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Articles related to "businessinsider"

The founder of a $1 billion startup reveals why he took SoftBank's cash after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

  • After the murder in Turkey last October, Wired and The Washington Post wrote that the murder had triggered a "reckoning" in Silicon Valley and the wider tech industry, which is awash with cash from SoftBank's $100 billion Vision Fund.
  • Earlier this month, the firm raised $300 million in a round led by the Vision Fund, reportedly boosting its value to more than $1 billion.
  • Business Insider raised Khashoggi's murder with Gympass CEO Cesar Carvalho during a wider interview and asked whether accepting SoftBank's money had given him any pause.
  • As a condition of accepting funding from SoftBank, Carvalho asked the Vision Fund to facilitate business ties with its other portfolio companies.
  • Asked about how he could square the SoftBank connection with his firm's ethics, CEO Adam Neumann said only SoftBank's first investment in 2016 came from the Saudi-linked Vision Fund, prior to Khashoggi's death.

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A viral photo showing a sea of protesters crowding the streets of Hong Kong has been debunked

  • The original photo, posted to Instagram by photographer Deacon Lui on June 10, captures the masses of people taking part in protests on Sunday, June 9, against proposed legislation that would allow for the extradition of Hong Kong residents to the mainland.
  • Lui posted another version of the photo — the photo that has been widely shared across social media and has received over 33,000 likes on Instagram — on June 11, in which he cropped and reflected the people and buildings in the shot using Photoshop, he confirmed to CNN.
  • While the image does enhance the size of the crowd, protest organizers estimate that over 1 million Hong Kong residents - nearly 1 in 7 people there - attended demonstrations on June 9, while Police estimated the number was closer to 240,000.

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10 things in tech you need to know today

  • Good morning!
  • This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday.
  • Have an Amazon Alexa device?
  • Now you can hear 10 Things in Tech each morning.
  • Just search for "Business Insider" in your Alexa's flash briefing settings.

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How the rise in e-commerce is presenting opportunities for new entrants to challenge UPS and FedEx in last-mile deliveries

  • Outside of the US Postal Service (USPS), FedEx and UPS have dominated the domestic logistics industry — and in particular, the last mile of delivery — for decades.
  • Amazon presents the biggest near-term threat to UPS and FedEx's duopoly due to its size, strategic position in the e-commerce market, and wealth of logistics infrastructure.
  • In The Delivery Challenger Report, Business Insider Intelligence identifies the four companies that pose the largest threats to UPS and FedEx's duopoly in the US last-mile delivery market.
  • Lastly, we outline concrete steps each of them must take if they hope to maximize their footprint in the market and peel away business from UPS and FedEx. The companies mentioned in this report include: Alibaba, Amazon, Deliv, DHL, FedEx, Postmates, Uber, UPS, USPS, and Postmates.

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Here's how Amazon could dethrone UPS and FedEx in the US last-mile delivery market

  • Outside of the US Postal Service (USPS), FedEx and UPS have dominated the domestic logistics industry — and in particular, the last-mile of the delivery — for decades.
  • High volumes are already straining shippers' networks — UPS struggled to bring consumers their parcels on time due to higher-than-anticipated package volume, which upset some big-name retail partners, including Macy's, Walmart, and Amazon.
  • In The Amazon Fulfillment Report, Business Insider Intelligence explains how the age of e-commerce is opening up cracks in UPS and FedEx's duopoly.
  • We then outline how Amazon's logistics ambitions began as an effort to more quickly get parcels out the door and fulfill its famous 2-day shipping process and how it'll be a key building block for the company if it builds out a last-mile service.

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'I know Joe Biden. He's better than this': Sen. Cory Booker says Biden is completely missing the point after doubling down on working with segregationists

  • Democratic Sen.
  • Cory Booker of New Jersey said he was "surprised" and "deeply" disappointed by former Vice President Joe Biden's unapologetic response to criticism, after discussing his time working with segregationist senators in the 1970s.
  • Biden, a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president, was widely criticized for comments made on Tuesday night at a fundraiser in New York City.
  • The Democratic presidential candidate highlighted his work with the late Democratic Sens.
  • James Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge of Georgia — both of whom were opposed to desegregation — in an effort to counter critics who called him "old-fashioned" and to explain the importance of finding a common ground to push legislation.
  • On Wednesday, Booker called out Biden over the story and his use of the word "boy," which has racial undertones.

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Waymo is partnering with the Renault Nissan Alliance in Japan and France

  • Waymo is racking up partners.
  • On Thursday, Alphabet's self-driving unit announced that it would join with the Renault-Nissan Alliance to "explore all aspects of driverless mobility services for passengers and deliveries in France and Japan," according to a statement.
  • Waymo has already joined with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, to obtain a fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans to use for an autonomous ride-hailing service.
  • The company has also joined with Jaguar Land Rover to use the Jaguar I-Pace as a self-driving luxury platform.
  • The "Driver" that Krafcik referred to is the combination of hardware and software that powers Waymo's self-driving technology.
  • The company has said that it could be used in a wide range of vehicles, providing passenger mobility, freight services, and access to mass transit.

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THE US TELEHEALTH MARKET: The market, drivers, threats, and opportunities for incumbents and newcomers

  • Telehealth — the use of mobile technology to deliver health-related services, such as remote doctor consultations and patient monitoring — is enabling healthcare providers and payers to address the US healthcare industry's growing list of problems.
  • The proliferation and rapid advancement of mobile technology are spurring telehealth adoption, and many believe that 2018 could be the tipping point for the telehealth market.
  • In The US Telehealth Market, Business Insider Intelligence defines the opaque US telehealth market, forecasts the market growth potential and value, outlines the key drivers behind usage and adoption, and evaluates the opportunity telehealth solutions will afford all stakeholders.
  • We also identify key barriers to continued telehealth adoption, and discuss how providers, payers, and telehealth companies are working to overcome these hurdles.
  • Get the latest General Electric stock price here.
  • Get the latest Fitbit stock price here.
  • Get the latest Google stock price here.

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The most common cancer for men is still a mystery to science — but 9/11 first responders are giving researchers fresh clues

  • Now, a new study of men with prostate cancer who were first responders during the September 11 World Trade Center attacks is giving researchers fresh clues about how the disease works.
  • The results suggest that being exposed to toxic dust may change the ways that a body responds to cancer, even years later, in some devastating ways.
  • In short, the study found that breathing in lots of toxic dust may trigger chronic inflammation and fuel tumor growth, changing the way a person's genes operate and leading to more cancer.
  • That's a much more noticeable difference than researchers have found for lung-cancer rates in 9/11 survivors, and its especially alarming that so many 9/11 survivors in their 30s and 40s are developing prostate cancer, given that the disease usually affects men in their 60s and older.

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Drone footage captures images of a derailed train that was carrying bombs, grenades, and vegetable oil

  • At least 22 train cars derailed on Wednesday morning, and a drone captured aerial footage of the stunning wreckage.
  • The train was carrying military munitions and hazardous materials, but the Union Pacific Railroad told the Associated Press the only materials spilled were "small amount of diesel fuel," aluminum oxide, and vegetable oil.
  • The train derailed Wednesday morning near Elko County, Nevada.
  • The incident occurred at 10:20 am local time, according to Union Pacific Railroad, the company that oversees the derailed train.
  • No hazardous materials or injuries were involved.
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