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Articles related to "college"

Morgan Stanley to cover tuition for 60 students at three HBCUs

  • New York (CNN Business) - Morgan Stanley announced a new program to provide full scholarships for 60 students at three historically Black colleges and universities, known as HBCUs — the latest move by a major bank to try to confront racial inequalities in the United States.
  • The scholarships are part of the bank's HBCU Scholars program, which will provide four-year academic and needs-based scholarships to students at Howard University, Morehouse College and Spelman College.
  • Morgan Stanley has committed up to $12 million to support the program over the next four years, and scholarships will be open to students across all disciplines and majors.
  • One of the commitments includes supporting additional funding for HBCUs. This year has marked an unprecedented surge in financial contributions to HBCUs. Since the start of the pandemic, HBCUs have received more than $300 million, with large donations from philanthropists such as MacKenzie Scott, Michael Bloomberg and Reed Hastings.

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Respect the hustle, not the stupidity

  • As a team, we collectively talk to thousands of founders every year, and we hear the heartbreaking stories and the downright trauma at times that comes with building a company.
  • In fact, the history of technology is littered with examples of ideas that investors and the press thought were either dumb or impossible to build (which is a more polite way to say “dumb”).
  • Part of the reason is that what starts out as dumb slowly iterates into something that is very smart.
  • Founders get feedback from users, they iterate, they pivot, they try new things, and slowly but surely they start to migrate from what might have been a very raw concept to something much more ready to compete in the ferocious marketplace of business and consumer attention today.

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Clare Crawley faces the most ageist season ever of 'The Bachelorette'

  • Clare Crawley, familiar to Bachelor Nation from her appearances in past seasons, most notably on Juan Pablo's season of "The Bachelor" in 2014, was chosen to be the "Bachelorette." She turned 39 before filming started in July, making her the oldest "Bachelorette" in the franchise's history.
  • ABC leaned into her older-woman status heavily when announcing the premiere date earlier this summer with an ad featuring Crawley on a poster in a not-so-subtle nod to "The Graduate," in which a middle-aged woman famously seduces a recent college graduate.
  • The group of suitors chosen for Crawley range in age from 26 to 40, with most of them in their early to mid 30s -- not exactly a set-up for a "shocking" May-September romance.
  • Up until Crawley's season, the average age of the "Bachelorette" was 27.

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Handshake raises $80M more to build a more diversity-focused LinkedIn for college students

  • Handshake, which provides a platform for college-aged students to register their interest and skills and search for suitable work, and for recruiters to search for candidates and advertise entry-level openings, has raised $80 million in a growth round of funding.
  • It now covers 17 million job seekers, 1,000 institutions of higher learning and nearly 500,000 employers, with partnerships with some 120 minority-serving institutions, which include Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Hispanic Serving Institutions in the U.S., to help them and their students better tackle the job-hunting-recruitment market.
  • And in this year, Handshake has been using its latest funding — which actually closed in November 2019 — to expand to also including community colleges in its network, and expand its virtual events services.
  • He said that currently some 20,000 employers have managed virtual recruitment events at institutions using the Handshake platform.

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Plastic baby bottles shed millions of microplastics when shaken

  • Plastic feeding bottles release an average of 4 million microplastic particles per litre into baby formula during preparation, but it still isn’t clear whether ingesting microplastics is harmful to infant health.
  • John Boland at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland and his colleagues measured microplastics released during the process of baby formula preparation in feeding bottles made of polypropylene plastic, which they estimate account for almost 69 per cent of such bottles available on the market.
  • The researchers cleaned and sterilised brand-new polypropylene feeding bottles, left them to dry and then poured in purified water, which had been heated to 70°C, the World Health Organization-recommended temperature for infant formula preparation.
  • If people are concerned, they can reduce the level of microplastics generated during formula preparation by minimising the plastic bottle’s exposure to heat and shaking, says Boland.

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Here's a guide to deadlines from Election Day to inauguration

  • President Donald Trump and his allies have suggested that the system is only fair if a winner is declared on election night, but that's a horrible misreading of the US Constitution and US law, both of which make clear that the technical process of picking a president is only getting started on Election Day. Americans have been refining the process since the election of 1800, which originally resulted in an Electoral College tie.
  • The House of Representatives gave Thomas Jefferson the presidency and that first disputed election resulted in the 12th amendment, which modified the Electoral College process.
  • Later, in 1824, John Quincy Adams got to the White House despite not winning either the popular vote or a majority in the Electoral College.
  • In 1876, the results in several Southern states were disputed, and the lack of clear Electoral College results led to a deal in the House that gave Rutherford B.
  • Hayes the presidency even though he won neither the Electoral College nor the popular vote.

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