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Articles related to "businessinsider"

The Central American caravan has swelled to an estimated 7,000 migrants. Despite Trump's threats, it's heading north toward the US border.

  • The ever-growing caravan of Central American migrants swelled on Sunday to an estimated 7,000 people, who are largely dedicated to traveling north in the hopes of reaching the United States.
  • President Donald Trump has raged against the governments of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, whom he accused of not doing enough to stop the mass exodus of Central Americans.
  • The growing caravan and seeming inability to stop it highlights a number of complex issues at play: The labyrinthine US asylum system, which the Trump administration loathes for its protections against detaining and quickly deporting children; the gargantuan task of securing a 2,000-mile border with Mexico; and the often desperate circumstances in the countries that prompt people to flee, which US government officials recently visited Guatemala to address.
  • Lopez Obrador, who takes office December 1, ran on a pro-immigration platform, promising jobs and work visas in Mexico to Central American migrants.

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Jamal Khashoggi's fiancée wrote a touching tribute for him on Twitter hours after Saudi authorities confirmed his death

  • The fiancée of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist and prominent Saudi critic who died inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, wrote a touching tribute to him on Twitter.
  • Cengiz, who is a Turkish national, last saw her fiancé after he entered into the consulate on October 2 to retrieve documents for their upcoming wedding.
  • Cengiz says she waited for Khashoggi outside the consulate for roughly 11 hours but he never came out.
  • Cengiz has been active on Twitter and has repeatedly called on world leaders to wrap up their investigations and disclose details on Khashoggi's whereabouts.
  • Saudi Arabia acknowledged on Saturday that Khashoggi had died inside their Turkish consulate, but claimed that the 59-year-old was killed in a "fistfight" that escalated.
  • Turkish officials have repeatedly touted claims that Khashoggi was brutally tortured and dismembered by what appeared to be a 15-person kill squad flown in from Saudi Arabia.

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'Fortnite' could be teaching us the wrong lessons about how to be good citizens

  • As a parent and as a political theorist who focuses on education and its impact on democratic society, I couldn't help but notice how much the game seems to teach children the wrong lessons about how to function as an adult and interact with others.
  • According to a survey by financial education company Lendedu, the average player spends between six and 10 hours per week playing the game, with 7 percent of the respondents saying that they play more than 21 hours per week.
  • People who play violent video games for long stretches of time tend to develop depression, anxiety, and dissociation from reality.
  • Married couples around the world are already blaming "Fortnite" and other video games for their divorce.
  • More frequently, people play by themselves in the Battle Royale version of the game where the goal is to be the last survivor in a war of all against all.

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It took only 4 years for this CEO to build a small cloud-computing startup into a $3.5 billion business — here's how he did it

  • Four years later, Muglia, who became the company's CEO after working nearly two decades at Microsoft, has helped build Snowflake Computing into a multibillion-dollar enterprise with 650 employees and customers like Netflix, Adobe, and DoorDash.
  • In an interview with Business Insider, Muglia said that Snowflake's success isn't what he would describe as a turnaround story.
  • The company's steady progression can be attributed largely to its underlying values, which Muglia said were instituted in a collaborative process early on.
  • While not everyone at Snowflake agreed with how the company handled the situation, Muglia said that any disagreements were resolved by referring to the company's fundamental value: put customers first.
  • In moments like these, Muglia said that it helps to think big picture and have a set of values to fall back on.

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How the United States could cope if it lost the next war

  • Last week, I argued that while the US military, the Pentagon, and most national security experts expect that the United States will always win the wars it is forced to fight, America could in fact lose one if an astute enemy capitalizes on the nation's weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • I sketched out three ways that might happen: if an enemy found a way to drag out a war past the limits of American patience; if a nuclear-armed enemy invaded another nation and then dug in; or if an adversary used what security experts call "gray zone" aggression to present the United States with a fait accompli.
  • But there are three other ways America could lose its next war, all of which expose how the country has become weaker politically despite its military dominance.

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DNA tests that cost as much as $750 claim to tell you which antidepressant is best for you, but scientists say they're not worth the money

  • And Cristina Cusin, a Harvard psychiatrist, said the test won't give helpful results to patients who take more than one medication.
  • Despite trying more than two dozen different medications, Luk and her psychiatrists had yet to come up with a combination of drugs that significantly lifted her mood without contributing to her anxiety.
  • Next to a popular antidepressant called Celexa, for example, Luk's test showed an orange check mark and said, "increased risk for adverse events or poor response." That meant that because of the way her body processed the drug, Luk was more likely than the average person to experience negative side effects or see no positive results.
  • Last month, Silicon Valley genetics testing startup Color Genomics began offering a test for antidepressants as a component of its DNA tests, which screen for gene variations linked to cancer and heart disease.

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Sears has filed for bankruptcy and is closing stores. Here are the retail rivals that could benefit the most from its downward spiral.

  • This would be welcome news for the struggling department store, which has been unprofitable for 16 out of the last 18 quarters and previously looked to capitalize on Sears' collapse by moving back into the appliances business after a 33-year hiatus.
  • Taking into account the overlap of shoppers, those shoppers' income and age, and store proximity, Cowen found Walmart to be the greatest beneficiary of Sears' downfall.
  • The Cowen data showed that 92% of Sears' shoppers also shop at Walmart and that there is considerable overlap between their shoppers in terms of age and household income.
  • Moreover, Sears' bankruptcy has been a long time coming, as the department-store chain has been losing money and closing stores for years, which means that many stores have already been benefiting from its demise.

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Justin Tucker misses extra point for the first time in his career and it came at the worst time possible

  • All that was left was for Justin Tucker, the most accurate kicker in NFL history, to send home the extra point and tie everything up at 24-24.
  • As the commentators ominously noted, Tucker had never missed an extra point in his career, going an impressive 222/222 up until that point.
  • Tucker shanked his kick wide right.
  • Kicking in football is never a sure thing, but Tucker was about as close as humanly possible.
  • Not only had he never missed an extra point, but Tucker had also never before missed any kick inside 33 yards in his seven years in the NFL.
  • Unfortunately for the Ravens, there's a first time for everything, and Tucker's unexpected miss left the Ravens just short of the comeback win, falling to the Saints, 24-23.

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Richard Parsons is resigning as interim chairman of CBS due to illness

  • says that Richard Parsons, its interim chairman and a veteran of the media industry, has resigned from its board due to illness.
  • CBS named Parsons interim chairman in September as it tried to reshape itself following the resignation of its longtime chief Les Moonves, who had faced multiple sexual misconduct allegations.
  • Parsons said in a statement Sunday that he was already dealing with multiple myeloma when he joined the board, but "unanticipated complications have created additional new challenges" and that his doctors have advised he cut back on his commitments to ensure recovery.
  • His successor, Zelnick, currently serves as CEO and chairman of interactive entertainment company Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. Parsons was known for bringing a steady hand to a number of complex business deals, including the AOL-Time Warner merger, and had already launched the search for a new chief executive at CBS, according to The New York Times.

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Here's how Square's outgoing CFO, Sarah Friar, exercised financial discipline to grow the $32 billion company 40% each quarter

  • Business Insider spoke to Sarah Friar at the beginning of this year about how Square has kept growing at such a rapid pace.
  • Square's chief executive Jack Dorsey sometimes has his hands full running his other company Twitter, whose share price has gone in the opposite direction to Square's.
  • Square launched in the UK in March last year, offering both its physical plug-in card reader, and an API for merchants to accept online payments.
  • Friar pointed to the Welsh town of Holywell, which partnered with Square when banks shut down their branches, cutting consumers off from cash.
  • Her first interview with Jack Dorsey was her first taste of his unconventional management approach.
  • Friar and Dorsey share the same end goal for Square, but the two have quite different management approaches.
  • A good example of Dorsey visioning, said Friar, was how Square's Cash app came about.

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