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Articles related to "crate"

The Semver Trick

  • The semver trick refers to publishing a breaking change to a Rust library without requiring a coordinated upgrade across its downstream dependency graph.
  • By way of example, consider a simplified version of the libc crate that exposes only two things: the c_void type and the EVFILT_AIO constant from NetBSD.
  • Existing code that passes libc::EVFILT_AIO to a function accepting an argument of type int32_t would be broken, and this needs to be reflected in the semver version of the libc crate.
  • What needs to happen is first B upgrades to libc 0.3, releases this as a major version bump of B (because its public API has changed in a breaking way), and then A may upgrade to the new version of B.
  • Fundamentally the semver trick is beneficial when a crate needs to break a rarely used API while leaving widely used APIs unchanged, or when a crate wants to shuffle types around in its module hierarchy.

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