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Articles related to "course"

I teach web development in college and have done so for 10+ years to 500+ students. AMA!

  • I'm not sure I understand your question but when I compare studying in college with us or going through an online web dev course, the most important difference is being around like-minded thinkers for better and for worse.
  • Online web dev courses are fine and I believe there's great value in them (I just released one on Docker for example), but when you are just starting out and have no idea where to start, it's not a bad thing to be surrounded by a guiding hand and other students who are going through the same ordeal that can be web development :).
  • If you ask me, a good web dev course starts with the absolute basics and focuses on creating lots of stuff.

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Audible gets guided meditation and workouts courtesy of Aaptiv

  • The Amazon-owned audiobook giant is adding content from the popular audio fitness app.
  • There’s audio coaching to run a mile, a 5K and a guided meditation course, all with 20 sessions apiece.
  • The service says it will be adding new courses through the year, including four workouts and a session aimed at improving sleep in the coming weeks.
  • The exclusive courses will be offered up for free to Audible members through September of next year — at which point, one imagines, there will be an added premium on top of the standard Audible subscription fee.
  • I wouldn’t be too nervous if I was in charge of a fitness or meditation app just yet, though its decision to move forward will almost certainly depend on how much interest this initial crop generates.
  • If Audible opts to keep the content free for subscriptions, however, it could certainly prove a compelling reason to make the switch.

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Parallel Programming with Python

  • Welcome to a short course that will teach you how to write Python scripts that can take advantage of the processing power of multicore processors and large compute clusters.
  • While this course is based on Python, the core ideas of functional programming and parallel functional programming are applicable to a wide range of languages.
  • To follow this course you should already have a good basic understanding of Python, e.g. loops, functions, containers and classes.
  • This is a short course that will give you a taste of functional programming and how it can be used to write efficient parallel code.
  • NOTE - this course will present parallel python as implemented in Python 2.
  • Presenting these differences during the course itself would be distracting.

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On Loneliness and Solitude

  • The most important lesson from this book, for me, is that our relationship with "being alone" is ultimately one of the few things we have some power upon.So we can at least try to do something to experience more Solitude than Loneliness.
  • But does this mean that rituals are only a symptom of loneliness?What if rituals were not just a cure, as suggested by Irving, but also a bit of a cause?
  • Don't we all feel a bit disappointed when someone else (even a friend, a lover, a dear relative) somehow disrupts our own little habits?And yet, going back to the African proverb I quoted above, it does not necessarily mean that a lonely person is a prisoner of routine.

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MIT 6.886 Graph Analytics Spring 2018

  • Presentation Sign-up: Please sign up for presentation slots.
  • The sign-up sheet is linked on Piazza.
  • This is a graduate-level course where we will cover the latest research on graph analytics.
  • Advanced undergraduates may enroll if they have taken 6.046 and 6.172.
  • The course units are 3-0-9.
  • The answers to the paper questions as well as the paper reviews will be submitted on Learning Modules.
  • The paper reviews will be made visible after each submission deadline, and you are encouraged to read other reviews to improve your understanding and to prepare for the class discussion.
  • The project will be done in groups of 2-3 people and consist of a proposal, mid-term report, poster presentation, and final report.
  • The timeline for the project is as follows.

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What are/were your go to resources for learning Ruby and Rails?

  • I've checked out the Ruby Quick start, but aside from that, what resources, whether they be books, online resources, videos etc.
  • The Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl is highly recommended back then.
  • I second Michael Hartl's book, and Rails 4 In Action is also good (although getting a little dated now).
  • As a second book, after you've done a tutorial or three and you're wondering "Now what?," I recommend Practicing Rails by Justin Weiss.
  • I first learnt Rails from a very well-explained Udemy screencast "Dissecting Ruby on Rails 5 - Become a Professional Developer By Jordan Hudgens", just to get the idea and kickstart a new code-along Rails Project.
  • I have learned a lot about Ruby/Rails(the language, the framework, design patterns) from my Ruby team.
  • In addition to ruby and Ruby on Rails, you’ll learn agile development, TDD, design patterns and so on.

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