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Articles related to "creator"

YouTube creator Collins Key, who is nominated for a Streamy Award, explains how a data-driven strategy helped him gain 19 million subscribers

  • The YouTube star Collins Key, who got his start on "America's Got Talent" in 2013 performing magic at 16 years old, now has a YouTube channel with over 19.9 million subscribers.
  • Key said as he focused on YouTube as his main outlet, he began to measure the overall success and performance of each video, using the data provided by YouTube.
  • How much a creator earns from Google's AdSense program on a YouTube video depends on a number of factors, from the place in the video where viewers normally drop off to the type of advertisers the video gets.
  • How much money a 24-year-old YouTube creator earned from 150 million views on a 'Nerf war' video: Paul Kousky is a full-time YouTube creator who films monthly videos about Nerf guns for his 10 million subscribers.

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YouTube star Lizzy Capri, who is nominated for a Streamy Award, tells her story of quitting her day job at LinkedIn to become a creator

  • The channel's growth began to accelerate in 2017, and Carter Sharer — who was also working on the channel along with his brother and Capri — said he would quit his day job if the channel passed 100,000 subscribers.
  • Within two months of Carter quitting, the original channel, Stephen Sharer, hit 1 million subscribers, prompting her to leave her job at LinkedIn. At first, Capri spent time on the back end of the channel, managing the email account, audience engagement through comments, and fan mail to build audience loyalty, she said.
  • She said they try for a 50% watch time on videos and will look at where viewers click off from the video through the data provided by YouTube's creator studio.
  • Capri said she earns money through ads on her YouTube videos, brand partnerships, and other opportunities, like merchandise.

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Inside the sprawling YouTube business of PrestonPlayz, who is nominated for a Streamy Award

  • At 15 years old, Preston Arsement began building a business online by playing video games in his bedroom – he just didn't know it yet.
  • As his channel began to grow, and companies started to show interest in working with him, he decided to graduate high school early at the age of 16 and focus on his growing career online, he said.
  • One of YouTube's biggest stars, David Dobrik, recently said in an interview that he earned only around $2,000 a month from AdSense, despite weekly videos gaining an average 10 million views.
  • Night Media also manages top creators like Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast online, who has 26.9 million subscribers and videos that can be consistently found on YouTube's trending page.
  • The firm helps creators like Arsement develop brand relationships and work with companies like Disney, Nickelodeon and Nestlé's Hot Pockets for longer-term deals that extend for a full year.

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10 movies and TV shows Hollywood promised us but we're still waiting for

  • Fans of "Avatar," the highest-grossing movie of all time, is still awaiting the release of its long-planned sequels, a full 10 years after the original film was released.
  • FX is used to long waits for its busy creators of "Atlanta" and "Fargo," while Amazon is spending more than a billion dollars on a "Lord of the Rings" TV show that won't air for another two years.
  • Some in-development shows, like "Picard," which will bring back Sir Patrick Stewart to reprise his iconic role, and "Lower Decks," an animated comedy, are well underway and in production, but a planned spin-off series featuring Michelle Yeoh's character Philippa Georgiou seems to be MIA.
  • The spin-off series, which would feature Yeoh's "Star Trek: Discovery" character as well as an ensemble cast, was first announced in January 2019, but nearly a year later, there hasn't been any updates.

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Microsoft will officially shut down Wunderlist on May 6, 2020

  • It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft is finally preparing to shut down Wunderlist.
  • Over four years after the company purchased the popular productivity app and 3 years after it said it would shut it down, Microsoft has set a date for Wunderlist’s end: May 6, 2020.
  • Of course, Microsoft has placed an emphasis on integrating the app with its own services, which gives it an advantage if you’re deep into the Office ecosystem.
  • At one point, Wunderlist creator Christian Reber even offered to buy the app back, but it now looks like Wunderlist is gone for good.
  • After May 6, the app will no longer sync to the cloud, though you’ll still be able to export your lists to Microsoft To Do. If you’ve been holding onto hope of a Wunderlist resurgence, now seems like a good time to let go.

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A new BioShock game is in development

  • One name that isn't mentioned is original creator Ken Levine, who has moved on to work on a new title at Ghost Story Games, and isn't likely to have any influence here.
  • In an interview with GamesRadar, Gilmore says that Bioshock's unique environments -- from the underwater city of Rapture to the floating city of Columbia and, uh, back to Rapture -- are "incredibly important to the gameplay experience." She added that there are plenty of "creative directions to explore," which might hint that the team will find a new setting for this fourth title in the saga.
  • The announcement tallies with rumors that have swirled around the industry since last year, claiming that work on this game began at the tail-end of Mafia III's development.
  • According to a lengthy Kotaku report, Mafia studio Hangar 13 was raided for talent by an unnamed studio for a secret Bioshock game.

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A college student has amassed 900,000 TikTok followers in 4 months and treats it like a part-time job

  • College student Salina, 22 — who goes by "Salinakilla" online — began uploading videos to TikTok about four months ago when she was on vacation with family in Japan.
  • Creators like Salina are rising quickly to fame from the massive reach the short-form-video platform has (unlike YouTube or Instagram which can take a creator much longer to build up a following).
  • Salina dedicates multiple hours throughout the day to TikTok and tries to upload about two to four videos each day, which helps with the likelihood of her content landing on the trending page, she said.
  • Salina said she wants to use her following on TikTok to try and establish a brand for herself and create a clothing line.
  • Salina said her most consistent stream of revenue on TikTok comes through livestreaming multiple times a day with her followers.
  • Livestreaming on TikTok is when a creator films themselves in real time for their followers to watch.

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New trailers: Black Widow, No Time to Die, Mulan, and more

  • One of the wonderful things about the MCU is how willing the studio is to let individual films dive deep into different genres, and Black Widow really feels like a straight-up spy thriller.
  • Daniel Craig started his tenure as James Bond with a film that was not just good for a Bond movie, but was across the board worth watching.
  • It shows a colorful film, some gorgeous locations, and the setup to an obviously epic battle, while maintaining what feels to me like a really classic, Disney-approved storybook approach to the whole thing.
  • The Assistant, written and directed by Casting JonBenet creator Kitty Green, looks like a tense and intentionally discomforting film about sexual assault and abuse of power in the workplace.
  • Sometimes it’s like, I get it, Harrison Ford is grumpy about having to do Star Wars stuff because he wants to go work on more important films.

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