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Articles related to "cases"

Fauci asks Americans to be 'part of the solution' and get vaccinated as states prepare for distribution

  • States have until Friday to request the number of doses for Pfizer's vaccine, Executive Director of the Association of Immunization Managers Claire Hannan told CNN Monday.
  • In Minnesota, more than a third of counties are 10 times over what would be considered a high-risk threshold for infection rate growth as the state is in "the worst spot we've been in since March," Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said Monday.
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday told reporters that the intensive care unit bed capacity in the state might reach 112% by Christmas Eve, if the trend of surging coronavirus cases continues.
  • Health care systems might be even more strained this time around because researchers are now seeing people affected by the virus even after they no longer show symptoms, Fauci said.

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Fed chair calls the economic recovery 'extraordinarily uncertain'

  • New York (CNN Business) - Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the outlook for the United States economy is "extraordinarily uncertain" as the rise in Covid-19 cases continues to take an economic toll on the country.
  • Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who will testify alongside Powell this week, said in a letter on November 19 that he is granting a 90-day extension of four of those programs "in an abundance of caution." However, Mnuchin did not grant extensions for five other lending programs that include the corporate debt buying program and Main Street lending program.
  • Powell reiterated the Fed's stance on using its policies to help lift the economic burdens onset by the pandemic, which have included keeping interest rates at zero and buying asset purchases at the current pace of $80 billion in Treasury securities and $40 billion agency mortgage-backed securities per month.

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No one who got Moderna's vaccine in trial developed severe Covid-19

  • Continuing the spate of stunning news about COVID-19 vaccines, the biotech company Moderna announced the final results of the 30,000-person efficacy trial for its candidate in a press release today: Only 11 people who received two doses of the vaccine developed COVID-19 symptoms after being infected with the pandemic coronavirus, versus 185 symptomatic cases in a placebo group.
  • Pfizer and BioNTech have developed a similar mRNA vaccine against COVID-19 and also reported excellent results, with an efficacy of 95%, in the final analysis of their 45,000-person trial.
  • (Pfizer passed on such development money, but has signed an advanced purchase order for its vaccine with Warp Speed.) Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel says all of the federal money went toward staging the clinical trials, and that without it, progress surely would have been delayed.

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Coronavirus cases fell by roughly 30% during England's lockdown

  • Swab tests on more than 105,000 people showed that Covid-19 infections are declining in England, according to an interim report from the Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission (REACT) program.
  • The four-week national lockdown in England, which saw non-essential businesses close and residents told not to mix with other households, began on November 5 and will end on Wednesday.
  • The researchers also drew attention to the fact "the virus is having an uneven impact" on people, with health workers, people living in large households and minority ethnic individuals all having a higher risk of infection.
  • The research also showed the R-number (or reproduction number, which indicates how many other people each infected person passes the virus onto) has fallen below 1 to an estimated at 0.88, "meaning that the country's epidemic is currently shrinking rather than growing," according to the researchers.

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Stupid Light Software

  • It’s a good idea to avoid a database if you don’t need one; often flat text files or storing data in memory works just as well.
  • A younger me would avoid databases at all costs and in hindsight that was just stupid light in some cases.
  • You don’t need to immediately jump to PostgreSQL or MariaDB either, and there are many intermediate solutions, SQLite being the best known, but SQLite can also be stupid light in some use cases.
  • But this only a good idea if you can do it well and ensure it’s actually correct (are you sure all edge cases are handled correctly?) Otherwise it just becomes stupid light.
  • But if you’re sacrificing UX and people need to work around the lack of features then you app or API just becomes stupid light.

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The NFL’s Thanksgiving Weekend Has Become a Covid Crisis

  • The National Football League’s Thanksgiving weekend is supposed to be a feast of tradition and marquee matchups.
  • The pandemic-year edition has exploded into a series of crises that threaten to break the NFL’s season.
  • Over the past several days, new coronavirus problems erupted across the league as Covid-19 cases continued to surge throughout the country.
  • The situation is so severe that, after today’s games, the NFL will shut down most in-person activities for two days to regroup from the weekend amid worries that behavior...

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Shanghai airport momentarily descends into chaos after workers test positive for Covid-19

  • Since the beginning of November, seven cargo workers and their close contacts at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport have been diagnosed as confirmed coronavirus cases, including two reported on Sunday.
  • In China, several cities have reported new coronavirus cases over the past week -- and all have been met with immediate action from authorities, from extensive testing and contact tracing to partial lockdowns.
  • In the port city of Tianjin, some 600 miles (965 kilometers) from Shanghai, authorities are testing 2.6 million residents in one district after reporting five locally transmitted cases on Friday, the Tianjin Health Commission said in a statement.
  • As the city faces another surge in coronavirus cases, Health Secretary Sophia Chan said on Sunday the government will give a HK$5,000 ($645) handout to anyone in the city who tests positive to encourage people to undergo testing.

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SA on high alert after quarantine breach

  • SA's Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said she was ''disappointed'' the man had ventured out in public to seven locations across Adelaide on Sunday November 22, after doing just five days of quarantine following a positive test for COVID-19.
  • Professor Spurrier said the man, who attended an English language school at a small campus which is part of Flinders University, where 16 class mates have been identified as close contacts, tested positive on November 17 and had put the population at risk.
  • Zero cases of community transmission have been recorded across the country so far on Sunday as Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania prepared for a wave of interstate visitors, as borders reopen to Victoria.
  • Victoria is preparing to restart hotel quarantine for returning international travellers from December 7 - with details of a cautious reset expected to be announced this week - and jurisdictions including the Northern Territory are preparing to increase capacity.

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Some stores had Black Friday crowds, despite CDC warning - Business Insider

  • Some Americans formed long, crowded lines outside stores this Black Friday , despite the government's warning against indoor shopping.
  • Photos showed people tightly lining up outside Best Buy and GameStop locations early Friday morning, many hoping to score the sold-out PlayStation 5.
  • Lines formed outside other stores, like Walmart and Foot Locker, as well.
  • Major retailers like Best Buy extended online sales to discourage typical Black Friday crowds, since COVID-19 can spread quickly in large groups.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classified shopping on or after Thanksgiving as a "high risk" activity due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases across the country.
  • The US recorded record-high single-day coronavirus case counts and deaths in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.
  • Stores and malls across the country had significantly fewer crowds than Black Fridays in prior years, according to photos and reports on the ground.

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One college student shares why he trekked home for Thanksgiving, and what he's doing to stay safe

  • But just days before Thanksgiving, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance urging Americans not travel for the holiday.
  • The choice to return home as cases continue to surge nationwide has not been an easy one for college students to make -- and some health experts are concerned that colleges didn't help enough to ensure safe departures for all students.
  • Public health officials generally urged Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving only with members of the same household, or at least gather outdoors, to avoid further virus spread.
  • Boz said he took all precautions he could prior to flying home -- he made sure he tested negative for Covid-19, and avoided risky activities on campus.
  • Boz said he plans to wear a mask, avoid gatherings and wash his hands often to help protect himself and his family from Covid while he's home.

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