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Articles related to "command"

China is training its top navy pilots to fill an 'urgent need' for aircraft carrier commanders

  • The Chinese navy is training fighter pilots experienced in carrier-borne operations to command and manage its warships as it seeks to expand its global naval power.
  • Beijing-based naval expert Li Jie said the programme would focus on command and control skills for air and sea operations, and some of the pilots would ultimately be selected to command China's new aircraft carrier strike groups.
  • Other navies, such as the United States Navy, require more experience for the role — commanding officers of US aircraft carriers must be former naval aviators as well as former captains of different types of warships.
  • Li Xiaoyan was one of the first group of 10 pilots selected for a training programme designed specifically for China's future aircraft carriers back in 1987.
  • Naval expert Li Jie said the Chinese navy now had to catch up in terms of training pilots, and especially commanding officers, for its aircraft carriers.

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Poetry: Python dependency management and packaging made easy

  • Poetry comes with all the tools you might need to manage your projects in a deterministic way.
  • Easily build and package your projects with a single command.
  • Supports source distribution and wheels.
  • Having an insight of your project's dependencies is just one command away.
  • Poetry comes with an exhaustive dependendency resolver, which will always find a solution if it exists.
  • And get a detailed explanation if no solution exists.
  • Poetry either uses your configured virtualenvs or creates its own to always be isolated from your system.
  • The behavior is configurable.
  • Poetry's commands are intuitive and easy to use, with sensible defaults while still being configurable.

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Ruined King is the first indie League of Legends spinoff

  • Tonight at The Game Awards, Riot revealed the first indie games it will be publishing as part of its newly-unveiled Riot Forge label.
  • It’s called Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, and it’s being developed by Airship Syndicate for console and PC.
  • Riot Forge was announced a week ago as a way for Riot to expand the League of Legends universe with smaller, linear games.
  • The idea is that, while Riot focuses on the big, ongoing titles like the core League of Legends, indie studio will craft more narratively driven experiences within the same fictional world.
  • “Riot doesn’t have a ton of traditional experience making completable games, so we’re working with studios who do have that experience and unique style to bring a new look to League of Legends,” Riot Forge head Leanne Loombe told The Verge.

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How to quickly switch between windows on your Mac computer using 4 different shortcuts

  • If you're like pretty much everyone, you probably have many windows open every time you use your Mac. It might be a group of Word documents, a host of browser windows, or collection of pictures — whatever the case, having too many windows open means frustration when it comes time to switch between them.
  • There are several ways to switch windows on your Mac. First of all, if you hit the F3 key (in the very top row on your keyboard), your windows will shrink so you can see them all.
  • Try hitting Command + Tab — a pop-up will appear showing every app that currently has windows open on your computer.
  • Holding the command and tab keys simultaneously will show you all apps currently running.

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How to stop the 'spinning wheel' on your Mac computer in 2 ways

  • The spinning wheel will usually only last for a few seconds before your system works out the issue, but if it keeps appearing and won't go away, there's a deeper problem.
  • Here's how to stop the spinning wheel in its tracks, and help your Mac run smoothly again.
  • If the wheel has been spinning for a while now and doesn't show any signs of stopping, first determine if the problem is with a specific program, or with your Mac as a whole.
  • Try to use other apps and, if they're work fine, Force Quit out of the app that's freezing.
  • Note that if you Force Quit or shut down your Mac, you'll lose any work you haven't saved.
  • If your Mac keeps freezing up and showing you the spinning wheel, even after a restart, there might be something deeper going on that you won't be able to fix yourself.

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20 Best CentOS Books for System Administrator

  • CentOS is a community-based enterprise class operating system and this book will provide a series of practical solutions that will not only show you how to install and maintain CentOS as a server, but to explore this well-known Linux distribution with the intention of tackling many common issues by providing some tricks of the trade in order to simplify the task of building a server.
  • You will be able to perform installation, establish network connectivity and user and process management, modify file permissions, manage text files using the command line, and implement basic security administration after covering this book.
  • The book covers general topics of Linux administration like shell commands, network, user management, software management, repositories, services, system monitoring, shell configuration, network connections, SELinux, firewalls and configuration of different servers like HTTP, FTP, NTP etc.

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Twitter will now let you post iOS Live Photos as GIFs

  • Live Photos are one of Apple’s signature camera options on iOS, making your photos look like one of the living photographs in Harry Potter.
  • But if you’ve tried to post that Live Photo on Twitter, it would render as a still photo, taking away some of that magic.
  • You could use an app to convert that Live Photo into a GIF and post that new GIF on its own, but that might be more work than you’d want to do.
  • I think Live Photos are really fun, so I hope people use this feature to add a little more life to the photos they post on Twitter.
  • At the very least, this new feature let me give the world another GIF of a goat.
  • Command Line delivers daily updates from the near-future.

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Show HN: Instantly run GitHub repos on

  • At we built multiple layers of abstractions in pursuit of minimum configuration instant programming environments: Polygott: This is our base monster docker image that we hope includes most of the native dependencies necessary to run most projects (we’re also aiming to make this image swappable with your own in the future) UPM is our universal package manager that knows how to install packages in a number of different programming languages we support.
  • This is all work in progress and doesn’t give us anywhere near 100% coverage on all GitHub repos, however, all the essential components are there and it’s a matter of improving our infrastructure to cover more and more projects that can be instantly run in the browser.

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Why the US's top military commander in Europe goes to bed thinking about how to get around the continent

  • The US, which has drawn down its forces in Europe since the end of the Cold War, has put particular focus on both returning to Europe in force and on moving those forces around the continent.
  • This has included working at ports not used since the Cold War and practicing to move personnel, vehicles, and material overland throughout Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The renewed focus on moving US and NATO forces around Europe has highlighted the obstacles posed by varying customs rules and regulations, insufficient infrastructure, and shortages of proper transport vehicles.
  • One, Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia, will oversee movements across the Atlantic.
  • The other, Joint Support Enabling Command based in Ulm in southern Germany, is responsible for movement on the ground in Europe.

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China's new rocket launcher system is its most powerful ever, and it's looming over the Taiwan Strait

  • The multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) that made its public debut at China's National Day parade on October 1 has been identified as a state-of-the-art piece of weaponry capable of firing both rockets and ballistic missiles, according to a leading military magazine.
  • While it is not known how many PCL191 units China has, a report by PLA Daily — the mouthpiece of the People's Liberation Army — said that an MLRS brigade was stationed with the 72nd Group Army in Huzhou, Zhejiang province.
  • According to a military source, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue, a second PCL191 brigade is stationed to the south of Huzhou, in Xiamen, Fujian province, the nearest point on China's mainland to Taiwan.

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