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Articles related to "claims"

The CEO of Google Cloud told his former employees at Oracle that its cloud software was 'considered atrocious' and 'a disgrace,' according to an investor lawsuit

  • Veteran Silicon Valley executive Thomas Kurian surprised the tech world two years ago when he suddenly left Oracle to become CEO of Google Cloud.
  • The suit, filed on behalf of a group of investors led by Union Asset Management Holding AG, a Frankfurt-based investment firm, accused Oracle's top executives of painting an upbeat picture of the tech giant's cloud momentum in 2017 to 2018, even though they knew the company was falling behind in the cloud wars.
  • Kurian's email was part of a shareholder lawsuit before a federal court in California which claims that Oracle had misled investors on the state of its cloud business.
  • It is a fast-growing market now dominated by Amazon, Microsoft and Google  — and one which, experts say, other traditional enterprise tech giants, including Oracle, missed.

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Coronavirus: Exiled Billionaire Says China Is Burning 1,200 Bodies a Day

  • Official data indicate that the Communist Party of China (CPC) has successfully contained the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Last week, Guo speculated that coronavirus had infected as many as 5 million people in China, with the death toll crossing 200,000.
  • He alleges the CPC has sent 400,000 such incinerators across China, with a million more on the way.
  • The rising sulfur dioxide levels in the air surrounding Wuhan and other coronavirus-plagued Chinese cities corroborate Guo’s claims.
  • Since hospitals are out of beds, people suspected of having coronavirus are forced into mass quarantine centers.
  • To contain the spread, people who either exhibit symptoms or those who have come in close contact with confirmed coronavirus cases are put into isolation centers.
  • Given that coronavirus can circulate through the air, it’s possible that the CPC’s authoritarian quarantining has infected scores of healthy people.

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3 ways AI is transforming the insurance industry

  • “Insurance executives believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly transform their industry in the next three years, with insurers investing in AI to empower agents, brokers and employees to enhance the customer experience with automated personalized services, faster claims handling and individual risk-based underwriting processes,” consulting firm Accenture forecasted in 2017.
  • In its 2018 Emerging Risk Report, Lloyd’s outlined some of the benefits that the growth of IoT will bring to the insurance industry, including better risk understanding, avoiding preventable losses, capturing patterns and behaviors and enabling proactive monitoring.
  • Installing the sensors provides insurers with accurate data and insights about the cargo while giving the customers the benefit of expedited settlement, reduced claims cost, and machine learning–based risk mitigation.
  • As opposed to the past, where they had to rely on basic information about the vehicle and driver to craft their insurance policies, they can now analyze telematics data with machine learning algorithms to create personalized risk profiles for drivers.

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Deloitte has growing harassment problem

  • The "upward trend" in workplace incidents is so concerning that Ms Hook has felt the need to create a new Asia Pacific-wide anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy aimed to ensure employees in all geographies "know what the rules of the road are".
  • She also reminded Deloitte staff via email to report "unethical behaviour" to their local "ethics officer" or through to an Asia Pacific-wide "conduct leader" within her team.
  • Ms Hook sent the email to all of the employees within Deloitte Asia Pacific, which includes the firm's operations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and south-east Asia.
  • A Deloitte spokesman said emails such as Ms Hook's were used to remind staff of their options should they be bullied or harassed.
  • This preceded an anonymous email sent to the firm's global leadership in November, including Ms Hook, that said the culture of Deloitte's local audit and assurance arm was suffering.

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President of US Soccer once admitted USWNT had 'not been treated equally' despite arguing for dismissal of their gender discrimination lawsuit

  • As president of the federation, Cordeiro sits at the helm of US Soccer and is the foremost representative of the organization acting as the defendant in the equal pay lawsuit.
  • One of the USWNT players' top attorneys, Jeffrey Kessler, quoted these comments in the motion for partial summary judgment he penned on behalf of the women.
  • Despite Cordeiro's apparent contradictions, USSF filed a motion for dismissal of the USWNT players' case Thursday night, alleging that the men's and women's players "perform such different jobs" that there's no basis for a direct comparison between the two and thus no grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.
  • Should the presiding judge — Gary Klausner — reject both the USWNT players' motion for summary judgment and the USSF motion for dismissal, the lawsuit will likely move to trial.

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