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Articles related to "community"

A web app from scratch to finish with Alpas and Kotlin — Authentication Scaffolding

  • In this part, we'll scaffold an entire auth system by running a simple command and writing a very minimal amount of code.
  • Once the files are created, open routes.kt file and call the authRoutes() method from within the addRoutes()method to register all the auth routes.
  • When you run the app, the first thing you will notice is that the home page now has 2 links on the top-right corner—Login and Register.
  • Alpas auth scaffolding comes with support for email verification.
  • Right now though, you might be wondering how can you verify your email address on a local machine.
  • The local driver dumps all the emails as HTML pages in storage/mails folder.
  • Navigate to the storge/mails folder and open the latest mail in your browser and click the Confirm email address button.

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Top Reasons Why Your Angular App Is Slow

  • Setting the default change detection to OnPush is an almost mandatory step if your application is suffering from slow performance, or if you want to prevent from it happening in the future.
  • For example, in my experience, preventing observables from emitting is a good way to prevent your component from re-rendering.
  • If we select the whole object from a Redux state tree, the selectors will emit every time the tree-changed, and as a result, we will end up triggering updates on components that are virtually unaffected.
  • This is a use-case where Angular doesn’t excel at, and it is probably due to Zone.js, which is also the reason behind Angular’s magical change detection.
  • This works great when adding/removing items or when the amount of items changes is limited but still doesn’t solve a performance issue if we render a vast amount of items at once.

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Tidelift and Girls Who Code partner to support diversity in open source

  • Today at Tidelift, we are taking a step toward encouraging a more diverse group of open source developers by releasing Explore Open Source, a curriculum to encourage open source participation among the Girls Who Code students at 200 colleges and universities.
  • These young women, who are all members of the University of Michigan’s Girls Who Code college chapter, already knew that women were heavily underrepresented in computer science but did not realize the issue was even more pronounced in the open source community.
  • Our Explore Open Source curriculum is now available to all students participating in Girls Who Code College Loops, an extracurricular program already available at 200 colleges and universities in the United States.
  • Inclusiveness is a core Tidelift value, and we're fully committed to supporting work that brings more women and members of other underrepresented communities into open source.

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Ace Your Exit Interview Using Little White Lies of Omission

  • An exit interview is a meeting that someone, usually the HR department at a decent sized company, schedules with you.
  • The exit interview is a standard practice for the company to collect and, hopefully, incorporate feedback from departing employees.
  • Bearing that in mind, let's look at how each of these archetypes handle the exit interview.
  • The company consists of a bunch of humans about whom the opportunist is to provide feedback.
  • All of those people will continue to play out their careers, staying at that company or moving on to others.
  • More philosophically, opportunists understand the corporate game and they do something the other archetypes don't.
  • Embracing the opportunist outlook tends to create crises of ethics in career-minded people.
  • Like the performance review, the exit interview seems a good idea in theory, but it's really mainly an ignored formality.

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JavaScript Best Practices

  • To make correct use of it, you need to follow some best practices to avoid any problems that might come about otherwise.
  • I share some of the best practices you really should be following when writing JavaScript code.
  • The reason is that it does not have function-level scope because we forgot to put var keyword before it unlike firstName variable.
  • Experienced JavaScript developers know pretty well about JavaScript’s automatic semi-colon insertion problem and avoid it.
  • With both ways, all child classes will be able to use the display method but there is important difference between the two.
  • The reason why this is good practice is that, in IE, with extra comma at the last property, we do not get expected results sometimes ( ExtJS developers must have learned this).

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Learn how YOU can add CI/CD to your app

  • This article is somewhat meaty but it does take you all the way from source code to setting up deployment and teaching you how to A/B testing and blue/green deployment with deployment slots.
  • Finally, we will learn about how we can work with deployment slots for blue/green deploys and A/B testing.
  • Continuous Integration means that as soon as we push code to a repo we run some suitable tests to ensure that our code still works.
  • Continuous Deployment, CD, is a more difficult topic because the problem is usually not technical but it's more about processes and people talking to one another and using the tools to achieve it.
  • CI stands for Continuous integration and means that we run tests as soon as we have changed our code.

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Bootstrap 4 HTML snippets growing library

  • Yesterday I posted free Bootstrap templates here and got a good response.
  • I see that there is quite a lot 🔥 of interest here.
  • So, therefore, today I decided to post another small side project which I hope will also be useful for the community.
  • There are also several projects with Bootstrap snippets, but however, I did not find clean code and useful ones.
  • I am also currently 💪 working on increasing the number of Bootstrap snippets.
  • What snippets would you like to see in future updates?

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Gatsby: how is it different from other site generators

  • When you make documentation for such projects, you realize it's hard to be exhaustive without JSDoc (or documentation.js), and it's hard to make a beautiful website without the tooling offered by SSGs. So the obvious is to try mixing both.
  • You have guessed it already: Gatsby uses a pull model for the content.
  • The more specific is the plugin, the more specialized is the API: when using the markdown plugin, the GraphQL API provides the content in rendered HTML and can generate the excerpts.
  • With the GraphQL API, you can query the images you need and retrieve a structure that contains all the URLs of the optimized alternatives of the source file.
  • With SSGs before Gatsby, you would not write the HTML with the same templating engine when you move to the front-end.
  • Because of the component approach and the fixed data structures of GraphQL fragments, the plugins can provide a unified and user-friendly API to the developers.

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GraphQL best practices for GraphQL schema design

  • To fully understand the content you need to be familiar with basic GraphQL concepts like SDL language, GraphQL document syntax or GraphQL object types and scalars.
  • In this article, we will go through various ways and basic patterns to help design schema in the best possible way.
  • To get more details on this pattern including why we should use it and how to implement it, you can follow this article on input object types and this one on GraphQL lists and Non Null modifiers.
  • GraphQL schema generators are definitely useful in certain cases like prototyping or for instant high-performance APIs from the database, but in general, I would suggest to think about the schema design and tailor it to your frontend needs.
  • I hope that you liked this shortlist of best practices for GraphQL schema design.

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#showdevWhat is a Node resource group in Azure Kubernetes Service?

  • In addition to the nodes, virtual network and other resources which are part of the AKS cluster when its initially deployed, the node resource group can also host additional components.
  • For example, if you use a Persistent Volume claim with the default storage class, AKS will provision an Azure Disk, or, if you use a LoadBalancer service, AKS provisions an Azure Load Balancer behind the scenes.
  • Stay tuned for more!
  • Sore eyes?

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