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Articles related to "compute"

Keystone – Open-source Secure Hardware Enclave

  • Keystone is an open-source project for building trusted execution environments (TEE) with secure hardware enclaves, based on the RISC-V architecture.
  • Our goal is to build a secure and trustworthy open-source secure hardware enclave, accessible to everyone in industry and academia.
  • Secure hardware enclaves provide another solution to secure computation with little or no performance overhead over native computation.
  • Hardware enclaves enable computation over confidential data, providing strong isolation from other applications, the operating system, and the host.
  • Because secure enclaves has low performance overhead, they enable secure computation with a wide range of real-world applications.
  • Although many TEEs have been proposed by both industry (e.g., Intel SGX) and academia (e.g., Sanctum), no full-stack implementation has been open-sourced for use.
  • Commercial TEEs often take advantage of security by obscurity; most parts of the designs (especially the hardware stack) are not open-sourced and remain undocumented.

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