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Articles related to "climate"

Why Our Intuition About Sea-Level Rise Is Wrong

  • Mitrovica has revived and reinvigorated longstanding insights into factors that cause huge geographic variation in sea level, with important implications for the study of climate change today on glaciers and ice sheets.
  • If the Greenland ice sheet melts, sea level in most of the Southern Hemisphere will increase about 30 percent more than the global average.
  • If you have people denying climate change because they say there’s geographic variation in sea level changes—it doesn’t go up uniformly—you can say, “Well, that is incorrect because ice sheets produce a geographically variable change in sea level when they melt.” You can also use that variability to say this percentage is coming from Greenland, this percentage is coming from the Antarctic, and this percentage is coming from mountain glaciers.

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Ross McKitrick: Reopening has risks. So did the Industrial Revolution

  • The real parallel is in reopening the economy — which means facing and managing downside risks while pursuing growth and prosperity.
  • This means we will be building economic activity in an environment with large known benefits but also large potential costs that must be carefully monitored and mitigated.
  • When most economies around the world made the decision to harness fossil fuels they knew about the potential benefits and costs.
  • Thus, facing an opportunity to embark on a path of growth with both enormous potential benefits and considerable downside risks that would need to be carefully monitored and mitigated, every country around the world chose to “open.” They chose to harness the energy, manage and mitigate the downside risks, and enjoy what turned out to be net economic and social benefits beyond the wildest expectations of anyone who had lived in previous generations.

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‘They can’t draw any cash on the line’: Athabasca Oil eyes support from Ottawa after banks slash credit facility by 65%

  • CALGARY — Athabasca Oil Corp.’s bankers have cut the oilsands producer’s credit by more than half, forcing the company to seek federal aid to survive the coronavirus-pandemic induced oil price crash.
  • Athabasca’s banking syndicate reduced its credit facility to $42 million after a review, which represents a 65 per cent cut from $120 million previously, the company said.
  • Other Canadian oil and gas companies have also been through credit facility reviews this spring and had their facilities cut by an average of 15 per cent, National Bank Financial analyst John Hunt said in an interview, underscoring Athabasca’s fiscal challenges.
  • In the company’s release, Athabasca said it still has $330 million cash or “near cash” on its balance sheet, but financial analysts have flagged that the company is burning cash following the collapse in oil prices.

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Humpbacks bounce back from near extinction to help fight climate change

  • Finally, some good environment news: the humpback whale population is recovering from near extinction with 40,000 expected off the Australian east coast this breeding season, while helping the world fight climate change.
  • In a normal year, May marks the start of the whale watching season with ships and boats jostling for best viewing positions in search of the East Australian Humpback as they migrate from Antarctica to give birth in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Dr Wally Franklin, from Southern Cross University's Marine Ecology Research Centre, said the East Australian Humpback is now growing 10 per cent annually.
  • Jonas Leibschner, of Whale Watching Sydney, said the pandemic had hurt the industry, but he is hopeful they will resume their trips by mid-June.
  • Dr Franklin said he hoped the same ethos behind the whaling bans will be reignited to tackle the rising sea temperatures and a warmer climate threatening max extinctions.

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