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Articles related to "compiler"

Golang, it was love at first sight.

  • Usually, when people have free time they do some R&R, but me, being weird and all I like to learn, experiment and play with new things.
  • Reading about new architectural styles, scalability & cloud I found a pattern, most of the big companies (www backbone) switched in a way or another to Go. When reading about it I found that we had a lot in common (me & Go), it’s a good start for any relationship.
  • If {you are a Gopher please help me learn faster and review my code:} bgadrian/data-structures *data-structures - Abstract data structures Go packages, built with performance and concurrency in mind to learn Go. It is the perfect mix between low & high-level languages.

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The Futhark Debugger

  • For languages that are intrinsically distant from the machine, however, even basic compilation results in machine code that requires major detective work to map back to what the programmer wrote.
  • This is a powerful debugging tool because it allows the programmer to invoke internal functions in an ad-hoc manner and inspect their results.
  • The core language interpreter had to pass the source program through a range of nontrivial compiler passes, for example the array representation transformation, before it was able to execute the program.
  • As a result, I took a couple of days in late August to fashion a new interpreter that operates directly on a type-checked source language program.
  • The following is an example of how to use the new interpreter, futharki, to inspect Futhark code.

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