MD title is the highest at the firm and a coveted distinction.
  • More than 50 of the 137 new managing directors this year came from the firm's sales and trading division, while nearly 40 came from the firm's dealmaking unit, according to a memo from Citi Institutional Clients Group (ICG) CEO Paco Ybarra viewed by Business Insider.
  • Other divisions with new MDs include Treasury and Trade Solutions, private banking, operations and technology, and commercial banking.
  • The Citi spokeswoman Danielle Romero-Apsilos confirmed the contents of the memo.
  • The 137 promotions, which are effective as of January 1, are up from 125 last year and 120 in 2017.

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