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Articles related to "california"

The 25 highest-paying companies in 2019

  • Glassdoor just released their annual list of the highest-paying companies in 2019, where the median total salary for all employees is more than $130,000 per year.
  • The three companies topping the list are all in the tech industry and pay their employees an average median salary of over $160,000 a year.
  • Founded in 1982 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Adobe is a global leader in computer hardware and digital design software.
  • The company reports more than $10 billion in revenue every year and employs more than 5,000 employees.
  • McKinsey & Company has been awarded high placements on Glassdoor's Best Place to Work list a whopping nine times.
  • The company empowers companies and employees with high-performance networking software and earns between $2 and $5 billion in revenue each year.
  • It may come as no surprise that legendary computer hardware and software company Microsoft pays its employees well.

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California's contractor law was aimed at Uber and Lyft, but it could cause much bigger problems for food delivery startups

  • Uber and Lyft have been at the center of debate surrounding California's new landmark bill that could force companies to reclassify independent contractors as full-time employees.
  • But industry experts say the biggest loser might actually be food delivery.
  • The bill passed California's State Senate and Assembly on Friday, and is headed to Governor Gavin Newsom's desk for his signature.
  • Although the bill was created in part to go after Lyft and Uber, both of which have seen driver protests for higher wages and better benefits, the law could have unintended consequences for more than just ride-hailing services, many gig economy experts say.

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Trump to eliminate California’s car emission standards waiver

  • The New York Times reports that the Trump administration will use a meeting at the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday to announce the revocation of California's ability to set its own air pollution standards.
  • The state's authority was granted by a waiver that allows it to set pollution limits that are stricter than the federal government's, which is now threatening the administration's ability to roll back Obama-era standards for automobile fuel economy.
  • But the Clean Air Act waiver mechanics are set up so that the EPA administrator must grant a waiver to any state wanting stricter standards unless the state is acting in an "arbitrary and capricious" manner or its standards don't address "compelling and extraordinary conditions." California would certainly have compelling arguments that climate change represents a compelling and extraordinary condition.

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EPA set to revoke California's authority to set vehicle standards

  • Washington (CNN) - The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to revoke California's authority to set vehicle emission standards and could make the announcement as early as Wednesday, a source familiar with the plans tells CNN.
  • The source said the Trump administration will find the EPA previously acted unlawfully by granting the state a waiver from the Clean Air Act and allowing it to develop stricter standards than those of the federal government.
  • About a dozen states have adopted California's standards.
  • The state and Trump administration have clashed repeatedly including over environmental policy.
  • Industry watchers feared that the Trump administration's plan to freeze federal emission standards, a rollback of tightened standards created by the Obama administration, could have led to two auto markets in the US, one subject to more restrictive California regulations and another linked to significantly less stringent federal standards.

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Elizabeth Warren took selfies for 4 hours after her New York rally. It's part of her plan.

  • Warren stuck around deep into the New York night on Monday, taking photos with each person who'd waited in line -- a process that took nearly fives times as long as the candidate spent delivering an impassioned anti-corruption address to the thousands who filled the park.
  • A Warren aide told CNN on Tuesday that she took about 4,000 "selfies" after her New York rally and has now, since kicking off her campaign last winter, posed for more than 59,000 of them in all.
  • Roger Lau, Warren's campaign manager, described to CNN in a June interview how the Warren version of the "selfie" line came to be.
  • The campaign told CNN that even if her rallies get bigger, Warren won't stop doing the "selfie" line.

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Sierra Nevada Mountains get a late summer snow

  • A cold front swept through the range in California and Nevada on Monday, leaving snow in higher elevations.
  • The California Department of Transportation urged drivers to be careful and shared pictures showing foggy and slick conditions.
  • The snow didn't last long, but that didn't stop some people from getting excited.
  • The Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows resort shared video and a reminder that ski season is less than two months away.
  • The National Weather Service in Reno, Nevada, also reported snow on Peavine Mountain, a landmark near the California border.
  • Summer ends in the Northern Hemisphere on September 23 with the fall equinox.

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Trump administration sends team to Los Angeles for 'fact finding' on homelessness

  • The move comes in the midst of Trump's long-standing rocky relationship with California, with the President clashing with the Golden State over not only homelessness but also his spot on the California 2020 ballot and his false claims about state voter fraud.
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's staff took Trump administration officials on a tour Tuesday "to learn more about the city's response to the homelessness crisis," the mayor's office said in a statement.
  • Garcetti's staff showed the officials "the Unified Homelessness Response Center, the redevelopment of Jordan Downs public housing complex, prefabricated Flyaway Homes, and the St. Andrews Place A Bridge Home shelter recently opened in South L.A.," according to the statement.
  • Deputy press secretary Judd Deere said in a statement on Tuesday that Trump has directed his team to expand on homelessness policy.
  • Trump has also made baseless claims about his professed anti-homelessness initiatives in Washington, comparing the city's situation to that of California cities.

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Waymo's robotaxi pilot surpassed 6,200 riders in its first month in California

  • Waymo transported 6,299 passengers in self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans in its first month participating in a robotaxi pilot program in California, according to a quarterly report the company filed with the California Public Utilities Commission.
  • But Waymo’s data — along with quarterly reports from three other companies that hold permits with the CPUC — provides just a hint at what demand could be for commercial autonomous vehicles and how these services might reshape cities.
  • And because companies in this pilot program cannot charge for rides, it’s difficult to determine what the demand will be for self-driving passenger services, Dr. Susan Shaheen, co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, noted in a recent interview.
  • AutoX,, Zoox and Waymo have received permits to participate in the CPUC’s Drivered Autonomous Vehicle Passenger Service Pilot program.

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The US does not have 'the world's cleanest and safest air,' as Trump has claimed. These are the 8 states with the worst air pollution.

  • According to the 2019 "State of the Air" report from the American Lung Association (ALA) — which compiled pollution data from 2015 to 2017 — the 25 US cities with the worst air pollution are mostly located in eight states.
  • The area of California around Fresno, Madera, and Hanford was found to have the most year-round particle pollution, while Bakersfield, California was the city with the worst short-term particle pollution.
  • (The report considers short-term PM to be pollution over a 24-hour period.) Those cities included Bakersfield, Fresno, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.
  • In terms of year-long particle pollution, California has six of the eight most polluted cities.
  • Lancaster and the Johnstown-Somerset areas, meanwhile, were also on the list of cities with the highest levels of year-round pollution.
  • Three counties — Ravalli, Lincoln, and, Missoula — received failing grades for year-long pollution.

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Uber’s AB 5 defense that its drivers aren’t core to its business is “preposterous,” experts say

  • Last week, California lawmakers passed AB 5, a bill that’s expected to upend the business models of gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft that depend on the cheap, relatively unregulated labor of a contractor workforce.
  • In interviews with Recode, they said they see it as another way that Uber and Lyft (which also said it won’t change its business) are trying to get out of providing basic employment protections to their hundreds of thousands of drivers in California.
  • In the meantime, Uber and Lyft are actively trying to work with politicians and labor groups to write a follow-up piece of legislation that would undo or modify AB 5 by giving drivers some protections, such as the right to bargain collectively (although not necessarily as a union), and a minimum wage — in exchange for not being considered employees.

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