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Articles related to "camp"

A mountain climber survived a terrifying fall into a crevasse while descending Mount Rainier. Then he snapped a pic

  • Graham Parrington and his team were on a climb headed up Washington's largest mountain last August.
  • They had just made it to the top of were heading back down to camp when it happened — Parrington plummeted 30 feet through a crack in the ice.
  • The self-taught climber had climbed Rainier before, but the team he was with this time wasn't as experienced.
  • Parrington put on a rain jacket and gloves as he waited for the teams to send help.
  • During that next section of glacier travel, Parrington said a teammate punched through another crevasse, but luckily he was able to stop himself from falling in.
  • Parrington said this experience has motivated him and some of his fellow climbers to get more training before they climb again.
  • Parrington and his team were prepared, he said, but they had a lot of luck, too.

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Here's what the cast of 'American Horror Story: 1984' look like in real life

  • The ninth season will introduce a new storyline that follows a group of Los Angeles-based friends who leave to become camp counselors at Camp Redwood for the summer, but soon find themselves terrorized by a mysterious murderer.
  • See what the cast of the latest "AHS" season looks like as their characters compared to their real-life selves.
  • The "AHS" vet will star as the girl-next-door who becomes a camp counselor with a group of her friends at Camp Redwood.
  • Lourd, who also appeared on 2018's "American Horror Story: Apocalypse," will portray Montana, Brooke's close friend.
  • Horton will portray the fun-loving Ray, who's part of the group of friends who will find themselves in a horrifying situation at Camp Redwood.
  • Grossman, who last appeared on "American Horror Story: Apocalypse," will return as one of Camp Redwood's counselors.

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Boko Haram is back, and with better drones than the Nigerian military

  • The military announced in August that it is pulling back its troops from far-flung outposts in the countryside and gathering them into fortified settlements it calls “super camps.” The super camps are inside of garrison towns where the Nigerian military in recent years settled tens of thousands of civilians — either after Boko Haram chased them away, or soldiers burned their villages and rounded them up, saying it would secure the countryside.
  • Major Ak Karma, sitting behind his desk nearby at the Bama super camp headquarters, said that a Boko Haram attack there had been thwarted days earlier, but downplayed the threat.
  • The official said that Boko Haram fighters are raiding the gear the soldiers are leaving behind as they abandon their posts for the super camps.

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