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Articles related to "class"

Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2018 revealed

  • This year's top 10 CNN Heroes include a doctor fighting to break the cycle of violence, a woman who helps the injured walk again and a teacher who uses the power of writing to lift up and heal the hopeless.
  • She defied those expectations with the help of machines called bionic exoskeleton suits, which inspired Boxtel to create Bridging Bionics.The nonprofit provides high-tech physical therapy to people with mobility impairments near Aspen, Colorado.
  • Recognizing a need, Phillips started the ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada, a nonprofit that provides free English as a Second Language (ESL), citizenship, high school equivalency and computer classes.
  • Since 2008, Pun-Chong's nonprofit, Inspira, has provided free housing, meals and overall support for sick children and their families while they undergo treatment.

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AMP class action beauty parade turns ugly

  • By June 7 there were three more law firms – Maurice Blackburn, Slater & Gordon and Shine Lawyers – in the Federal Court, all wanting not just a slice but the whole cake that is the AMP class action.
  • As much was said by Phi Finney McDonald's barrister Alec Leopold, SC, who said AMP's admissions at the royal commission were "explicit", "damning" and "extensive" and the case had a good prospect of settling at an early mediation because there was no need to wait for discovery.
  • In that case three law firms – Phi Finney McDonald, Squire Patton Boggs and Corrs Chambers Westgarth – all competed in a so-called "beauty parade" for the prize of running the class action.
  • Typically a funder lays a claim to about 25 to 35 per cent of a settlement or court-ordered compensation, but in the case of AMP the beauty parade is driving down commissions, to the benefit of shareholders.

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California teacher faces charges after forcibly cutting a student's hair while singing anthem

  • Margaret Gieszinger, 52, a former teacher at University Preparatory High School in Visalia, faces six criminal misdemeanor charges -- one count of false imprisonment, two counts of cruelty to a child, two counts of battery, and one count of assault.
  • Cellphone video posted to Reddit on Wednesday shows Gieszinger call a male student student to the front of the class.
  • Gieszinger pulls the female student's long hair to the side as she attempts to cut it.
  • Witnesses told CNN affiliate KFSN that Gieszinger showed up to her first period chemistry class brandishing a pair of scissors and saying it was haircut day.
  • University Preparatory High School promises that Gieszinger will never return to its classrooms.
  • Gieszinger was released from jail in Tulare County on Friday evening after posting $100,000 bail, according to KFSN.

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Style beautiful web pages without writing any CSS. Using W3.CSS.

  • And of course you can easily apply padding or margins, or even set a layout on the page that will help items fall into the right place.
  • The summary of it is: to any HTML element that you want to style, you need to add a class attribute.
  • Checkout the "W3.CSS" site for all these values and all the possible styling you can apply.
  • As you can see, the image (an img tag) and the text below it are placed inside a styled div.
  • The card div element also has a border, float location, padding, margin and background color specified (which i already described in the above elements).
  • For the text displayed right below the image, another div element is created to encompass it, of type w3-container.
  • Don't hesitate to check out the W3.CSS site for all the details and the options they offer for easily creating stylish web pages.

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China and Tesla Have an Aligned Interests and Fix Each Others Problems

  • China and Tesla both have a lot to gain by working together and they can each fix the others problems and weaknesses.
  • It happens to be a Tesla bull market case and is pro-China, but the point is that major global problems can be fixed and millions of lives can be saved with this alliance.
  • Tesla is still facing huge financial risks because of the production levels and production problems they still have.
  • Elon, Tesla and China both win if the first Gigafactory in China is completed in 6 months and reaches maximum 500,000 car per year production within 2-3 years.
  • China has the production capability to help Tesla ensures this happens.
  • Tesla would have worries about production problems go away if this happens.
  • All China’s big trucks have about half of overall air pollution and 70% of the particulates.

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'He was dumb as a rock': Trump lashes out at former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

  • President Donald Trump lashed out at former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in an insult-laden tweet after Tillerson called Trump "undisciplined" — and said the president frequently asked him to break the law — while speaking to a crowd in Houston Thursday night.
  • Tillerson, who served as ExxonMobil's CEO before joining the Trump administration, has maintained a relatively low public profile since leaving the State Department in March this year.
  • Trump struck a remarkably different tone on Twitter from he did when he first hired Tillerson in December 2016.
  • At the time, Trump described Tillerson as "a world class player" who made "massive deals" in countries including Russia.
  • Their relationship soured considerably, however, over disagreements on foreign-policy issues, and NBC reported that Tillerson called Trump "a f------ moron" after a 2016 meeting.
  • While Trump dismissed the story as fake news, Tillerson never denied making those remarks.

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What it's like to vacation in St. Moritz, the hidden gem in the Swiss Alps where celebrities, billionaires, and royalty go to ski

  • St. Moritz is many things: A holiday resort with world-class skiing, the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism, twice a home to the Winter Olympics, and a hidden gem for the one percent.
  • Located in the middle of the Swiss Alps, St. Moritz has done more than popularize modern winter sports like ice cricket and snow polo — it's also spawned a number of five-star luxury hotels and top class restaurants with gourmet chefs.
  • Such a history has created a champagne and caviar lifestyle that the glitterati flock to every winter.
  • Celebrities, royalty, and billionaires alike, from Kate Moss to the Swedish royal family, come for the glitz and the slopes.
  • Here's a glimpse into the lavish winter wonderland that is St. Moritz.

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New data says Peloton now has more customers than rival SoulCycle. We tested workouts from both — here’s the verdict.

  • Until 2012, SoulCycle seemed to be invincible with its cult following of fans who were prepared to pay as much as $36 a class.
  • The high-tech fitness company, which launched in 2012, enables users to stream live classes from anywhere, making it possible to get a SoulCycle-style experience without ever leaving your bedroom.
  • New data released by analytics firm Second Measure, which tracks the credit and debit purchases from a pool of four million US customers, showed that for the first time ever Peloton overtook SoulCycle with 4% more customers during the third quarter of 2018.
  • Peloton has a cycling studio in Manhattan, where you can attend these classes in person if you'd like.
  • At SoulCycle, there's no accurate way to track your performance since there's no screen on the bikes.
  • When you purchase a bike, Peloton gives you the option to choose between one set of weights.

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Scale AI is hiring engineers to accelerate the development of AI

  • Our suite of managed labeling services such as Sensor Fusion Annotation, 2D Box Annotation, 3D Cuboid Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, and Categorization combine manual labeling with best in class tools and machine driven checks to yield stunningly accurate training data.
  • Scale is committed to continual innovation in combining humans with AI to prepare intelligent data, passing on these improvements to our customers and powering a growing future of AI applications.
  • Help us bring human intelligence to software.
  • We're a world-class team that's changing how companies function.
  • Our team has built the simplest API for training data.
  • AWS changed the game by removing the need to run your own infrastructure, which enabled a new generation of software companies.
  • We want to do the same by removing the need for you to run your own operations team.
  • Human-powered data for AI applications.

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Yellow Vest Riots in Paris Hit Economy With $1.1 Billion Retail Loss and Closed Tourist Sites

  • Major tourist attractions are closing on Saturday and retailers are losing sales.
  • Retailers have lost 1 billion euros, or $1.1 billion, since the protests began in November, the French retail federation told Reuters.
  • Shop and restaurant owners near the Avenue des Champs-Élyséess and the Bastille are being asked by police to close Saturday.
  • The protests, named for yellow vests that drivers are required under law for roadside emergencies, began over an additional tax on diesel fuel proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron.
  • Although Macron withdrew the tax policy on Wednesday, the riots—some of the worst since 1968—have continued with right-and left-wing interests combined to escalate the actions.
  • “The average demonstrator in this protest is a working class person who wants to have an affordable lifestyle, wants the resignation of Macron, and is either centrist, sympathetic to the left or sympathetic to the right,” Dartmouth College historian Mark Bray told Fortune.

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