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Articles related to "chain"

The 5 biggest questions surrounding Amazon's new grocery chain

  • Amazon is looking to upend the grocery industry again, this time by launching a new grocery chain separate from Whole Foods.
  • The first location (there will reportedly be dozens) is set to open in Los Angeles by the end of 2019, and Amazon's signed at least two more leases for stores that would open in early 2020, though Amazon could still back out.
  • But what does this new chain mean for Amazon, Whole Foods, and the future of online grocery?
  • Business Insider Intelligence has outlined this in The 5 Biggest Questions Around Amazon‚Äôs New Grocery Chain.
  • This exclusive report can be yours for FREE today.

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I tried Wegmans' sushi and was surprised that it was better than the sushi at many restaurants

  • One doesn't expect much from a box of supermarket sushi.
  • Along with gas stations and convenience stores, supermarkets don't inspire much confidence when it comes to the quality of their raw fish.
  • But Wegmans is all about shattering expectations of what a supermarket can offer.
  • I'm no sushi expert, but I do love a nice hunk of raw fish on some vinegary rice now and then.
  • This is the review of a sushi lover who can't really afford to love sushi.
  • I recently made my first sojourn to the family-owned supermarket chain Wegmans, a New England cult favorite that opened its first New York location in September.
  • After traipsing through aisles filled with affordable quality goods, I ended my trip with a five-course food court fiesta culminating in, of course, sushi.
  • At most American sushi restaurants, the "wasabi" isn't made out of Japanese horseradish.

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What Marketers Should Know About TikTok Ad Formats and a Roundup on Partnership News

  • Using the popular "Hashtag Challenge" ad unit, the brand recently launched its #eyeslipsface campaign, encouraging TikTok users to create videos showing off their makeup using an original song created for the activation.
  • As the official outfitter of the US Open Tennis Championships, Ralph Lauren was one of the first brands to use TikTok's shoppable Hashtag Challenge Plus feature to show off its collection for the 2019 tournament.
  • The challenge¬†asked TikTok users to post a video wearing Ralph Lauren products using the hashtag #WinningRL.
  • The challenge encouraged students to post videos wearing back-to-school outfits, and if users tapped on the hashtag, a "Shop Now" prompt appeared above Macy's official videos linking to its website.
  • For its own back-to-school campaign, Kroger became the one of the first brands to use TikTok's shoppable Hashtag Challenge Plus feature.

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A massively popular Chinese restaurant chain is trying to take over the world with snarky robots, free snacks and hand massages, and a noodle dancer. Here's why I loved it.

  • Unlike Emma Watson, I'm not self-partnered.
  • But I do go out to eat alone, frequently.
  • And eating alone is rarely a relaxing experience.
  • You're relegated to a table in a drafty corner, and while so-and-so is chatting with their friend or their significant other, you're on your phone scrolling through spam emails trying to look busy.
  • Then, you're rushed through your meal so that the couple waiting for your table can be seated.
  • But when I heard about Haidilao Hot Pot, the Chinese hot pot chain famous for its free manicures, robot servers, dancing noodles, and giant plushie companions for single diners, I knew I had to eat there alone.
  • On a blustery Tuesday afternoon, I took the slow train into Flushing, Queens, where the first Haidilao restaurant in New York opened in September.
  • Here's what happened.

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