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Articles related to "class"

A380 'Flying turtle' ready for take off

  • Come May 2019, the airline will add a "Flying Honu" to its fleet: this quirky aircraft is painted bright sky-blue and designed to resemble a sea turtle -- honu's a term used for sea turtles in Hawaii, this airplane's destination.
  • This new A380 serving the route from Tokyo, Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • The blue turtle has officially arrived, complete with friendly eyes and intricate, shell-like paintwork.
  • The introduction of this aircraft will mark the first time that first class will be available on ANA's Honolulu route.
  • With the arrival of the turtle, ANA becomes the 15th airline to operate the A380 -- known not only for being big, but also quiet and extra smooth.
  • So if you're keen to savor the A380 experience, traveling on board the flying turtle to Hawaii sounds like a pretty great way to do it.

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China is looking for someone to build an 'experimental' nuclear-powered ship, and it could be a step toward a new aircraft carrier

  • China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) has invited bids for the contract to build a vessel 152 metres long (498 feet), 30 metres wide and 18 metres in depth, with displacement of 30,000 tonnes (33,069 tons).
  • Hong Kong-based military commentator Song Zhongping said the vessel's size was very similar to that of Russian nuclear icebreakers.
  • In June, state-owned China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) also invited bids for a nuclear-powered icebreaker project that will be powered by floating small modular reactors.
  • China has two conventionally powered aircraft carriers: the Liaoning, a former Soviet Kuznetsov-class vessel bought from Ukraine, and the Type 001A, a domestically-made vessel based on the Liaoning and to be commissioned soon.
  • Besides aircraft carriers, nuclear reactors can be fitted to other large surface vessels, both civilian and military.

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Opinion: College admissions scam is a 'slap in the face to the American Dream'

  • Like many other working-class families around the country, my parents told me that if I worked hard in high school, I could gain access to opportunities that were unavailable to all previous generations of our family.
  • I worked hard, applied to Stanford University my senior year, and got in despite no one in my high school getting in before.
  • It makes me question the value of the degree I will receive this June, and it hurts me to my core that other parents who worked hard like mine to see their kids go to a school like Stanford won't be in attendance.
  • The news [of the admissions scam] is frustrating in that it highlights a system that many hard-working students are already familiar with -- a system where privilege, legacy, family donations and connections can easily trump a perfect application and the years and efforts it takes to build such a thing.

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How to Integrate Vue with ASP .NET MVC - The synergy between the two

  • In this post, I will show a way how to integrate Vue with your ASP .NET MVC application, meaning that our server-side view models will be serialized and represented as our Vue app data.
  • With the proper architecture, for example, you would have a base view model to hold the data dictionary and the serialization would be done on a layout page or within a helper method.
  • Earlier in this post, I wrote that we want to define our server-side view model as a source for the Vue application.
  • As MVC pattern applies, we will create a view model object with two properties.
  • In our view, we want to use a server-side view model as a data source and a Vue component to present that data to the user.

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Posthaste March 20: Budget goodies, Notley-Kenney faceoff, U.S. Fed decision day

  • Good Morning!
  • It’s all about the middle class.
  • Business groups may have been sorely disappointed by the lack of tax cuts, but Trudeau & Co. offered up a bag of goodies in the last budget before they go back to Canadians to seek another five-year tenure.
  • Will it be enough to win over the electorate come October?
  • Meanwhile, Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley appears to have an even bigger uphill task — if the latest polls are to be believed — when her NDP faces Jason Kenney’s UCP in April.

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Lisp Macros, Delayed Evaluation and the Evolution of Smalltalk

  • The Clojure macro example worked almost exactly the same way, but where Smalltalk uses blocks to delay evaluation, the example used macros.
  • All serving the purpose of enabling macro-like capabilities without actually having macros by providing a general language facility for passing un-evaluated parameters.

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Students don't seem to be getting much out of higher education

  • The most focused study of education’s effect on applied reasoning, conducted by Harvard’s David Perkins in the mid-1980s, assessed students’ oral responses to questions designed to measure informal reasoning, such as “Would a proposed law in Massachusetts requiring a five-cent deposit on bottles and cans significantly reduce litter?” The benefit of college seemed to be zero: Fourth-year students did no better than first-year students.
  • Those who believe that college is about learning how to learn should expect students who study science to absorb the scientific method, then habitually use it to analyze the world.
  • One ambitious study at the University of Michigan tested natural-science, humanities, and psychology and other social-science majors on verbal reasoning, statistical reasoning, and conditional reasoning during the first semester of their first year.

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Here's what happened after Marines and sailors in Iceland drank all the beer in town

  • As was the case for the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit's deployment when the San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock New York docked in Gaeta, Italy, in April 2018, or when the UK's newest aircraft carrier ported in Naval Station Mayport, Florida, in September, following weeks of traversing the Atlantic Ocean on its maiden voyage.
  • So imagine the shenanigans that occurred in Iceland following a media report from Iceland Magazine that bars in the capital city of Reykjavík were struggling to keep up with the demand of the heavy beer consumption of American service members in town for the NATO-led exercise Trident Juncture.
  • Well, surprisingly not a whole lot happened, at least for Marines with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, who ported in Iceland for training and preparation for the large-scale NATO exercise.

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The Supreme Court just sided with the Trump administration to allow ICE to indefinitely detain immigrants with criminal records

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday against a group of immigrants in a case about the government's power to detain them after they've committed crimes but finished their sentences.
  • Immigration law tells the government to pick those people up when they are released from custody and then hold them while an immigration court decides whether they should be deported.
  • In the case before the Supreme Court, a group of mostly green card holders argued that unless they're picked up essentially within a day of being released, they should be entitled to a hearing where they can argue that they aren't a danger to the community and are not likely to flee.
  • The court's conservative justices sided with the Trump administration, which argued as the Obama administration did, against hearings for those convicted of crimes and affected by the law.

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Trello limits teams on free tier to 10 boards, rolls out Enterprise automations and admin controls

  • Today, the Trello team announced that Trello Enterprise, a corporate-class subscription tier launched in 2015, will gain 13 new features this week, including improved admin controls, a new visibility setting, and compliance certifications.
  • Butler — the automation tool Trello acquired in December — is now available at no cost to Business Class and Enterprise customers.
  • Enterprise customers can use an unlimited number of commands and access “advanced features,” while free Trello accounts get a stripped-down Butler that occupies a single plugin slot.
  • Within the revamped Trello Enterprise, managers can filter members by the date they were last active, enforce single sign-on (SSO), and impose restrictions on membership, board creation and deletion, and team invites.
  • Trello Business class starts at $12.50 per user per month and adds priority support, the ability to bulk-add members through Google Apps, domain-restricted invites, bulk data exporting, and other tools.

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