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The CEO of $3 billion Tinder explains how his approach to personal growth is like learning calculus

  • Tinder CEO Elie Seidman says would-be tech entrepreneurs need to "take it upon themselves" to learn and remain intellectually curious if they want to succeed.
  • Seidman was chief executive of the listed dating giant Match Group for two years before taking the helm at Tinder in 2018.
  • And Tinder's founders bought a lawsuit against Match Group and parent firm IAC over allegations that the two artificially lowered the app's valuation.
  • On the product side, Tinder has introduced a number of new features, most recently something called 'Swipe Night' – a choose-your-own adventure game launched last week which Seidman says is aimed at facilitating conversation between users.
  • Seidman says the role of chance in entrepreneurial success is underrated.
  • Given the inherent role luck plays in the very idea of Tinder, Seidman's acknowledgement of luck as a factor in business success – not always common among CEOs – is perhaps unsurprising.

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Slack's head of partnerships explains why it's deepening its relationship to Salesforce with a bunch of new integrations

  • The new features are aimed at helping customers more efficiently collaborate across both tools — it means that Slack's 12 million monthly active users can search for and share Salesforce customer records without leaving the chat app.
  • Armstrong said that sales and service professionals — Salesforce's core customer demographic — are a growing part of Slack's user base, which makes these kinds of integrations valuable to them.
  • These updates apply to Slack's existing integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud, its flagship customer relationship management (CRM) product.
  • "This tighter integration between Salesforce and Slack is a key way for us to dramatically streamline how our joint customers work," Aytay said.
  • Slack Both Slack and Salesforce now have product teams that talk to customers and each other and build roadmaps to keep growing the partnership.
  • As previous Salesforce executive, Armstrong said his previous knowledge of the company and its workflow helped this partnership thrive.

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10 things in tech you need to know today

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Boris Johnson's Brexit hopes dashed after the DUP say no to a deal

  • Boris Johnson's hopes of agreeing a Brexit deal that will allow him to keep his promise to take the UK out of the EU this month were dashed on Thursday morning after his governing partners withdrew their support for his proposed agreement.
  • However, while the broad terms of a deal have been established between Brussels and London, Johnson has yet to secure the support from his governing partners in London which would allow any deal to pass through the UK parliament.
  • The Democratic Unionist Party, which props up Johnson's minority government, said in a statement early on Thursday that they could not support the current deal due to their opposition to three key elements of the proposed agreement.
  • The deal so far has the tentative support of pro-Brexit Conservative MPs who voted against former Prime Minister Theresa May's deal with the EU.

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How the rise in e-commerce is presenting opportunities for new entrants to challenge UPS and FedEx in last-mile deliveries

  • Outside of the US Postal Service (USPS), FedEx and UPS have dominated the domestic logistics industry — and in particular, the last mile of delivery — for decades.
  • Amazon presents the biggest near-term threat to UPS and FedEx's duopoly due to its size, strategic position in the e-commerce market, and wealth of logistics infrastructure.
  • In The Delivery Challenger Report, Business Insider Intelligence identifies the four companies that pose the largest threats to UPS and FedEx's duopoly in the US last-mile delivery market.
  • Lastly, we outline concrete steps each of them must take if they hope to maximize their footprint in the market and peel away business from UPS and FedEx. The companies mentioned in this report include: Alibaba, Amazon, Deliv, DHL, FedEx, Postmates, Uber, UPS, USPS, and Postmates.

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Here's how Amazon could dethrone UPS and FedEx in the US last-mile delivery market

  • Outside of the US Postal Service (USPS), FedEx and UPS have dominated the domestic logistics industry — and in particular, the last-mile of the delivery — for decades.
  • High volumes are already straining shippers' networks — UPS struggled to bring consumers their parcels on time due to higher-than-anticipated package volume, which upset some big-name retail partners, including Macy's, Walmart, and Amazon.
  • In The Amazon Fulfillment Report, Business Insider Intelligence explains how the age of e-commerce is opening up cracks in UPS and FedEx's duopoly.
  • We then outline how Amazon's logistics ambitions began as an effort to more quickly get parcels out the door and fulfill its famous 2-day shipping process and how it'll be a key building block for the company if it builds out a last-mile service.

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Talcum powder has unfairly become the 'poster child' for class-action lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, its CFO says

  • Johnson & Johnson's finance chief has accused lawyers of splurging hundreds of millions on advertising to build class-action lawsuits that falsely claim the talc in its products cause cancer.
  • Talc, a mineral in baby powder and other drying products, is "the poster child for how big a business plaintiffs' attorneys have made this type of approach," CFO Joseph Wolk said on the healthcare giant's third-quarter earnings call.
  • There were 15,500 plaintiffs involved in talcum-powder lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson as of June 30, up from 1,400 in early 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported.
  • It has appealed a $4.7 billion jury award to 22 women and their families who alleged its baby powder caused ovarian cancer, the Journal said.
  • Moreover, Reuters reported a Missouri appeals court overturned a $110 million verdict against the company this week — although that was because an out-of-state plaintiff brought the case.

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The most shocking part of the 'meltdown' photo Trump tweeted isn't who's in it — it's who isn't

  • While the photo was interpreted as either Pelosi going off on Trump or standing up to the president, the most shocking part of the photo isn't the "meltdown" — rather, it's who isn't in the picture.
  • It recalls other government hearings where women aren't present, including a 2017 meeting in which congressional leaders discussed a healthcare bill including maternity services — and there wasn't a single woman in the room.
  • Tensions were high at the meeting; it was the first time Trump was in a room with Democratic leaders since the announcement of an impeachment inquiry.
  • The president also seemed particularly upset by the House voting in favor of a bipartisan resolution condemning his decision to pull US troops from Syria.
  • Pelosi noted that Trump seemed to be having a "meltdown," saying that he was "shaken" by the result of the vote.

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THE PAYMENTS FORECAST BOOK 2019: 22 forecasts of the global payments industry’s most impactful trends — and what's driving them

  • In emerging markets, these changes will be driven by Asia, which remains at the helm of digital transformation in payments as customers in major markets like China, India, and Southeast Asia flock to wallets like Alipay and Paytm and super-apps like WeChat and Grab in lieu of cash and cards for their payments, both online and in-store.
  • Change looks different in mature markets like the US, where the overall expansion of the digital payments market will remain more tempered, but mobile's impact will surge as customers move from PCs to mobile and other emerging connected devices for their online shopping, and replace small-dollar cash P2P transactions with mobile apps like Venmo and Zelle.
  • For providers looking to make inroads in the space, understanding the dynamics of these changes will be key to growth.

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An Iowa family came home to a spooky sight: their basement was flooded with animal blood and remains

  • With Halloween just around the corner, this Iowa family won't need to spend any money on spooky house decorations.
  • The Lestina family was getting ready to put their home in Bagley, Iowa, on the market, when they discovered that their basement had flooded — with animal blood.
  • The Lestinas live next to Dahl's Meat Locker, and the two buildings share a drainage system, KTIV reported.
  • However, when the meat locker's system backed up while getting rid of hog and cattle remains on October 3, the Lestina's basement was filled with nearly five inches of animal blood, fat, and bone.
  • Lestina told KTIV that many of the family's belongings were ruined in the blood flood, including a bed the family was saving for their toddler son.
  • Lestina told the Register repairs will cost an estimated $2,300, and the meat locker offered to help clean up the mess financially.

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