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Articles related to "college"

Jerry Jones' Criticism of College Coaches Proves Cowboys Need a Real GM

  • How else do you explain his insistence on running the Dallas Cowboys himself rather than hire a general manager that knows how to run an NFL team?
  • It’s pretty obvious they have to get acquainted with personnel.
  • If he is wanting to win the Super Bowl the first year he hires his next head coach, well, that just isn’t realistic.
  • Some high-profile college coaches ended up flopping in the NFL.
  • But then Jones must be forgetting about the two college coaches he hired—Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer.
  • Enough that should tell Jerry Jones that where a coach comes from means little.
  • But since he is going to limit his search by excluding college coaches, the odds are good the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys will not be the right one either.

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Hundreds gather at funeral for Peter Frates, man who popularized the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  • The church is next to Boston College, where Frates played baseball as a student.
  • After being diagnosed with ALS in 2012, Frates dedicated his life to raising awareness for the disease.
  • As the funeral procession made its way to the church, it passed Frates' high school alma mater, St. John's Prep, a Catholic boy's school.
  • He graduated from St. John's in 2003 and kept the number when he went on to play baseball at Boston College.
  • Both St. John's and Boston College baseball retired Frates' number.
  • Julie did not speak at the funeral, but Pete's father, John Frates, addressed the mourners.
  • One day, John Frates said Pete was gone for longer than usual, and came home to tell his dad he had gotten caught up in all the people who needed his help.
  • Though many people offered him money, John said Pete never took it.

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53 clever gifts for college students that they'll actually want to use, according to a recent grad

  • If you're looking to make a big difference with a gift, shopping for a college student is a good place to begin.
  • A backpack is the most versatile bag for a college student that's transitioning from internship or job to classes — but they probably don't want to bring their banged-up JanSport into the office.
  • If there's one thing every college student needs, it's good wireless headphones.
  • This travel-friendly case charges wireless devices on the go — perfect for students with packed schedules and a lot of tech that they love using.
  • College students like to look and feel good, but tight budgets aren't conducive to trying a lot of new, often expensive grooming products.
  • Most college students probably don't have a wealth of professional clothing to pull from for high-pressure situations like interviews and a big internship.

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How will 2020 Democrats deal with jobs eliminated by artificial intelligence?

  • We will pass a federal jobs guarantee to ensure that those who work in industries likely to see major impacts of automation or innovation are able to work elsewhere.
  • I’ve also introduced a wealth tax on giant fortunes of more than $50 million to bring in the revenue we need to give every kid an opportunity to build a future by investing in universal child care, public education, universal free college, and student debt cancellation for 42 million Americans.
  • As technological transformations shift the nature of our job market, we must be able to provide adequate support and retraining to workers to ensure that American workers work in good jobs and earn a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work.
  • At the same time, government needs to develop sensible, forward-thinking policy to harness innovations so that they lead to more jobs with better wages and working conditions, rather than fewer jobs with worse pay and conditions.

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The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM (2018)

  • A new study explores a strange paradox: In countries that empower women, they are less likely to choose math and science professions.
  • Meanwhile, in Algeria, 41 percent of college graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math—or “STEM,” as it’s known—are female.
  • According to a new paper published in Psychological Science by the psychologists Gijsbert Stoet, at Leeds Beckett University, and David Geary, at the University of Missouri, it could have to do with the fact that women in countries with higher gender inequality are simply seeking the clearest possible path to financial freedom.
  • What’s more, the countries that minted the most female college graduates in fields like science, engineering, or math were also some of the least gender-equal countries.
  • In this study, the percentage of girls who did excel in science or math was still larger than the number of women who were graduating with STEM degrees.

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Put Some Respect On JJ Culver’s Historic 100-Point Game

  • But any instance of a basketball player reaching the century mark in a single game is noteworthy nonetheless, and that’s exactly the feat Culver pulled off on Tuesday night.
  • The older brother of Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Jarrett Culver scored 100 points in Wayland Baptist’s 124-60 rout of Southwestern Adventist.
  • But if there’s one critique that at least holds some weight, it’s acknowledging the quality of competition at the NAIA level.
  • Obviously, it’s safe to say Culver wouldn’t have dropped 100 points on superior defenders.
  • He wouldn’t be playing at Wayland Baptist if he was capable of dominating to even half that extent against bigger, more athletic players.
  • But there’s a reason why only one other player in NAIA history, and just two in NCAA annals, have ever scored in triple-digits: It’s incredibly difficult to do.

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Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend Brittany Matthews are childhood sweethearts who have both built their own sports empires

  • Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes may be an NFL star, but his girlfriend and high-school sweetheart Brittany Matthews has created an athletic empire of her own.
  • Matthews, who earlier this week said she was harassed by New England Patriots fans at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, while supporting the Chiefs, played professional soccer in Europe and launched her own fitness company in the years since graduating college.
  • Mahomes was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the NFL Draft in April 2017.
  • Her team won its league in September 2017, according to Matthews' Instagram, and by October 2017 she was in Kansas City.
  • In the video, Mahomes and Matthews explained their love for Kansas City.
  • The couple spend the offseason in Kansas City, and recently launched a foundation to help underprivileged youth.

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