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Articles related to "coach"

7 books you should read right now if you're struggling with imposter syndrome at work and need a confidence boost

  • According to psychologists and researchers, many professionals struggle with imposter syndrome: a mix of self doubt and fear of being discovered as inadequate, despite personal success.
  • One UK survey conducted in 2019 by Clara Josa, an author and researcher on imposter syndrome, found that about 50% of all men and women struggle with this issue.
  • According to an article in the The Journal of the American Medical Association, imposter syndrome is defined as "a pattern of behavior wherein people (even those with adequate external evidence of success) doubt their abilities and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud." In other words, you don't believe your own achievements are due to your abilities; and you think it's merely a matter of time before people realize you're incapable.

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Sabrina Ionescu makes history just hours after speaking at the memorial for Kobe and Gianna Bryant

  • Just hours after the 22-year-old Oregon Ducks star spoke at Kobe and Gianna Bryant's memorial in Los Angeles, Ionescu was back on the basketball court, having taken a charter flight to the Bay Area to take on No. 4 Stanford.
  • Not only did she help No. 3 Oregon to a 74-66 win, but Ionescu made NCAA history, becoming the first college basketball player -- male or female -- to have 2,000 points, 1,000 assists and 1,000 rebounds in her career.
  • Ionescu, who last year led Oregon to the Final Four and was considered the top prospect for the WNBA, opted to return to Oregon for her senior season.
  • After Monday's win at Stanford, Ionescu was asked what the hardest part of her long day was.
  • With Monday's win, Oregon clinched a share of their third straight Pac-12 Conference regular-season title.

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Former University of Texas tennis coach sentenced in admissions scam

  • In exchange for the bribes, Center agreed with the mastermind of the admissions scheme, Rick Singer, and Martin Fox, a tennis academy executive in Houston, to designate an applicant to the college as a tennis player, even though the applicant didn't play tennis competitively, US Attorney Andrew Lelling said in a news release Monday.
  • Center also was ordered to pay $60,000 and will have a year of supervision after his release from prison, according to the news release.
  • The UT student's father, who was not named, donated more than $600,000 in stock to Singer's fake charity, Key Worldwide Foundation, the US Attorney's Office said, adding Singer gave $60,000 to Center and $40,000 to the university's tennis program.
  • Center is at least the fourth college coach to plead guilty in the sprawling federal criminal case.

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More and more information is coming out about John Beilein's disastrous, short-lived head coaching stint with the Cavaliers

  • A report from The Athletic's Shams Charania, Jason Lloyd, and Joe Vardon details a number of incidents — including Beilein's purported use of the term "thug" to describe players — that contributed to Beilein losing the locker room and, shortly after, his job.
  • She told Brian Windhorst on a recent episode of his ESPN podcast, "The Hoop Collective," that Beilein tried to schedule a practice on Christmas Day. Players were infuriated, and thought it was yet another example of their head coach being out of touch with the demands of the modern NBA.
  • It was then that the longtime college coach referred to his own players as "a bunch of thugs," according to a report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.
  • Wojnarowski reported that Cavs players "left the room initially stunned and were increasingly disturbed as they dispersed out of the meeting." Though Beilein quickly tried to walk back his words, claiming he meant to say "slugs," the damage was already done.

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To create a new category, name a new game

  • Rather than starting with a description of his services, the coach attacked the status quo “game.” Then he evangelized a new one that his services helped clients play.
  • Of course, he also showed how Drift’s website chat app would help you play that game.
  • Of course, in actual sales calls, Zuora talks about how its product—a subscription billing engine—is all about helping buyers win the new game.
  • I’ve learned that a slide like this can be gold for sales discovery— for getting various personas to open up in early conversations about what’s happening for them, and about where they might want help.
  • That’s inevitable, of course, but hopefully it doesn’t happen until you’ve gotten very successful helping customers win at what will suddenly become an old game.
  • I help CEOs align their leadership teams around a strategic story — to power success in sales, marketing, fundraising, product, and recruiting.

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