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Articles related to "cosmic"

Feast your eyes the first interstellar comet ever directly observed

  • It’s a true comet and the first we’ve ever confirmed comes from interstellar space, and the Hubble Space Telescope captured some amazing imagery of it.
  • You probably remember ‘Oumuamua as the interstellar object that launched a thousand headlines — mostly around the idea that it could be an alien ship of some kind.
  • Studies by other near-Earth object authorities observed its trajectory and concluded that it did indeed come from interstellar space?
  • Basically the angle it’s coming in, plus the speed at which it’s traveling, mean it can’t possibly be in even a super-wide orbit of the sun.
  • But its short visit is ample opportunity to study its makeup, which appears to be very similar to our own “local” comets.
  • Although it would be cool for 2I/Borisov to be super weird, its similarity is interesting in itself — it suggests that comet formation in other solar systems is not necessarily different.

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