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Articles related to "communications"

Representatives propose bill limiting Presidential internet 'kill switch'

  • While this was likely intended more for making sure official phone calls could get through in a national emergency, it’s possible that today it could be used as a measure to tamp down on protests and civil unrest, as we’ve seen in authoritarian regimes around the world.
  • The Preventing Unwarranted Communications Shutdowns Act, from Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA), doesn’t remove this ability, but adds several layers of accountability to it.
  • In the first place, the bill would limit Section 706 use to when there is an “imminent and specific threat to human life or national security.” This prevents it from being put into play when there is a more general “threat” such as a major protest that might be too much for local police to handle.
  • The bill would also require the president to inform the top layer of government officials, including opposition leaders, of any shutdown.

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RepTrak partners with Onclusive to combine reputation and PR data

  • RepTrak and Onclusive are announcing a partnership that Onclusive CEO Dan Beltramo said will combine corporate reputation tracking and PR analytics for the first time.
  • RepTrak, founded in 2004, helps businesses measure their reputations (and their competitors’ reputations) through a database of more than 1 million company ratings collected every year.
  • Those two areas might not sound dramatically different, but Beltramo said that for PR professionals, they represent two separate goals — and that RepTrak’s reputation data helps to fill in some of the areas that Onclusive was missing.
  • Conversely, he said that for a chief communications officer who’d previously paid more attention to high-level reputation, Onclusive’s provides more real-time data and tactical tools.
  • First, the companies are working to present Onclusive’s media analytics in the RenTrak system.

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Logs Seized from F-Secure’s VPN Must Be Destroyed, Court Rules

  • Back in January 2019, Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) seized VPN logging data from FREEDOME in response to a legal request from the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt / BKA) in Germany.
  • As reported by YLE, F-Secure filed a request at the district court for the seizure to be overturned and the seized logs destroyed, arguing that the data seized should be classified as confidential communications, which may only be seized in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Secret Coercive Measures Act. The company said that any data seized should only concern communications created by or received from the suspect in the matter.
  • According to YLE, the data seized by KRP consisted of customers’ IP addresses, the device ID of the device used to access the service, a session ID, the start and end time of the connection, and the amount of data used by the subscriber.

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The forklift truck drivers who never leave their desks

  • When it comes to remote-controlled vehicles, teleoperation generally involves kitting out a car or truck with cameras and other sensors that feed information to a remote operator in a separate building.
  • Some of the warehouses using Phantom Auto's technology fence-off the space where the remote-controlled forklifts work, says Mr Katz and the forklifts are also fitted with microphones so the operator can be warned should something be about to go wrong.
  • Some argue that taxis and rideshare vehicles ought to be teleoperated, that way drivers could activate and remotely steer vehicles to customers when needed, rather than having to drive around a particular area of a city just hoping that someone will request a ride.
  • In specialised environments where risk factors like pedestrians and communications interference can be more tightly controlled, remote-operated vehicles are already coming into use.

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