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Articles related to "cnn"

Haiti President defiant amid deadly protests and calls for his resignation

  • His administration rocked by soaring inflation and accusations of corruption, Moise said he will not allow the country to fall into the hands of criminals and urged dialogue to end a recent wave of violent demonstrations in the capital of Port-au-Prince.
  • Moise's stance came as the United States issued a "Do not travel" advisory to the island and Canada made plans to evacuate more than 100 of its citizens from a resort in Haiti.
  • For more than a week, protesters have set cars ablaze and clashed with police amid gasoline shortages, reports of widespread looting, and demands that Moise and Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant step down.
  • The Pentagon has sent about 10 additional US Marines to augment a similar number posted in Haiti to provide security at the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince, two US officials told CNN Friday.

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Vatican defrocks top US cardinal McCarrick over sexual abuse allegations

  • Rome (CNN) - The Vatican has dismissed US cardinal Theodore McCarrick after a Church trial found him guilty of sexually abusing minors.
  • McCarrick, the former leader of the Archdiocese of Washington who was once recognized as a powerful advocate of the Catholic Church's political priorities, was informed of the decision on Friday, a Vatican statement said.
  • The judgement was recognized by the Pope to be a "definitive nature," and is "res iudicata" -- meaning it is no longer subject to appeal.
  • Allegations that McCarrick had sexually abused seminarians and an altar boy decades ago had left the Church reeling in recent years.
  • Pope Francis ordered a Vatican investigation into the allegations in 2017.
  • A letter from a top Vatican official obtained by CNN last year appeared to acknowledge that the Holy See knew about the allegations for at least several months before McCarrick was elevated to cardinal in 2001.

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Gunman in deadly Illinois shooting had a gun with a laser, witness says

  • Authorities identified the gunman in the mass shooting Friday as 45-year-old Gary Martin.
  • He opened fire at the Henry Pratt Co. in the Chicago suburb of the Aurora, shooting at terrified employees before engaging in a gunbattle with responding officers.
  • All the five employees who died in the shooting were men, police said.
  • The gunman was killed during an exchange of gunfire with law enforcement officials, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said.
  • It took about 90 minutes after the shooting rampage started to control the situation, police said.
  • Calls for an active shooter started pouring in at 1:24 p.m. local time, and police arrived at the scene four minutes later and surrounded the facility, Ziman said.
  • A task force from the Kane County Sheriff's Office will be investigating the death of the gunman, Ziman said.
  • Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin said mass shootings have become common in the nation.

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Kushner readies for spring launch of US Middle East peace plan

  • Washington (CNN) - The United States is beginning to prep allies for a spring rollout of its plan for Middle East peace, with President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, outlining the timing and methodology of the plan at the Middle East security conference in Warsaw, Poland.
  • During a presentation Thursday, Kushner confirmed that the Trump administration will not release its peace plan prior to Israel's elections in April, according to a senior administration official present in the room.
  • In Poland on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told those gathered at Kushner's briefing that he will not prejudge the plan before it is put out and he hopes that Palestinians, who refused to attend the meeting, will do so as well, according to the senior administration official in the room.

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Maryland judge overturns $37 million awarded to family of woman killed in police standoff

  • Korryn Gaines, 23, was shot and killed in August 2016 after an hours-long standoff with police in Baltimore County.
  • Norman said Cpl. Royce Ruby, who court documents say shot Gaines twice, was "entitled to qualified immunity." This means that because Ruby was acting in his capacity as a police officer, he is "shielded from liability for civil damages" as long as his conduct didn't violate a person's constitutional rights.
  • Cpl. Shawn Vinson, Baltimore County police spokesperson, told CNN on Friday that Ruby is still a member of the department and deferred further comment to the Baltimore County Office of Communications.
  • They waited outside the door for about 10 minutes, Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson said shortly after the shooting.
  • Ruby shot Gaines the first time, and her shotgun discharged, according to documents.

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Suspicion of China's government is growing across the globe

  • At the same time, multiple countries have threatened to cut relations with private Chinese technology giant Huawei over concerns its 5G network will provide Beijing with a backdoor to a global spy network.
  • The Chinese technology juggernaut is a symbol of China's economic rise, growing over just 30 years to become one of the world's leading 5G network providers, in the process signing major contracts in countries on every continent.
  • It was the fierce denunciation by the Turkish Foreign Ministry of Beijing's Xinjiang policies on February 9 which signaled a new shift against the Chinese government.
  • Questions have been raised behind closed doors in the Chinese government over the aggressive tone of Chinese foreign policy under Xi. Some Chinese officials believe his "over-the-top" remarks on issues such as trade and the South China Sea have caused the Washington backlash.

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Biden to showcase foreign policy credentials with 2020 decision looming

  • Munich, Germany (CNN) - Former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday will return to a familiar place on the world stage, delivering remarks at an annual gathering of political leaders and security experts in Munich, Germany, as he draws closer to a decision about whether to run for president in 2020.
  • Biden will speak to the Munich Security Conference, giving him an opportunity to showcase his foreign policy acumen as he weighs entering a Democratic presidential primary field that is currently light on national security credentials.
  • It was a vote that animated much of the foreign policy debate in the 2008 Democratic primary, with Biden and Hillary Clinton being among the candidates who voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq while Barack Obama opposed the war.

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Payless is closing all of its 2,100 US shoe stores

  • San Francisco (CNN Business) - Payless is the latest retail chain to close up shop in the United States.
  • The discount shoe store will close all 2,100 of its locations in the United States and Puerto Rico in the coming months, a spokesperson told CNN Business on Friday.
  • The company could file for bankruptcy for a second time by the end of the month, according to reports.
  • The company first filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2017 and closed roughly 400 stores at that time.
  • It's common for retailers to try to use bankruptcy to reorganize by shedding debt and closing stores.
  • Often these companies end up with a second bankruptcy soon after.
  • Payless is the latest brick-and-mortar retailer to suffer in the age of Amazon, joining Toys "R" Us, Brookstone and clothing store Charlotte Russe.

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Trump takes the 'emergency' exit

  • Washington (CNN) - We're ending the week on a high note: The government isn't going to shut down tonight!
  • Republicans, Democrats, Congress and the President came together (mostly), put aside their differences (kinda), and have passed a stopgap spending bill that lacks Trump's stated $5.7 billion for the border wall.
  • Trump today admitted that he "didn't need" to make the emergency declaration, but "I just want to get it done faster." The offhand comment will likely complicate things for his attorneys, who will have to defend it in court.
  • The President is going the extra mile by declaring a national emergency to build his border wall -- something he teased at in a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas, on Monday.
  • Trump also got something else this week: a new attorney general, Bill Barr, who served in the same position under George H.W. Bush.

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Waiting game: An extended look at how we queue

  • How the wait makes us feel and line fairness (nobody likes line-jumpers) can have a greater impact on our perception of a queue than the amount of time we spend in it.
  • And while waiting time is often hard to cut down, perception can be altered with good line design and management.
  • Walt Disney Imagineering -- the company's team of designers and engineers -- constructs the waiting line with the same care used for the attraction itself, adding games, interactive features and performances, and giving guests plenty to do.
  • In a study titled "Practices for designing amusement park queues," Ledbetter sets out guidelines such as maintaining guests' level of interest in the attraction while in the line, facilitating personal interaction (which is why the line is never a single file unless unavoidable) and fostering engagement, which is the ultimate distraction.

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