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Articles related to "cognitive"

Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates

  • The specific kind of brain they have doesn’t really matter – corvids and primates share some of the same basic capabilities in terms of problem-solving and plasticity, or being able to adapt and change in the face of new information and experiences.
  • Some birds, like the New Caledonian crows he studies – can do remarkable things.
  • In a paper published earlier this year, he and his co-authors described how New Caledonians seek out a specific type of plant stem from which to make their hooked tools.
  • And New Caledonians are far from the only non-human species to have evolved the ability to use tools.
  • In this clip from the BBC TV series, Inside the Animal Mind, Chris Packham watches a New Caledonian, nicknamed 007, solve an artificially constructed puzzle involving eight distinct steps.
  • McCoy, like Rutz, also studies New Caledonian crows.
  • New Caledonian crows, like us and other clever animals, have moods and memories.

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