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Articles related to "change"

Opinion: Justice Roberts, pay attention to what Brian Kemp did

  • The court ruled that the provisions of the VRA, requiring states with histories of voting rights violations to submit themselves to federal preapproval of any changes in voting procedures or electoral rules, were deemed unconstitutional because of changes in the underlying facts.
  • Never mind that, in the decade preceding the court's Shelby County decision, Georgia had continued adopting voting changes that the US Department of Justice found discriminatory roughly once every three months.
  • After the Civil War, Congress enacted several constitutional amendments that outlawed slavery (the 13th), established due process and equal protection under the laws for all Americans (the 14th) and prohibited racial discrimination against the right to vote (the 15th).
  • The more important issue in the Shelby County decision, then, is the contention by Roberts and the court's majority that the facts had changed and so, too, had the VRA's constitutionality.

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Google has responded to its employees’ demands about sexual misconduct. Here are the changes it will and won’t make.

  • Last week, 20,000 Google employees around the world walked out of work to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct claims, in one of the largest instances of tech worker collective action in history.
  • Those workers didn’t receive the email this morning about the policies and were not invited to the town hall meeting to discuss them, according to a statement from the advocacy group Tech Workers Coalition, which includes employees at Google.
  • In their demands, employees asked the company for the number of harassment claims at Google over time.
  • One key ask from the walkout organizers was for management to allow employees to be accompanied by a companion in meetings related to HR investigations involving harassment or discrimination.
  • The company will also offer new support services for employees who make sexual harassment claims, including providing them with counseling.

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Climate Change: The Complete WIRED Guide

  • If we want to go all the way back to the beginning, we could take you to the Industrial Revolution—the point after which climate scientists start to see a global shift in temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.
  • Political controversy has continued to call into question scientists’ consensus on data supporting the concept of human-caused climate change, motivated by the financial incentives of the fossil fuel industry.
  • The science is getting good enough to link specific extreme events—anomalous hurricanes, extreme flooding events—directly to human-caused climate change, and that’s making it easier to build a case for dramatic action to stem the damage.
  • The most obvious solution to climate change woes is a dramatic shift away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energies: solar, wind, geothermal, and (deep breath) nuclear.

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Microsoft resumes rollout of Windows 10 version 1809, promises quality changes

  • The re-release of the so-called October 2018 Update comes more than five weeks after the company pulled the original installation files from its download servers and stopped its scheduled delivery through Windows Update just days after its initial debut on Oct. 2.
  • PCs running Windows 10 Pro will be able to defer feature updates until one year after Microsoft declares this version ready for widespread business adoption, which will probably happen sometime in early 2019.
  • Microsoft has begun delivering the official release of Windows 10 version 1809, the October 2018 Update.
  • Microsoft makes changes to its Feedback Hub after failing to notice early reports flagging up data losses caused by the Windows 10 October 2108 Update.

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How much money you actually take home from a $75,000 salary, depending on where you live

  • Starting back in February, many Americans saw a bump in their take-home pay thanks to President Donald Trump's new tax law.
  • The IRS released new guidelines in January, known as tax-withholding tables, that tell employers how much to take out of employees' paychecks for income taxes based on criteria such as single or joint filing status, Business Insider's Bob Bryan reported.
  • The new withholding changes hit Americans' paychecks around February 1, resulting in roughly 90% of workers getting higher take-home pay, according to the IRS.
  • Some states — like Washington, Florida, and Texas — don't have state income taxes, so someone who earns $75,000 there will bring home a bigger paycheck than someone who lives in California or New York.
  • Before the new tax law, federal income and FICA taxes took $778 from every paycheck.

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Elon Musk has tried to help fix these 8 humanitarian crises — here's how he's doing so far

  • During the mission to save 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand, Musk gathered engineers from Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company to create a "kid-size" submarine using rocket parts.
  • Through The Boring Company, Musk is seeking to connect LA's densest neighborhoods with an underground "Loop" system that could carry passengers — and even cars — up to 150 miles-per-hour, cutting travel times across the city, and reducing traffic-caused pollution in the process.
  • After Hurricane Maria knocked out power for Puerto Rico's 3.5 million residents in September 2017 and left them without basic resources like running water, Tesla pledged to help install battery packs and repair solar panels on the island.
  • On Friday, Musk tweeted that Tesla cars have "hospital grade HEPA filters" and could help transport people in affected areas.

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Data Center Networks are Getting Faster and Smarter

  • DCK spent a part of August looking at some of the trends in data center network technology, examining in addition to speed the way some networking innovation by operators of hyperscale cloud platforms like Facebook has been seeping into the enterprise data center market.
  • In another report, Branscombe highlighted the growing amount of attention enterprise operators now pay to automating network management and being able to apply the DevOps principles to their work, so they can better support the teams of developers that write software that runs on top of their infrastructure.
  • Looking to take network automation even further, incumbent vendors and a handful of startups are actively working on technologies that support the concept of Intent-Based Networking, or IBN – the idea that networks could tune themselves based on policies set by the administrators, removing the need for all the manual network management processes used today.

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Atolla uses machine learning to address your skin care needs

  • Atolla, a skin care startup that got its roots at MIT, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help people achieve their skin goals.
  • Atolla uses machine learning to identify skin health issues and then recommend the right skin care products based on what affects your skin.
  • Atolla comes as a monthly subscription, with the idea being that you test your skin every month to see how it changes depending on the season.
  • Every month, you receive a customized product based on the data extrapolated from your skin.
  • Testing your skin takes just about 10 minutes (I tried it) and is pretty straightforward, thanks to on-screen directions from Atolla’s mobile app.
  • Atolla use two distinct machine learning models.
  • The first is to create skin archetypes based on all the factors that may affect someone’s skin, and the second is to predict how someone’s skin may change.

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Trump rips Macron days after French president's subtle dig

  • Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump launched a scathing new broadside Tuesday against a onetime friend, French President Emmanuel Macron, who, after denouncing nationalism in a speech this weekend, appears to have been relegated to a long list of Trump's global adversaries.
  • The President appeared out of sorts with the dozens of world leaders gathered in the French capital for an armistice centenary ceremony.
  • During his speech at the armistice ceremony on Sunday, held in rain underneath the Arc de Triomphe, Macron issued a rebuke against nationalism, saying it was the opposite of patriotism.
  • But the French ambassador in Washington, Gérard Araud, tweeted that Trump was citing "erroneous press reports" in his criticism of the European military cooperation.
  • Following a meeting with Trump, Macron was able to explain a "misunderstanding" about the European force and the two put the matter to rest, a French presidential spokesman said over the weekend.

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'Turf them out': unions call for a fox hunt to keep retail funds out of super

  • The construction and transport unions will take a joint resolution to "turf banks out of superannuation" to the ALP national conference next month, heaping pressure on Bill Shorten to adopt a radical response to revelations at the banking inquiry.
  • Writing in Wednesday's The Australian Financial Review, CFMEU national secretary Michael O'Connor and TWU national secretary Michael Kaine argue the "big banks have no useful role to play in our super sector".
  • "The retail funds have no place in superannuation," he told the Financial Review  in early October.
  • ACTU assistant secretary Scott Connolly made similar comments about eliminating banks from super to the Financial Review in October.
  • The CFMEU and TWU are understood to be among the funds that financed the ads as part of the "banks aren't super" campaign.

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