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Articles related to "correct"

Researchers find bug in Python script may have affected hundreds of studies

  • In a paper published October 8, researchers at the University of Hawaii found that a programming error in a set of Python scripts commonly used for computational analysis of chemistry data returned varying results based on which operating system they were run on—throwing doubt on the results of more than 150 published chemistry studies.
  • While trying to analyze results from an experiment involving cyanobacteria, the researchers—Jayanti Bhandari Neupane, Ram Neupane, Yuheng Luo, Wesley Yoshida, Rui Sun, and Philip Williams—discovered significant variations in results run against the same nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) data.
  • Rui Sun and Phillip Williams wrote corrected sorting code that fixes the problem, ensuring consistent results.
  • While the variations the University of Hawaii team found in data didn't impact the results of their work, it may have had more significant impact on other studies.

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Show HN: Slouch Stoppah

  • After sitting up straight and clicking on "Start video" you should click on "Capture current position" to save the current calculated proportion and vertical position of your head, and use that as a baseline.
  • Upon clicking, the page will try to measure your movements from the webcam every 1500 milliseconds by default, and compare it to the captured values.
  • You can control these values on the page.
  • If you want to recapture your position just click on the capture button again.
  • You might need to stop the video feed to allow other apps to use the camera.
  • This page uses data from a client side facial detection library and tries to detect if you're getting closer to the camer which might indicate slouching.
  • In no way does the page send any client data back to any servers.

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