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Articles related to "charts"

Microsoft’s visual data explorer SandDance open sourced

  • For those unfamiliar with SandDance, it was introduced nearly four years ago as a system for exploring and presenting data using “unit visualizations.” Instead of aggregating data and showing the resulting sums as bar charts, SandDance shows every single row of a dataset (for datasets up to ~500K rows).
  • It represents each of these rows as a mark that can be colored and organized into different areas on the screen.
  • Thus, bar charts are made of their constituent units, stacked, or sorted.
  • Nice.
  • I hadn’t heard about SandDance until now, but I’m saving for later.
  • You can grab the source on GitHub. Become a member.
  • Learn to visualize data.
  • From beginner to advanced.
  • Based on bachelor’s degrees conferred, here are the fields that were and are currently popular.
  • Most people have one or two drinks on average, but some consume much more.
  • Often not average.

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Lady Gaga fell off the stage at her Las Vegas show after a fan picked her up then dropped her

  • Lady Gaga fell from the stage during her Las Vegas show on Thursday night after being picked up and dropped by a fan.
  • During her "Enigma" show at Park Theater, the star invited a fan called Jack on stage.
  • He picked her up and Lady Gaga wrapped her legs around his waist, but as the pair danced, Jack lost his balance and both tumbled off the edge of the stage and into the crowd.
  • Another fan, posting on Youtube as "LG6 Dreamers" and watching the stage from above, also uploaded mobile phone footage of the accident.
  • In the clip, Gaga can be heard asking the crowd: "What do you think, should I give Jack a hug?
  • Hey, Jack!" before inviting the fan on stage and embracing him.
  • Representatives for Lady Gaga did not immediately respond to Insider for comment.

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