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Articles related to "cnn"

Measles Cases Have Reached a Record High in Europe

  • Measles cases have reached a record high in Europe this year, with more popping up on the continent in the first six months of the year than have occurred in any 12-month period over the last decade, according to the World Health Organization.
  • Last year, 23,927 people were infected with measles in Europe, which at the time was considered a record high.
  • However, so far in 2018, more than 41,000 adults and children have contracted the disease—almost double the previous year—and in half the amount of time, CNN reports.
  • The largest outbreak is in Ukraine, which accounts for 23,000 of the 41,000 cases.
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is currently monitoring a measles outbreak in the United States as well.
  • That outbreak has impacted 21 states, but only 107 people have reportedly contracted the disease, the majority of which were unvaccinated.

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Rudy Giuliani's Sunday show appearance was a total disaster

  • First, the idea that the fact that Trump would describe a meeting with Comey differently than Comey has isn't perjury -- as Giuliani would like you to believe.
  • Comey testified under oath -- in written testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee -- that "[Trump] asked what we could do to 'lift the cloud.'" Trump saying -- or tweeting -- that he never mentioned the idea of going easy on Flynn is entirely different.
  • And Giuliani's assertion that Trump would tell Mueller exactly what he has said publicly is, again, sort of a misdirection.
  • CHUCK TODD: That was the intention of the meeting, you just said it.
  • Now onto this claim about what Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner knew going into the meeting.
  • You could make the argument that Kushner and Manafort might not have known the details of the meeting -- and that it was with Russians -- prior to sitting down.

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'Crazy Rich Asians' proves Asian men can be leading men

  • The rom-com made big bucks -- with an estimated $25.2 million at the domestic box office this weekend (as well as $34 million over its five-day opening) -- and history, as the first major studio film since "The Joy Luck Club" 25 years ago to feature a predominately Asian cast.
  • It's also stirred lots of chatter about Golding, 31, for whom the role of mega-wealthy Singaporean heir and college professor Nick Young is his first big acting gig, breaking through as a leading man.
  • And in case you didn't know, there are other Asian and Asian-American actors out there who could also easily take up the heartthrob/leading man mantle.
  • Patel was only the third actor of Indian descent to be nominated for an Oscar, for his role in "Lion" last year.
  • He talked to CNN last year about President Trump's proposed travel ban, noting that he is the son of immigrants.

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New York Times: Asia Argento, #MeToo leader, paid sexual assault accuser

  • The New York Times reported Sunday that months after publicly accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape, Argento made a deal with a young actor who accused her of sexual assault.
  • The New York Times says it has lawyers' documents showing that actor and musician Jimmy Bennett alleged Argento sexually assaulted him in 2013 when he was 17 and she was 37.
  • The charges against Weinstein came nine months after The New Yorker and The New York Times published accounts from several women accusing him of various forms of sexual misconduct.
  • Bourdain and Argento met while in Rome filming an episode of his CNN show, "Parts Unknown," and he was one of her most ardent supporters after she went public with her allegations against Weinstein.
  • Actress Rose McGowan, who was closely aligned with Argento as a fellow Weinstein accuser, tweeted about the New York Times report Monday.

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Brett Kavanaugh was concerned with his Federalist Society membership in 2001, emails show

  • The first, was that the press was claiming multiple members of the Bush administration had worked for Ken Starr at the Office of the Independent Counsel, when, according to Kavanaugh, he was the only one.
  • Given his role in the White House of selecting judges himself, Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, might have thought that the optics of being a member of the Federalist Society, an organization that has a distinctive conservative leaning with a special interest in selecting conservative judges to the courts, would hurt his credibility and image.
  • A source close to Kavanaugh attempted to rectify the discrepancy by confirming that Kavanaugh has been a member of the Federalist Society since 1988 "save for a brief lapse at the beginning of his time in the White House Counsel's Office," although the source could not specify an exact time frame.

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It took 4 years, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots to make this baby

  • The photo of London was only meant to be something personal for Patricia and Kimberly O'Neill, a reminder of their fertility journey.
  • Patricia, who has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, always wanted to have a biological child.
  • Couvaras found a few more things beyond the blood-clotting condition that were making it difficult for Patricia to carry a baby, he said.
  • They knew they wanted a photo of their baby that included all the syringes that it took to get to this point.
  • Newborn photographer Samantha Packer said she has taken dozens of photos of rainbow babies, which are babies born after a mother has lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.
  • When the O'Neills arrived for the shoot just one week after London was born, they saw the heart-pattern of needles and were overwhelmed, Packer said.

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Putin makes flying visit to Austrian foreign minister's wedding

  • Putin dropped in on Karin Kneissl's wedding in a remote area of southern Austria, on his way to a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel in neighboring Germany later that day.
  • Austria, which is led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian People's Party (OVP) in a coalition with the far-right Freedom Party (FPO), was one of the few EU countries not to follow suit and expel Russian diplomats.
  • The FPO has a cooperation agreement with Putin's United Russia party, according to Reuters.
  • Joerg Leichtfried, from the opposition Social Democrats party, criticized the foreign minister for inviting Putin, particularly given Austria's current presidency of the Council of the European Union.
  • Foreign Minister Kneissl is not known to have a particularly close friendship with Putin, reported Reuters.
  • In an earlier version of this story we incorrectly stated Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's political party.

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Colorado family struggled with debt before husband's arrest in wife and daughters' killings

  • Their bodies were found Thursday at the site of the petroleum company where Chris Watts once worked, authorities said.
  • Chris and Shanann Watts filed for bankruptcy in June 2015, according to documents in the court record.
  • The year prior to the bankruptcy filing, the couple had a combined income of $91,000 -- most of it earned by Chris Watts, who made about $63,000 from his job at Anadarko Petroleum, records show.
  • Shanann Watts and her daughters appear to have been killed at their house in Frederick, Colorado, a town of about 8,600 people some 30 miles north of Denver, prosecutors have said.
  • Chris Watts' attorneys asked a court Friday to require pathologists conducting autopsies to swab the little girls' necks and hands for DNA, court filings show.
  • And the girls' bodies were in an "oil well filled with crude oil for several days," Chris Watts' attorneys indicated in a court filing.

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Nancy Pelosi is under fire, but ousting her isn't the answer

  • Even though Clinton came from the Democratic Leadership Council, supporting market-based policies, welfare reform and being tough on crime, the Republicans acted as if he were further to the left than George McGovern, a former staunch liberal congressman and the Democratic Party's candidate in the 1972 presidential election.
  • Although Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York is relatively conservative on economic policy and tends to hover in the center on foreign affairs, his Republican opponents still attack him as an acolyte of the left, rather than a product of Clinton-era Democratic politics.
  • The new Democratic leader would be characterized as being just as much of a liberal extremist who threatened the nation, and Republicans would capitalize on their vast media echo chamber to support their point of view.

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Houston school takes down 'sexist' quote from hallway wall after social media controversy

  • The decal letters were taken down Saturday, school district officials told KTRK.
  • The saying had been on a wall above lockers in Gregory-Lincoln Education Center for the Performing and Visual Arts for five years, according to KTRK, but it was removed after a mother posted an image of the quote to social media.
  • Beckman told CNN Saturday that her children attend school in the Houston Independent School District but not the school where the quote was displayed.
  • She saw the photo on a friend's Facebook page and asked permission to share it.
  • Beckman said the school the quote was taken down within 10 hours of her tweeting the photo Friday.
  • A famed former New York madam said she used the quote to guide her "girls" in the 1980s.
  • The quote was on a wall of the Gregory-Lincoln PK-5 Education Center, according to the Houston Independent School District.

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