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Articles related to "change"

BPH renal failure: Am I at risk?

  • A person with end-stage kidney failure requires continued dialysis or a transplant.
  • When BPH is responsible for renal failure, people will experience some of the urinary symptoms described above.
  • To prevent kidney damage, people with BPH should follow the treatment plan developed by their doctor.
  • Addressing symptoms of BPH early will improve a person's quality of life and prevent renal failure.
  • It is important to have the size of the prostate checked regularly and to report any new symptoms to a doctor.
  • When a person has kidney failure, other treatments are necessary to manage complications, such as high blood pressure and fluid retention.
  • Most people with BPH will not develop renal failure, especially if they report symptoms promptly.
  • A person may need to take medication continually or receive repeated treatments to prevent symptoms from returning or getting worse.

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The Future of Work: Meeting the demands of digital - C2 Montreal |

  • The Workshop is with
  • Box Canada is using Cloud Content Management to re-imagine the customer onboarding experience.
  • The Netflix interface has increased the expectations on corporate IT to create better software interfaces.
  • GDPR is the regulatory change challenge for this month but new things are coming down the line all the time.
  • Technology like the Box cloud can help with change management.
  • Technology and culture are inextricably linked.
  • Company needs to be digital from front to back.
  • Show your technical stack and I can tell you your corporate culture.
  • Is the company using Slack or other tools?
  • Box wants to use best of breed partners.
  • Box wants to be ecosystem friendly.
  • The decisions you make will not only impact the bottom line, they will shape your conpany’s culture for years down the road.

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If you got a new iPhone battery in 2017, Apple probably owes you $50

  • Did you succumb to the battery blues last year and purchase an out-of-warranty battery replacement for your iPhone, only to find that Apple reduced the price in 2018?
  • Well fear not, because Apple is rolling out rebates to make up for the $50 price difference.
  • Customers who replaced the batteries on their iPhone 6 or later model phones between January 1, 2017 and December 28, 2017 are eligible for the rebate — as long as the replacement was performed out of warranty, and at an authorized Apple service location.
  • The rebate and replacement price change come after Apple was criticized for not being upfront that new software updates were slowing down phones with older batteries.
  • However, if you don't receive a response by August 1 and believe you are eligible for a rebate, Apple recommends contacting them before December 31.

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15 yards for kneeling? NFL owners mull penalty for Anthem protests

  • Atlanta (CNN) - As NFL owners work to conclude their spring meeting Wednesday in Atlanta, a big question remains: How will teams respond if players protest during the National Anthem?
  • However, citing unnamed sources, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, as well as writers at ESPN, say NFL owners have considered new approaches, including leaving it up to home teams to decide whether players take the field before the National Anthem is played.
  • Scores of players have joined in silent protests, initiated by quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the 2016 NFL season, to draw attention to what many describe as the systemic oppression of people of color, including by police.
  • The conversations come as two free-agent players, Kaepernick and Eric Reid, have filed separate grievances against the league, citing collusion in denying them jobs.
  • Kaepernick and Reid both kneeled during the National Anthem when they were 49ers teammates, and Reid continued his protest last season.

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UBS: These 8 stocks are going to dominate the self-driving car revolution

  • Cars as we know them are about to undergo a radical transformation.
  • As our four-wheeled transporters become more eco-friendly, connected, and autonomous, the way automakers assemble vehicles will also need to radically change.
  • UBS analysts led by Colin Langan set out to identify the hardware makers, software developers, and other suppliers most primed to get a boost from this sea change, identifying eight stocks that will win from these indirect opportunities.
  • Industry: Powertrain, advanced propulsion, aftermarket products.

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Chase is making changes to the benefits offered by the Sapphire Reserve — but they will have virtually no impact on most cardholders

  • Obviously, points add up, so all earning is useful, but that $9.00-$13.50 is a drop in the bucket compared to the value that you can get from the Sapphire Reserve each year.
  • Previously, the Sapphire Reserve was the only card that came with an unlimited guest policy for its included Priority Pass lounge access.
  • When the loss of price protection was first rumored in April, also first reported by Doctor of Credit, commenters were quick to point out that the coverage was likely being dropped because it was being abused by a small group of people.
  • Regardless of the devaluation, the Chase Sapphire Reserve still offers phenomenal value with various purchase and travel protections— including trip delay insurance— 3x points on all travel and dining, airport lounge access for you and two guests, great ways to redeem points, a high sign-up bonus for new cardholders, and more.

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Google rolls out early access to new YouTube Music subscription service

  • YouTube today began early access to its rebranded YouTube Music subscription service.
  • If you’ve signed up for early access — and you live in one of the supported countries — you’ll be able to get your groove on as early as today.
  • The details: Google recently announced it was rebranding its YouTube Red service into a few separate entities.
  • Today it’s rolling out YouTube Music in both ad-supported (free) and ad-free ($9.99 monthly).
  • Later, it’ll launch the full YouTube Premium service, a $11.99 monthly subscription service, which combines ad-free access to YouTube Music, Google Play Music, and YouTube Originals.
  • Our verdict: This is great, if you’ve already subscribed to Google Play Music – or you do before the official change happens — you already have YouTube Red. And if you’ve got YouTube Red you’ll be grandfathered (or grandmothered) in to YouTube Premium at the $9.99 price point, saving you a couple of bucks a month.

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Why Stephen Poloz isn’t ready just yet to pivot on interest rates

  • Canada’s dollar dropped half a cent against its U.S. counterpart on Friday, probably because new readings on inflation and retail sales suggest the economy is chugging along, not racing ahead at a pace that would alarm policy makers.
  • That’s why the policy announcement scheduled for July 11 is the earliest the Bank of Canada could raise interest rates and remain consistent with what it’s said about how it would react to trade news, positive or otherwise.
  • Sebastien Lavoie, a former staffer at the BoC who now is chief economist at Laurentian Bank Securities in Montreal, calculated that prices for 24 of the items in StatCan’s CPI basket were increasing at a rate faster than 3 per cent in the first quarter, compared with 22 that did so in 2017.

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Watch SpaceX Launch NASA's Next Earth-Observing Satellites

  • SpaceX is flexing its ridesharing muscles today as its flagship rocket—the Falcon 9—prepares to loft two sets of spacecraft: a pair of Earth-observing satellites for NASA and a set of five Iridium Next communications satellites.
  • NASA’s identical twin spacecrafts, together dubbed the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On, will orbit the Earth in tandem, mapping changes in the planet’s water and ice content.
  • After delivering the Grace-FO satellites to their orbital destination 305 miles above the Earth, the rocket will climb to Iridium’s planned, slightly higher orbit—making this the sixth Falcon 9 launch for Iridium.
  • Those original rockets were designed to be flown two or three times; today’s booster was first used to launch the highly secretive Zuma mission earlier this year.
  • Mr. Steven was spotted leaving the Port of Los Angeles earlier this week, outfitted with an upgraded net to try and catch the Falcon 9’s payload fairing as it navigates itself back to Earth.

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The new Razer Blade has a bigger screen, smaller bezels, and Nvidia Max-Q GPUs

  • with a new look, a bigger 15.6-inch display, Intel’s latest eighth-generation Core i7 processors, and NVIDIA’s Max-Q architecture that should let the Blade stand toe-to-toe with the best gaming laptops out there.
  • Razer now offers three different options for the new 15.6-inch display — a 60Hz 1080p option, included on the cheapest configuration of the Blade, a 144Hz 1080p version that’s designed for those looking for the absolute best gaming performance, and a 4K touchscreen option with 100% Adobe RGB color support.
  • All in all, the updated Razer Blade looks like an exciting, fresh take on the existing version, fixing several of the laptop’s longtime flaws and offering a design and specifications that — assuming things hold up in real-world use — might just be the best portable gaming laptop yet.

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