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Articles related to "county"

A burglar hid in a Costco for hours then stole $13K in jewelry after store closed, police say

  • Authorities in Coweta County, Georgia, say a man cased a Costco and hid in the store for hours before stealing $13,000 worth of jewelry.
  • The burglary took place on October 10 after the man went to Costco and walked around before leaving, the affiliate reported.
  • He returned hours later and the store's surveillance video showed the scheme unfold.
  • Deputies say the man hid behind the display sign for nearly five hours, waiting for the store to clear out and close up, the affiliate reported.
  • He first entered the store, waited and left before walking back in at 9:45 p.m. and reemerging after midnight wearing a black ski mask and gloves, authorities said.
  • Video shows the man smashing a glass display and grabbing handfuls of jewelry.
  • Video from a nearby theater shows the man running out of the store and returning to a truck, authorities said.

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Thieves pick 7,000 pounds of apples off the trees in a Michigan orchard

  • The heist was discovered October 10, when workers from Spicer Orchards came to pick the fruit, Shannon Rowe told CNN on Thursday.
  • Spicer Orchards is a popular fall destination near Flint, where families come to pick their own apples and enjoy cider, donuts and other treats.
  • Rowe said the theft happened at a secondary orchard, where they grow apples for cider and to sell in their market.
  • She said they'd checked the apples a few days earlier to see if they were ready to pick.
  • It would normally take a two- or three-person crew a couple of days to pick that many apples.
  • It looks like the thieves got to the farm by taking a side street and then crossing a neighbor's property, Rowe said.
  • Rowe said that Spicer Orchards is still open to the public and will continue normal operations.

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A missing Sasquatch statue was just found alone in the woods

  • A statue of Sasquatch was taken from a landscaping company in Linville, North Carolina, in August.
  • The Avery County Sheriff's Office and other people in the area were searching for the statue for months, and someone just found it in a remote area more than 30 minutes away.
  • The sheriff's office said a man named Mike was going through a remote area when he saw Sasquatch.
  • Sheriff Kevin Frye told CNN on Thursday that it didn't seem like the statue had been in that location for very long, and it was probably recently dropped off there.
  • For now, Sasquatch is under camera surveillance at the Avery County Sheriff's Office.
  • Hopefully within the week it will be back at its home at Mountaineer Landscaping, which is trying to pay back an insurance company that covered the loss of the statue.
  • Until its next home is determined, people will be keeping an eye on Bigfoot.

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Georgia school district reverses transgender-friendly bathroom policy after death threats

  • Pickens County School Board changed its policy this week, citing "death threats, student harassment and vandalism of school property" in the news release.
  • The policy had allowed transgender students to use restrooms that aligned with their gender identity instead of a single-stall, gender-neutral bathroom, according to CNN affiliate WSB.
  • Multiple parents at the local high school expressed concerns over the administration's decision to permit the student to access the restroom and believed that it would jeopardize the "safety of the high school students," the news release said.
  • Wilson said that part of the decision to adopt a policy that allowed transgender students to use the restrooms of their identity came from a federal court ruling in Florida, Adams vs.
  • A Florida student sued for the right to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity instead of a gender-neutral bathroom, the AJC said.

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Man called 'a spree killer' arrested in Florida after barricading himself in house and shooting at officers

  • The standoff and arrest Monday capped a multi-state manhunt for Stanley "Woo Woo" Mossburg, 35, who boasted that he'd killed more people, Polk County, Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news conference.
  • On October 11, Polk County authorities received information that Mossburg was pawning items in the area and started looking for him, Judd said.
  • That's when a man called 911 to report someone had killed his two housemates and held him captive for about 14 hours inside the home the three shared, the news release said.
  • Mossburg tied up the man, Judd said, and during the night killed the female housemate, Judd said.
  • Between noon and 1 p.m. Monday, Mossburg left the house in the female victim's SUV, saying he'd return to "deal with the bodies," and warned the man not to call police, Judd said.

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