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Articles related to "change"

NAB turns screws on borrowers amid growing concern about household debt blow-out

  • National Australia Bank, which has about 15 per cent of the mortgage market, is tightening credit assessment of borrowers amid growing regulatory concern about household debt and loan serviceability across the industry.
  • This creates concerns about borrowers' long term ability to service debts, particularly if real estate price rises begin to taper off, there is deterioration in household income, or an economic shock increases financial stress.
  • Other lenders are also introducing new measures to improve their assessment of the borrowers' total debt and capacity to service a loan.
  • For example, Westpac Group and ANZ, which combined account for nearly 40 per cent of the nation's mortgage lending, are tightening control over borrowers with confidential changes to assessment, approval and monitoring.
  • Other lenders are also introducing alert systems to monitor struggling property borrowers in a bid to head-off problem loans amid growing concern about household debt.

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Performance debugging: from 1.3X slower to 48X faster than Apache Kafka

  • That file writer handles timed-based flushing policy, so that you can have a reasonable idea of when your data actually makes it to disk by either exceeding capacity (say 1MB), or exceeding a timeout (say 1second).
  • After all of this work (~2K LOC), my heart was broken to realize I was actually -1.3X slower than Apache Kafka after the big re-write!
  • In part because this was the first time I was using hardware counters to actually debug a program and realized that I would not have missed out on some sleep had I learned this earlier in life.
  • It took a long time to play with the annotated perf report and reading the assembly and the culprits for the LLC-cache-misses, but the biggest contributor was to move fron an indexed datastructure to a simple array.

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19 years later, Columbine High School massacre survivors say they still struggle and have debilitating anxiety

  • Hochhalter was a junior in 1999, when two Columbine classmates stormed the school and took the lives of 12 students and one teacher before killing themselves.
  • Getty Images/Drew Angerer The 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which killed 58 people and injured 851, was a stark reminder for some Columbine survivors about how tenuous the nature of recovery is.
  • She started a survivor's support group called The Rebels Project, named for Columbine's school mascot.
  • "Each time something like this happens it has a different effect," Mendo told Business Insider about mass shootings.
  • But on this point, the four survivors of the Columbine shooting who spoke with Business Insider were less vocal than one might expect.
  • As events unfolded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, Craig Scott watched some of the coverage, but not too much.

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How Color-Changing Animals Are Rebelling Against Climate Change

  • But the study found some possible refuges for these creatures: Geographic regions that are home to color-changing species with both winter color types (picture a forest full of snowshoe hares, some brown, some white).
  • Some species sporting seasonal camouflage are the snowshoe hare, Arctic fox, and ptarmigan.
  • Snowshoe hares, for instance, once ranged as far south as North Carolina, but now only extend to West Virginia due to lessening snow—a pattern researchers have found in other color-changing species, says co-author Jennifer Feltner, a Ph.D candidate at the University of Montana.
  • The hares also don't know they don’t blend in and don’t alter their behavior even after losing their camouflage, Mills says, likely a trait of most of these color-morphing species.
  • Because the birds rely on color to attract mates, Mills says, male ptarmigans that turn white will stay that way, snow or not, until they mate.

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Google image search just made it harder to download photos

  • Google Images is pretty much the default way of finding photos around the internet, but the company just made a small but signficant change to how you access images.
  • Google removed the ‘View Image’ button that allowed you to easily see a photo at its full size.
  • Basically, it means you now need to click through to a photo’s website, find the image, right click on it, and select “open image in new tab” – or your browser’s equivalent – to view the photo in an isolated, full-size form.
  • The change comes after a long legal spat with Getty Images over how its photos were being disseminated throughout the search engine, the companies shook hands and formed a partnership.
  • It seems highly likely that removing the ‘View Image’ button was part of the agreement as well, but it’s not clear why it had to extend beyond Getty images.

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Uber changed the way it reports violent incidents in London in effort to appease city officials

  • In an effort to placate London authorities who revoked the company’s license last year, Uber announced today that it was making a number of major changes to the way it reports violent incidents in the UK.
  • “We’re determined to change the way we do business, so we’ll carry on listening and plan to make other improvements over the coming months,” said Tom Elvidge, general manager of Uber in the UK, in a statement.
  • The changes come just one day after TfL unveiled plans to crack down on app-based transportation businesses, including forcing private for-hire taxis to limit the time drivers spend on the road and to turn over travel data to the government.
  • Uber says that it has already implemented its new policy of reporting violent incidents to the police in London, and is in discussions with police departments across the UK about expanding it.

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Internet rages after Google removes “view image” button, bowing to Getty

  • This week, Google Image Search is getting a lot less useful, with the removal of the "View Image" button.
  • Before, users could search for an image and click the "View Image" button to download it directly without leaving Google or visiting the website.
  • Now, Google Images is removing that button, hoping to encourage users to click through to the hosting website if they want to download an image.
  • On one hand, Google Images focuses mainly on the content of the image and doesn't do much to display the copyright status of its search results.
  • Image piracy is a rampant thing on the Internet (the images I take for device reviews are regularly stolen, for instance) and content creation firms like Getty Images could see the "view image" button as promoting image piracy.
  • On the other hand, it makes Image Search less useful for users, requiring extra clicks to get the image you want.

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CNBC investigates public company that changed its name to Riot Blockchain and saw its shares rocket

  • The company did make an investment in a cryptocurrency exchange in September and two months later did purchase a company that has cryptocurrency mining equipment, but paying more than $11 million for equipment worth only $2 million, according to SEC filings.
  • That's the same O'Rourke who made headlines when — less than three months after the company changed names and business plans — he sold about $869,000 worth of shares, according to an SEC filing.
  • On Oct. 2, 2017, two days before announcing the name change to Riot Blockchain, the board approved a dividend payout of more than $9.5 million, according to SEC filings.
  • After Riot's name change sent the company's shares soaring, Honig cashed out and filed the second 13D in February showing he owned less than 2 percent of outstanding common stock along with a small number of warrants.
  • Riot purchased Kairos for $11.9 million worth of preferred convertible stock, according to SEC filings.

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Turnbull's sex ban the right thing to do

  • Startlingly elements of the resulting commentary show some people haven't quite grasped the bleedingly obvious yet, that workplace relationships between the powerful and the powerless are just plain wrong.
  • Sexual harassment is a clear denial of respect.
  • In the current state of play, the failings of powerful men are clearly on show.
  • These men reinforce a lack of respect for women in a comparable but different way.
  • Splitting definitional hairs is not of the Australian character and increasingly not cutting it with women who are tired of the excuses and legal and mental gymnastics denying them respect and justice.
  • We all know that the power imbalance argument trumps the consensual activity argument every day of the week – sitting days included.
  • Bottom line: for any of this to change, powerful men need to pull their mates into line.

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THE PAYMENTS INDUSTRY EXPLAINED: The Trends Creating New Winners And Losers In The Card-Processing Ecosystem

  • Digital disruption is rocking the payments industry.
  • For banks, card networks, and processors, the digital revolution is bringing new opportunities — and new challenges.
  • And for consumers, the digital revolution is providing more choice and making their lives easier.
  • Digital wallets are simplifying purchases, allowing users to pay online with only a username and password and in-store with just a swipe of their thumb.
  • In a new report, BI Intelligence explores the digital payments ecosystem today, its growth drivers, and where the industry is headed.
  • It begins by tracing the path of an in-store card payment from processing to settlement across the key stakeholders.
  • The report also forecasts growth and defines drivers for key digital payment types through 2021.
  • You can also purchase and download the report from our research store.
  • A look at the trends that will shape the payments industry going forward.

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