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Articles related to "codenewbie"

#challengePDF Booklet: JavaScript coding challenges for beginners

  • If you like this kind of challenges please also check and follow @codeguppy on Twitter.
  • Have fun!
  • Sore eyes?
  • We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.
  • We strive for transparency and don't collect excess data.

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How to get a Software Engineering Internship - step by step process

  • There are a handful of ways to connect with a real person at this company — use a Gmail plugin like Clearbit Connect, or Hunter io to find peoples’ work emails by company search (give them a quick Google — you’ll see what I mean).
  • If you’ve used the last 2 tips (network, reaching out) and have finally connected with a real person, you can ask them “How can I stand out in the intern application process for [X] company?”, or even better, ask to buy them a coffee and pick their brain about their experience working at the company, the company culture, and to see if you’d be a good fit.
  • Sites like Pramp help you practice interview skills live, which is another surefire way to get feedback and improve your chances at doing well.

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5 Best Free Note Taking Apps for Programmers

  • You will see that all of them use Markdown (either the standard syntax or a custom one) and that's because I find it the fastest way of taking notes since it allows to quickly create documents with simple formatting and also allows you to add code block with syntax highlight.
  • The support for code blocks is great, with syntax highlight for any language you need.
  • It has great support for code blocks, using prism for the syntax highlight and it also allows you to create your css file to style the exported PDF files.
  • The mobile app is not the best, but the web client is solid and powerful allowing you to easily add tables and more.
  • When writing the second edition of my ebook I've used vs code to create individual markdown files and a simple node script to join them into a single one.

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