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Articles related to "course"

Public servants go back to university to learn consulting skills

  • In a twist on the more standard technique of hiring a consultant or bringing in an ex-consultant to work inside a firm, the Transformational Leadership Program is aimed at helping organisations develop their own executives into consultants.
  • The modules cover a range of high-level consulting skills such as evidence-based decision making, project planning and stakeholder management.
  • The 14 participants in the ANU course are a mix of public and private sector executives and consultants.
  • The youngest participant, Claire Thomas, wants to develop the skills needed to take up a transformation role in government.
  • Ms Thomas, who spoke to The Australian Financial Review part-way through the second module of the course, said she was learning how to decipher the work of consultants.
  • It will offer bespoke courses for public sector employees in areas such as whole-systems thinking, market engagement and development and outcomes-based commissioning of services.

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Australian University Launches Nation’s First Open Blockchain Course

  • Australian public research university RMIT is launching the country’s first dedicated online short course on blockchain technology, the underlying innovation behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
  • The emergence of blockchain as a disruptive, game-changing technology has spurred Melbourne-based RMIT University to offer Australia’s first online course on the sector.
  • The entry-level program will cost AUD$1,500 and will be open to all entrants, students or otherwise, on learning how to adapt and apply blockchain technology across industries.
  • The 8-week course will be “as practical as possible”, RMIT adds, by connecting participants with the blockchain industry community.
  • We’ll start with the blockchain fundamentals, then use them to develop real-world business strategies,” the Melbourne public university added.
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be eligible for one full credit unit (12 credit points) into select RMIT business programs at a bachelor or master level to be recognized by prospective employers.

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How To Track Elon Musk's Roadster On Its Journey Towards Mars

  • If you’re curious what that path looks like, an aerospace engineer and SpaceX admirer has put together a website that uses NASA data to track the Roadster’s course.
  • It’s called Where Is Roadster?, and it’s fascinating, with both live data on the Roadster’s location and an interactive tool that shows its future course.
  • But the Roadster, like all things in the galaxy, is subject to the tug of gravity, so instead of a straight path, it’s tracing a long arc away from Earth and the sun.
  • After that, the Roadster will actually return to something close to Earth’s orbit, though again, Earth itself won’t be anywhere close.
  • According to the site’s data, which is taken from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Roadster won’t actually be close to Mars until early October of 2020.

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