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Articles related to "cnn"

Parts of Latin America reopen after coronavirus lockdown despite surge in cases

  • Phase One is beginning as the state of Rio de Janeiro recorded more than 54,000 cases of the virus and 5,462 deaths.
  • Brazil has the second highest number of Covid-19 cases globally, having recorded at least 526,447 instances of the disease.
  • On the same day, the country surpassed 10,000 virus-related deaths, becoming the seventh nation to do so.
  • Obrador, who has not traveled since late March, said Mexico's economy had to reopen "for the good of the people." He added that the easing of the lockdown had to be managed cautiously and carefully.
  • Mexico has recorded the second highest number of deaths in Latin America.
  • In late May, the Pan American Health Organization declared Latin America the world's new coronavirus epicenter.
  • And on Monday, the World Health Organization said Central and South America had become "intense zones of transmission" for the virus.

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Controversial Confederate statue removed from historic Old Town Alexandria

  • The memorial was erected in 1889 to honor Confederate soldiers from the Virginia city and stands with its arms crossed and back to the north.
  • It is one of many controversial Confederate monuments nationwide that has faced repeated demands for removal.
  • The United Daughters of the Confederacy could not be immediately reached for comment.
  • The symbolic removal comes after the seventh straight night of peaceful and violent protests in cities across the country over the death of George Floyd and police brutality.

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Republicans weigh alternate plans in threat to pull national convention from North Carolina

  • Officials from the Republican National Committee are considering Nashville, Las Vegas, Orlando, Jacksonville and venues in Georgia to host their August convention if they fail to reach a deal with officials in North Carolina, two Republicans familiar with the planning tell CNN.
  • Trump and others are demanding that the North Carolina governor give Republicans assurances that the scope of the convention they planned to hold in Charlotte will be unaffected by the coronavirus, something Cooper and health officials are unwilling to do at this point.
  • The Republican National Committee, in a letter from chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, set a Wednesday deadline for Cooper and officials from North Carolina to decide what kind of convention they will allow in the state this summer.

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Six Atlanta police officers are being charged after allegedly using excessive force at protest

  • The officers were filmed in downtown Atlanta breaking windows of a vehicle, yanking a woman out of the car and tasing a man.
  • Some of the charges against the officers include aggravated assault of Messiah Young, aggravated assault of Taniyah Pilgrim, simple battery and criminal damage to property, Howard said.
  • Two of the six officers, Streeter and Gardner, were terminated Sunday by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.
  • The officers have until the end of the day on June 5 to surrender, Howard said.
  • Bottoms had said she was disturbed when she saw the video and ordered charges to be dropped against the man who was tased.
  • One of the officers wrote in a police report that he used his taser because he was unsure whether Pilgrim or Young were armed.
  • Pilgrim, 20, said she and her friend Young were riding home from protests when the incident took place.

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Cristobal is now the earliest third Atlantic named storm on record

  • Right now Cristobal is a tropical storm with sustained winds of 40 mph with higher gusts.
  • On its current track, it is expected to continue to interact with southern Mexico over the next several days.
  • The main risk for this storm will continue to be rain.
  • Ten to 20 inches of rain is possible across the Mexican states of Tabasco, Veracrus and Campeche.
  • There could be isolated amounts of more than 2 feet of rain.
  • In the long term, the storm's forecast gets a little tricky.
  • CNN Meteorologist Brandon Miller says, "The long-term forecast is very complex due to potential interactions with land and strong winds that are expected to influence the vortex.
  • States along the Gulf Coast should closely monitor the situation during the next several days and have a plan in place, should a storm threaten the coast.

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People from ethnic minorities are up to 50% more likely to die from coronavirus than white people, UK report finds

  • The analysis, conducted by government agency Public Health England (PHE), found that people of Bangladeshi heritage who tested positive for the virus were around twice as likely to die as their white British peers.
  • People from other minority communities, including those of Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and Caribbean descent, also had a 10% to 50% higher risk of death when compared to white Britons, the report found.
  • Commissioned by England's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty in April, amid fears the coronavirus pandemic was "disproportionately" affecting black and ethnic minority communities, the analysis was due to be published at the end of May, according to PHE.
  • Its publication came as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet warned that Covid-19 had exposed inequalities within society and was having a major disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minorities, including people of African descent.

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After years of talking about diversity, the number of black leaders at US companies is still dismal

  • Black professionals overall: Black professionals in 2018 held just 3.3% of all executive or senior leadership roles, which are defined as within two reporting levels of the CEO, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Black executives in C-suite and other high power roles: Those most often promoted to CEO or named to corporate boards usually have held one or more specific titles -- CEO, chief financial officer and regional or division president in charge of business units that deliver significant profits to the company overall.
  • But among Fortune 100 companies this year, black professionals account for just 3% of CEOs, 1% of CFOs and 3% of profit leaders like division presidents, according to calculthe Stanford Corporate Governance Research Initiative.
  • While black professionals account for a comparatively high percentage of chief human resource officers (13%) and chief administration executives (43%), the chances of being promoted from there to a CEO or board role are low.

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Surgeon General warns of coronavirus outbreaks from Floyd protests

  • While a majority of protesters nationwide have worn masks and face coverings as they demand justice for Floyd, an African-American man who died last week while in police custody, the large crowds have made it difficult to social distance.
  • Adams is the latest government leader to express concern over whether the protests could spread coronavirus, as he and other health groups are caught in a balancing act of trying to advise Americans during a pandemic and raise awareness of how racism puts the black community's health at risk.
  • As the protests have continued, several doctors' groups -- the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association and American College of Physicians -- emphasized that racism is a public health issue and called for police brutality to stop.

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Scientists say they have found the cleanest air on earth

  • Researchers found that the boundary layer air, which feeds the lower clouds over the Southern Ocean, was free from aerosol particles produced by human activity -- including burning fossil fuels, planting certain crops, fertilizer production, and wastewater disposal -- or transported from other countries around the world.
  • Research scientist and co-author of the study Thomas Hill explained that "the aerosols controlling the properties of SO (Southern Ocean) clouds are strongly linked to ocean biological processes, and that Antarctica appears to be isolated from southward dispersal of microorganisms and nutrient deposition from southern continents," he said in a statement.
  • From the bacterial composition of the microbes, researchers concluded that aerosols from distant land masses and human activities, such as pollution or soil emissions caused by land use change, were not traveling south and into the air.

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How Atlanta's mayor became the face and voice of her party

  • Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, has emerged more so than any other Democratic politician -- including the party's presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden -- as the sort of leader the party (and the country) needs amid ongoing protests and violence across the country following the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, at the hands of Minneapolis police last week.
  • Even before the last five days, Bottoms was widely regarded as a potential vice presidential pick for Biden -- a longtime surrogate and supporter of the former vice president's 2020 campaign, not to mention the mayor of a major southern city in an emerging swing state.
  • And even if Biden picks someone other than Bottoms as his VP, her words and actions over these past days have put her in an entirely new place in terms of the national Democratic Party.

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