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Articles related to "buyers"

No exodus from Hong Kong yet, but interest growing in pre-sale property units in Canada

  • She was born in North York, a borough of Toronto, but relocated to Hong Kong along with her family (who are all originally from there) back in 1999  — going against the wave of immigration that was flowing in the opposite direction, after Britain handed back control of Hong Kong to China in 1997.
  • As protests have raged on since last year against China’s increasingly aggressive attempts to exert control over the semi-autonomous city, realtors across Toronto and Vancouver with clients primarily from Hong Kong and mainland China, have braced for a wave of inquiries about Canadian real estate.
  • Real estate prices in Toronto and Vancouver have largely held up throughout the pandemic.
  • Scarrow believes that one of the less considered trends that’s taking place because of the pandemic and China’s looming grip on Hong Kong is fewer Canadians migrating to Hong Kong.

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JobTweaker lever needed to pull back from cliff

  • So a second wave of government supports must extend the emergency lifeline for the economy beyond September.
  • The list is long: JobKeeper ends, the doubling of unemployment benefits through JobSeeker stops, the pause in payments on half a million mortgages runs out, the rental eviction ban is lifted, government loan guarantees for small businesses pull back, and the clock runs out on extra wage subsidies for apprentices.
  • Or, to put that another way, if you want to know what will happen with JobKeeper, keep watching the virus numbers in Melbourne.
  • But the recession is changing shape fast, so the nature, timing and dollars of government support needs to change fast too.
  • So whatever happens, we shouldn’t be scared of spending more money if that’s needed to get unemployment back down.
  • The mistake the world made after the GFC was pulling back government support too soon.

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RBA readies for rise in insolvencies

  • He questioned the merit of negative interest rates and pointed to a lack of demand to borrow money, when asked if the central bank considering further subsidising bank lending by adjusting its $135 billion Term Funding Facility bank funding program.
  • While the Reserve Bank's actions have been highly effective in stabilising bond markets and lowering borrowing costs, other central banks have taken more extreme measures- such as purchasing corporate bonds, expanding bond purchase programs and exploring negative interest rates.
  • The Reserve Bank's deputy governor said liquidators are preparing for a delayed but inevitable rise in business failures in the coming months while uncertain businesses are reluctant to take advantage of historically low interest rates.

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