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Articles related to "chan"

The DeanBeat: Crazy Rich Asians raises hopes for better representation in media

  • The film reminded me of the video game Prey, which stars the fictional characters Morgan Yu and his brother Alex Yu. They are perhaps the only leading Asian American male characters in a predominantly Western video game that became a major release.
  • For me, the crowd was a who’s who of Silicon Valley and game industry Asian Americans, including Michael Chang of NCSoft, Steven Fan of Tencent, Ben Liu of Pocket Gems, Bernard Kim of Zynga, and Jamil Moledina of Google.
  • Above: Left to right: Ben Liu, Bernard Kim, Dean Takahashi and Steven Chiang at Crazy Rich Asians premier.
  • Crazy Rich Asians stars (left to right) Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, and Constance Wu. Kim remembered painful stereotypes of Asian males in the movie Sixteen Candles, which featured a character named Long Duk Dong as a typical nerd.

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